Flat shoes

Ballerinas, loafers, mules ... the list of flat shoes is long, and everyone has their time and place. And it is not always necessary to wear on our feet a stilettos to be perfect.

'I can be naked as long as I wear the right pair of shoes', Anna Dello Russo (fashion editor)

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Flat shoes are the perfect type of footwear to complement the more urban and informal styles, becoming the preferred choice of many of us, especially on the days that we do not stop for a moment and we have to get everywhere ... be running!

It is in the most relaxed moments, when we prioritize comfort above all. The idea of putting on the most comfortable jeans in our dressing room, a t-shirt and some ballerinas become the ideal look. Although we all know that high-heeled shoes and stilettos enhance any style, and it is true that even a basic look gets a higher level with a pair of good heels. It is also true that some looks work great with some shoes without heels, and if the design of the flat shoes is exclusive and original, the extra style is guaranteed.

Ballerinas & flat shoes

Among all styles of flat shoes, the dancers (also called manoletinas) are still the most desired by women who love shoes without heels. There is no doubt that it is a timeless and super wearable footwear at any time of year. They continue to be a trend year after year and season after season, adapting with colors and materials to the vagaries of fashion, but always maintaining its main essence: being a super feminine flat shoe that is characterized by its comfort and practicality.

On the contrary that happens with the ballerinas shoes, who are a 100% feminine footwear, the slippers are the adaptation of a masculine shoe, harmonized with lasts, designs and colors adapted to the feminine feet. For this reason the slippers bring a touch of sobriety and class to the outfits, largely because it is a style of footwear originally used by English noble people.

When choosing the style of footwear that you will use the most, it is possible that the ballerinas are the preferred ones. In Luisa Toledo we know, why we can not stop making a gap in our collections to the ballerinas shoes, betting on the diversity of styles and making stand out both the quality of the materials, and the exquisite finish that provides the 100% Made in Spain, and all with the common denominator of being very feminine.

Among the different designs of ballerinas shoes that you can find in our Collection, it is worth noting that not only are the classic flat ballerinas with round toes, we also make a nod to our stilettos, designing ballerinas with fine points. As we also have low-heeled dancers, a small heel that does not subtract comfort and brings a very chic touch.

We have no doubt that flat shoes can be as suggestive and stylish as high heels, in addition to being in full fashion; It's just a matter of guessing when it's time to combine them. The dancers combine perfectly with jeans, with boho style dresses, with midi skirts ... As for the slippers try to combine them with a suit jacket, the result will surprise you!

You can be sure that in any case, in addition to looking great with our exclusive designs, Luisa Toledo flat shoes will provide maximum comfort, thanks to the quality of the materials and lasts, tested to ensure a perfect fit. Nor can we overlook that flat shoes are the "plan B" par excellence, becoming the ideal replacement when our feet no support the heels and we need to change our shoes ...
All of us have do it on any occasion! Who has not taken on some occasion a pair of ballerinas in the bag to finish the party with them?

We want that in Luisa Toledo you can find your ideal shoes, whether they are stilettos or flat shoes. Delve into our universe, get inspired and find the shoes that best fit your style. If you still have doubts about whether shoes without heels can be stylish, we guarantee that with the Luisa Toledo flat shoes you will have the glamor and comfort assured.