Black women shoes - Our essentials

Black women shoes - Our essentials

In Luisa Toledo, as you know, we love fashion, we always tell you the news and the latest trends and we are crazy to know your opinion. Heeled shoes or sandals with pastel colors, bright colors, glitter and metallic colors we love. We assume so. But this season, this color comes stomping and we are sure that the shoe woman will be our new ally as a closet background.

black heel shoes

This season the total black as the main look is back in trend and that is why we tell you all about shoes for women, the best way to combine them.Fashion is a form of personal expression that allows us to show the world who we are through our choices of clothing and accessories. Among these essential elements, black heel pumps play a fundamental role in creating a complete and balanced women's look. If there is a color that never goes out of style and always brings a touch of elegance and versatility, it is this one. And in Luisa Toledo we have a wide collection of women's shoes from the classic black pumps, through the platform heels to the heeled sandals, all perfect for different occasions, so here we tell you how to incorporate them in different outfits woman.

High heels, the most glamorous outfit of the season

Is there anything more timeless and versatile than a pair of black heel pumps and heels? These classic footwear is not only a symbol of elegance, but also perfectly adapts to various occasions and styles. black shoes with wide heels are a real lifesaver when it comes to combining style and comfort. Their wide heel provides stability and support, making them an excellent choice for long work days, social events and everything in between. You can pair your black wide heel pumps with dress pants and an elegant blouse to create a professional and sophisticated look. Opt for neutral colors for a classic look or add a pop of color with subtle accessories.

low heel shoes

Also a fitted dress or pencil skirt with a flirty top, perfect to highlight your curves and elongate your legs with these black pumps. Add some chic accessories and you're ready for a night on the town.Another good occasion to wear a black heels pumps is if you have an important event, black platform heels can be the ideal footwear option for your woman outfit. Pair them with a long or midi dress for an elegant and comfortable look that will allow you to dance the night away.

Flat shoes, comfort and elegance at your feet

Not all occasions require high heels. There are a wide variety of women's flat black shoes or low heel women shoes, a comfortable and chic option for those days when you want a more relaxed look but without sacrificing style. These shoes are perfect for everyday wear and casual moments. For example, you can pair your women's black pumps with straight-cut pants and a loose blouse for a comfortable yet polished office look. Also ideal for weekend outings and walks around town.We are aware that a good black stilettos or platform heels, look very spectacular but many times, we have to spend long periods of time walking, in the office or running errands, then, from Luisa Toledo, we advise that the first thing you do, is to think about your comfort.

black stilettos

Think well for what occasions you are going to use a black pumps, if it is for your day to day outfits, you can get a low heels, or a sandals heels, you will be sure to be very comfortable on all occasions and at the same time with a chic touch and the latest fashion to your outfit woman. If on the other hand you need a comfortable and quality footwear to go to a wedding or an event, we recommend a good LT stilettos or platform heels, they will elevate your look to the stars, giving a touch of femininity and glamor to your party outfit.

Wide heel sandals, walk with confidence and beauty

We usually associate sandals to summer because the materials they are made of and the openings of the sandal, makes it an idyllic footwear for the hottest days. However, for several seasons, the velvet heeled sandals and the suede sandals, are the favorites of our customers for special autumn, spring and even winter occasions. This heeled sandal is made with thicker and warmer materials, providing more warmth to the foot and allowing you to wear the dress of your dreams with the sandals you've been longing for. Wide heel sandals are a perfect example that fashion can be comfortable.

black wide heel sandals

Their wide heel provides support and stability, allowing you to walk confidently with every step you take.And while we love suede heeled sandals and velvet sandals, women's natural leather sandals also stand out for their timelessness and versatility. They can suit a wide range of styles and occasions, from casual to formal. Whether you're heading to the office, a dinner party or a special event, these sandals are ready to be your reliable and stylish companions during any season of the year.

Stilettos, the most trending shoe of the season

stilettos are synonymous with glamour and confidence. With their slim and high heel, these shoes are a fabulous choice for occasions that demand a touch of sophistication. In addition, these shoes are very versatile, you can wear them on numerous occasions knowing that their main function will be to bring femininity and style to your outfit woman.Whether it is a gala, an elegant wedding or a reception, women's stilettos are the perfect choice. Combine them with a long dress and a matching clutch for a stunning and red carpet worthy look. Use these wedding shoes to succeed as a guest in the upcoming celebrations and break all the schemes with your look stilettos woman.

Another use that can have these dress shoes woman, can be to combine them with a look for a party at night, as the stilettos, will add a sensual touch to your outfit. Pair women's stilettos with skinny jeans and an eye-catching blouse for a balance between elegance and fun, or go for a slinky red dress. You'll be the center of attention.

black dress shoes

And if partying isn't your thing and you're looking to make a lasting impression on a date, stilettos or pumps with a slim heel can do the job. Pair these women's stilettos with a midi dress or a skirt with an elegant top for a chic and sophisticated look.

Whatever your next choice; stilettos, sandals or pumps, make sure they are comfortable, versatile, timeless and durable. At Luisa Toledo we are in love with fashion and new trends. We also love to help and advise you, so if you have any questions, we are here to answer them.

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