Stilettos and comfortable heels

It's possible! We have the solution!

If you are reading these lines you are probably exhausted of looking for an elegant heel shoe that stylizes but is also really comfortable to endure with them all day or at least that important event you have coming soon.


And you will wonder... ✔ But is there a miracle solution?


Or maybe you think… ✔ "For sure, they come to tell me the usual tricks (strips, creams, miracle products …)."


Well, no. We really want to expose the five fundamental details that make women's shoes comfortable (or not): materials, shoe lasts... They are everything!

And we know them first hand. If you want to know everything about the stiletto and about the comfort they can offer you, read on.

Stilettos and the love/hate relationship they raise

The stiletto is one of the most easily recognizable heeled shoes in the world, and it is that we are facing an icon of women footwear.

Heels form a whole universe within women footwear, and are the object of desire and hate at the same time. For many women, finding comfortable stilettos represents a real dream.


In Luisa Toledo we set ourselves the challenge of creating the perfect heel shoe, analyzing lasts, leathers, characteristics and details to reach our challenge. Do you want to discover how we have achieved it?


One of the most important premises we set out was to highlight the craftsmanship and uniqueness of Made in Spain footwear, but we also knew that the design and quality should be outstanding. Fundamental!


For this purpose we examine the main features that shape a stiletto, concluding that heels and lasts play a fundamental role in the final result when it comes to getting a comfortable heel shoe. Really comfortable!


There are five essential characteristics and details that we have managed to combine perfectly - and it has not been easy -, to get the stiletto really comfortable and not only do we say it ... Our clients have also checked it.

But, calm down ... We reveal all the details in parts!

The Last, the beginning of every good woman shoe​

“Unbeatable attention received, fast shipping, the most comfortable stilettos I've ever put in my life!!!!!!!!!! and elegant design!!!!!!!!!! ”

Last are undoubtedly a key piece to obtain a good result, that is, quality footwear. Choosing the perfect measures of the last is a challenge, a simple millimeter can completely change the shoe fit.


For people outside the world of footwear, talking about the shape of a shoe can be a bit enigmatic. It is a solid "mold" on which the final shape will be given to footwear.

Although today the new technologies have greatly facilitated the development of new blocks, the expertise of the adjuster and kiln, in charge of the study and design of these pieces is an art, which requires years of practice and experience.


In Luisa Toledo we have studied and tried many blocks until we find the right ones. We are very clear that a stiletto has to adapt to the feet like a second skin so that these three words really go hand in hand: comfortable heels.


Although our desire for improvement is tireless, and we plan to continue improving, we believe we can say that we have achieved our purpose. Proof of this are two of the most iconic models of the brand, we talk about the ISABELA stiletto and the ALMA wide-heeled shoes, both designs represent an example of perfect last. Many of our clients repeat to us again and again that they are the perfect shoes.

The heels: Wide, thin, tall, short...?

In these designs we find another feature that makes heels more or less comfortable. We talk about the height and shape of the heels.

Of course, the higher the heels of a stiletto the more our figure will favor, but as that height grows it is also important to note that the comfort of the shoe decreases. There is no trap!


This is because the heel height rises, the more the foot is tilted, thereby decreasing the support surface.


Although it is also essential to note that if a block is well made, nine centimeters are not the same in some heels of any shoe that has a comfortable and well designed last. A real gift for those who love high heels!


Also the thickness of the heels influences the comfort of the shoe, because the wider and/or lower the heels are, the more stability they will bring to the footwear. Therefore, if you want really comfortable high heels for the whole day, then we would recommend the option of a wide heel. If it is for a specific event in which elegance predominates then bet on a thin heel stiletto but yes, with a good last.

La mejor combinación de altura y anchura es...

I love them, and they are the only heels that don't hurt me!

Here the correct choice of the binomial lasts/heels make a difference, since if the last is properly balanced, it will give extra comfort even when the heel is high and thin, as in the case of stilettos shoes.


What is the perfect height?

From our experience and after hearing the opinions of hundreds of women, we have concluded that the ideal height for stiletto heels is between 7 and 9 cm.


And the width of the ideal heel?

In relation to the ideal width of the heels for the shoes, here there is diversity of opinions. Although as we have commented, the lower and thicker a heel is, the more comfortable the shoe will be.

If you are a lover of heels, you will surely think that the stiletto par excellence has to have the fine heel. We agree with this statement. However, it is true that many women have discovered that wide-heeled shoes provide extra comfort and set a trend without subtracting an apex of glamor becoming our essentials throughout the day.


In Luisa Toledo we believe that every woman is unique, so beyond fashion and trends, in our collections you will always find different options of heels, from the classic stiletto to the low shoes, to the female ballerinas and the wide-heeled shoes.

The leather, the third detail that influences (and much) on heels

No doubt the characteristic that really makes the difference. Heeled shoes in no case can be considered quality if they are not made of natural leather.


Although for us this is a statement that we carry in the DNA of the brand, we still find many people who do not appreciate this detail or on many occasions do not know if a shoe is leather or not.


Making our leather shoes, we not only offer a quality product, the very nature of the leather makes the shoes more comfortable the more they are worn. Being a natural material, when used, the leather will give in and adapt to our feet.


The leather we use for the manufacture of Luisa Toledo shoes is selected among the best, to achieve the unique tones and characteristics that only a noble material such as leather can provide.


This is a maxim that we have forged above all, even in the case of models made of fabric, the interior of the footwear is always lined with natural leather.

And last but not least... The soles

They are usually the big forgotten in the world of footwear, it will be for what they are always on the floor;) But they are still a very important part when it comes to contributing to a stiletto being super comfortable or, on the contrary, it is the typical shoe that we forget at the bottom of the dressing room.


Traditionally, and in order to gain in quality, the soles of the heels were always made of natural leather. The point is that natural leather, despite being a high quality material, poses certain drawbacks. One of them is the rapid wear, but the main drawback in our opinion is the stiffness that it brings to the shoes, especially in the case of high heels.

p>To increase the comfort of our models, many of them are designed with TPU rubber soles for incredible flexibility and comfort. We are also very supportive of designing the stiletto with soles made of cuerolite, a material derived from rubber that provides more flexibility than the leather sole, and also prevents the possibility of slipping.

And, the more flexibility the sole of the heels has, the less tensions occur in the front of the foot and the more comfortable the footwear is, even in the case of vertigo heels.

Well, now the secret of the house: a small but essential detail ... Padded insoles!

Although it may seem inconsequential, it is a detail that contributes to increasing the comfort of our stilettos shoes: the insoles with the padded interior incorporated in all our designs. A small improvement that brings extra comfort. Undoubtedly, these insoles make our foot rest and enjoy greater comfort even when we wear really high heels.


These are all the real secrets that work in real life when it comes to wearing heels. We assure you that we love shoes! Do not rely on magic tricks, strips or creams before using shoes, it is preferable to have a good shoe to a good product that does not work.

And if you want to know any other question, be sure to ask us, we will love to chat with you and advise you on everything you need. Contact us


The 5 details that make our shoes perfect

THE LASTS: Designed to provide exceptional comfort.

HEELS and their two key factors to be excellent...

--The ideal height (between 7 and 9 cm)

--Wide or thin. This is a matter of taste... What is your favorite?

MATERIALS: Only Highest quality LEATHER, so that you can enjoy wearing your shoes more every day.

SOLES: Flexible to provide more comfort and non-slip.

EXTRA SECRET: Padded insoles. As soon as you try them on you will know what we are talking about...

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