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Every woman know that proper footwear is the first step to get the perfect outfit.

"The woman wears the clothes, but the shoes that carry the woman", this words of Christian Louboutin...

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Christian Louboutin abstract in a phrase what the footwear represents: the base that ennobles the beauty and the elegance of every woman.

It is usually to attributed women’s to having a fixation for the shoes. The truth is that men hardly understood that the world of women's fashion and footwear, are always much more varied than masculinity, so we do not see those forced to have greater diversity of women's shoes. It is not our fault.

Any of us can perfectly combine different styles, for example, for an afternoon of shooping with friends, it imposes a comfortable look: a boyfriend jeans, a white shirt and a flat woman shoes. The days that we want to eat the world and we do not want to give up the heels, the best choice will be a low heel shoes or kitten heels, that allow us to be comfortable. And the most elegant and versatile footwear: the stilettos, perfect for looking spectacular on a night out, and even for the office, especially the stilettos mid heel.

Shoes for women, love at first sight

You saw and it was a crush. The online shoes that fell in love with simple sight, you know that would be yours: Stilettos, the shoes we all dream of, in a moment appeared in your head multitude of styles with which you would combine your new shoes.

We all have our weaknesses: flat shoes, stilettos, mid-heeled shoes, wedges, booties, sandals ... But there is no doubt that footwear is one of the most important accessories to achieve a successful look. For some of us in addition, heeled shoes are almost an object of worship. Every time we fall in love with shoes, we know it will be a love forever ... At least until we get the next crush ;)

Heels, impossible not to be worshiped

If you dream of an infinite dressing room, where the footwear has special relevance, and you think that there is never too many shoes, surely you have been betrayed on some occasion ... your favorite shoe!

Women's shoes say a lot about our personality. The options are almost endless, we all have our preferences, from retro and boho styles to more sophisticated stilettos with creating unique and special looks.

Betting on quality shoes made in Spain is a sure hit. As Coco Chanel said "A woman with good shoes is never ugly." In addition we will gain in comfort, since a stilettos Made in Spain will always be a total success and will become part of the favorite pieces in your dressing room, which will get you out of a hurry when you do not know what to wear.

Shoes Made in Spain, sure hit

The Luisa Toledo stilettos have been designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. We are very aware of the quality, not only of our products, but also of the people who make Luisa Toledo shoes.

We understand quality as the sum of all the details that make up Luisa Toledo footwear: from labels, materials, through the packaging and the textile bags that accompany each shoe. Until the working conditions of people working to create each and every one of the shoes, of course.

Buy shoes online at Luisa Toledo will always be an experience you want to repeat. We love sharing our passion for exquisite shoes. So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us, we will love to talk with you, advise you and join you to the family Luisa Toledo.