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There are two things that go hand in hand: the events and the awesome looks that you want to mark yourself in them. Choosing the right shoes for each look is the first step to being the perfect guest in all the events of the season.

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The guests and their looks every time gain more prominence. And it does not surprise us, since it is an art to achieve a look that is capable of dazzling, original and that at the same time represents the own values ​​of each one of us. In Luisa Toledo we know that more and more women choose their shoes for a special event in our shop. For what is this? Many of you tell us that it is because you are looking for sandals and comfortable stilettos that, besides being dazzling, you can enjoy the party.

When we want to buy shoes for guests there is an issue that is very clear: we want them to be comfortable to hold the whole event, be it wedding, communion, baptism or family reunion giving absolutely everything.

Comfortable stilettos & guests looks

Habitual situation: they give you the news that next spring you will have a weekend wedding. What is the first thing you think about? Of course, in the look that you will wear! You will be anxious for your favorite brands to premiere the New Collection that year. In Luisa Toledo, of course, we recommend that you do not leave the choice of shoes for the last moment. Why? Because is it a fundamental complement that in addition to making you enjoy and leaving you with a good taste in your mouth if you are comfortable with them, can be a perfect option to give color contrast to the rest of the look. You will ask yourself, what kind of contrast to the look? Yes, I'm sure you've seen it many times in magazines or on Instagram: the combinations of color that seem impossible to you are striking. We give you the keys!

Guests sandals. Add color!

In Luisa Toledo we have prepared a wide selection of shoes and sandals with heels in the colors that will work best with your looks. Do you want the light blue dress of your look to stand out even more? Add red sandals. We assure you will have an amazing result. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a dress in a striking color and very protagonist, your choice is clear: choose nude sandals to let the dress be the clear actor of your guest look. In addition, nude stilettos are the perfect shoe to achieve the optical effect of lengthening the figure even more and making it look super slim.

A super simple trick to give contrast to your guest looks is to be clear if the dress you wear will be a soft color (for example, pastel colors or neutral colors such as gray, white or beige) or a striking color, such as primary colors: yellow, orange, red, bougainvillea, klein blue, etc. The trick is to combine soft colors with sandals or shoes in colors that draw more attention and vice versa, if you wear a dress or jumpsuit in "powerful" colors, add shoes in neutral tones such as nude or black. Although it is true that in terms of combinations there is nothing written and that even the combination that may seem more unexpected can result in a spectacular outfit.

Guests shoes: high heel or low heel

That is the point. Yes, we all know that with a higher heel we look spectacular, but we also have to be sensible and practical. In Luisa Toledo we have the comfortable stilettos you are looking for. And we do not just say it, many of our clients also say it, and it is simply perfect. It is the ISABELA stiletto with 7.5 cm heel represents the ideal height, without a doubt the option that combines equal glamour and comfort. Because sometimes, in addition to the importance of looking impressive, we want to make us with a little more special pieces that can continue to have a life later in our wardrobe. And in terms of shoes the choice is easy: choose quality shoes at reasonable prices.

If you are habitual to using high heels, our high-heeled stilettos will undoubtedly find your ideal footwear. They are very comfortable stilettos, and thanks to the inner gel insole and the careful design of their lasts, they are perfect options for women who want to look like heels and feel super comfortable.

Shoes made in Spain for your guest look

Always recommend you release the shoes before the event in which you are the perfect guest and you can be the queen of the track until the end of the dance. Another key recommendation to get the perfect shoes is to choose shoes or sandals made in Spain. In this way, in addition to giving value to the handmade production made in Spain, you will be getting ancestral handmade manufacturing, assembly and shoe design processes to stay alive. In Luisa Toledo we are increasingly aware that it is a sign of identity that we want all our clients to know and value when they choose our shoes.

We put a lot of care in selecting the comfort of our last, betting on those that combine the comfort and glamour of stilettos, as well as manufacturing all shoes in Spain, with the best furs and materials. We believe that they are the best option to enjoy a special occasion. In Luisa Toledo we know that leather shoes always adapt to the shape of our feet, making the more we wear the shoes, the more comfortable we get each time.