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When we wear heels not only increase our height, the safety in ourselves also grows in the same proportion.

“Life is short. Your heels should not be”, Brian Atwood (Shoe designer)…

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Stiletto: the most iconic high heel shoes

A stiletto is not only a shoe with high heels, it is the wings with which any woman can touch the sky!

There is a style of footwear that is part of the history of women fashion icons, and specifically of women shoes because they symbolize strength, power, sophistication and sensuality.

A stiletto manages to turn any style into elegant and sexy, it is also the perfect shoe to wear at any time of the year. In Luisa Toledo we think that there should be no missing in the wardrobe of any woman. A stiletto will save you on the days of "I don't know what shoes to wear" with a certain look.

Trends in the world of women shoes come and go, others are reinvented or transformed. But stilettos will always be one of the most elegant footwear styles, so they will persist to the vagaries of fashions, decade after decade and season after season, since they represent with excellence female sophistication. Do you dare to put the world at your feet with some stilettos?

High heeled shoes, an essential footwear!

The high heel shoe is a shoe that attracts us for many reasons: they stylize the legs, make us feel more feminine, give off sensuality and determination and elevate the style.

And is that women shoes with high heels and, specifically, stilettos are the ideal shoe for any occasion in which we want to enhance the style of our look without risking. They are perfect to combine with any outfit, either in more formal environments, when we want to go stylish to the office, or to bring extra glamour to those jeans that feel like a glove. Try to combine them with cocktail dresses, mini skirts, with a suit, with tube skirts, palazzo pants, long dresses up to the feet... They will still be a sure hit!

These are some of the reasons why stilettos can not be missing in the closet of any woman. A stiletto manages to transform a simple a priori style such as jeans and a shirt, in a sophisticated and special look.

Women who love fashion and feel a special predilection for shoes, we dream of having a stiletto of every color and with all possible designs and materials ... Unfortunately, as in many other cases, it is a difficult dream to achieve. Undoubtedly, the first option to get it right is to bet on basic pieces: a black stiletto, nude shoes, a blue shoe... Then go on introducing in our dressing room bolder tones and designs. Dare to combine a sober look with a touch of color in your shoe, right assured!

Comfortable stilettos, the footwear of our dreams

Stilettos are the dream of many fashionistas, and it is undoubtedly the most recognizable woman shoe in the universe, and that is the most iconic women footwear. By definition a stiletto is an elegant heel shoe. High heels are undoubtedly the best way to exalt certain styles.

But not all women endure hours and hours uploaded to a stiletto with high thin heels. Wearing them with ease leads to a connotation of "sacrifice." Women can with that and more. Who said sacrifice?

Of course, a high heel stiletto will favor our figure much more than a low heel shoe, but we all know that as the height of the heels increases, the comfort of the shoe also decreases.

This is one of the reasons why in Luisa Toledo we are determined to design women shoes where the height of the heels does not imply the discomfort relationship that some stilettos shoes have. For us it is mandatory to create comfortable heels, so we pay special attention to all the details that make up our designs.

Comfortable heels

Even so, many friends demand even more comfort in our footwear collections, with comfortable heel shoe designs. Thanks to our constant investigation of new blocks and prototypes, we have discovered the perfect height of the heels, so that they have the ideal balance between the elegance we all look for in a stiletto and the comfort that we demand from a quality shoe.

We love the challenge that you propose to create your ideal model of comfortable heels, and we believe that our ISABELA stiletto fully meets the requests of all those who were looking for an elegant mid-heel stiletto.

To achieve this we have designed this model following the classic patterns that prevail in this type of footwear, to achieve that they provide the same degree of style and glamour of stilettos with high heels, but with a few centimeters less height.

In fact, Isabela stilettos have become one of our best seller par excellence, and undoubtedly one of the most demanded designs in our collection of basics. Available in endless colors, leathers and finishes, many of our clients have turned them into their fetish heels. What are you waiting to try it?

Do you want to know what are the main characteristics of our stilettos? We have created this page where we discover all our secrets: click here to learn more.

Wide heeled shoes

Although the classic design of the stilettos is easy to identify by its characteristic heels and fine toe, at the same time they are a shoe that allows to be redesigned with small nuances without losing its essence and elegance.

In Luisa Toledo we are strong defenders of the classic design of our stiletto with fine heels, but in the same way many you demand models with sensible heels, but always with the essence of the elegant footwear that our designs with high heels give off. Listening to these demands, we always reserve a hole in our collections for wide-heeled shoes, with equally stylizing designs that allow us to show off scandal legs.

Even with a much more modern style, wide heel stiletto shoes for nothing is a transgressor, who continue to show an undeniable elegance without excess.