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High heels are our weakness! Nothing makes us look more spectacular than heels. If you want to wear your favorite shoe from morning to night and enjoy them in total comfort, choose one of our mid heel shoes. Guaranteed hit!

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Comfortable high-heel shoes, our specialty

Women footwear is one of our weaknesses, and in particular comfortable woman shoes. Our priority is to design heels that we can wear from morning to night, with total ease and without subtracting a minimum of comfort from our daily routine.

And from what our clients and friends tell us, we can proudly say that we have achieved it to a great extent. Many of you have turned some of our stilettos into an authentic brand best seller, because as many of you tell us, they are the most comfortable high-heeled shoes you have ever tried.

Comfortable stilettos, it is possible!

Shoes with comfortable heels are part of our DNA, every time we start developing new stilettos, we prioritize mid-heel shoe models. We always set ourselves the challenge of creating comfortable stilettos that bring something new to the world of women's footwear, and only when we have your recognition, can we say that we have achieved our goal.

Getting on heels provides those extra inches that make you look spectacular. We know that we all love to finish off our best looks with stilettos, and that is because a good stiletto manages to elevate and shine any style, and even more so if they are comfortable stilettos. Although it is also true that on too many occasions we succumb to wearing women ballerinas or low shoes, we are aware that on more than one occasion we have designed our outfits based on the footwear with which we find ourselves most comfortable and safe.

Mid-heel shoes to die of love

One of the weaknesses of all women who love fashion is usually the dress shoe and heels, and we tend to fall exhausted when we have a comfortable and above all beautiful stiletto in front of us. Do you also die of love every time you admire stilettos?

But at Luisa Toledo we are also very pragmatic and aware that looking perfect for a long day on high heels is something that not all of us can or are willing to do, but as we have already recognized, we lose comfortable and elegant medium-heel shoes.

Footwear for women with comfortable heels

That is why it is so important for us to design the ideal footwear and heels, because we want to offer the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we are adding more and more models and colors to our category of mid-height heels footwear.

Models like our iconic ISABELA and ALMA are a faithful example of comfortable and elegant high heels. They have been with us since the beginning of our brand, and some colors and patterns have become the undisputed image of Luisa Toledo. Two good examples of this statement are the Alma nude shoes, and the Isabela nude stiletto, as well as the leopard shoes, both in the wide heel of the Alma model, and in the version of stiletto heels.

We are sure that among our mid-heel shoe designs, you will find your favorite model, which will allow you to be spectacular with total comfort.

Comfortable and elegant mid-heel shoes

As Christian Louboutin, one of the icons in the world of women footwear, says: "Heels are a painful pleasure." Although it is true that in our day to day we need comfortable women shoes that do not slow down our pace of life. That is why the reality is that many of us are not willing to wear a stiletto with 10 cm heels all day. or more.

If you love heels, but high-heel shoes are not designed for you, go for one of our comfortable heels. We have the perfect recipe to be elegant and comfortable at the same time. Our heel designs between 5 and 7 cm. They are ideal for not giving up that extra height that heels give us, looking spectacular every day, without taking away any comfort from our feet.

Models like our ALMA pumps shoe design, and the EVA model with a low heel, or the ISABELA comfortable stilettos are some of our most iconic proposals. Especially the comfortable Isabela stilettos, which have become an authentic Luisa Toledo best seller, to become the favorite high-heel shoe of many women who have tried it. With a heel height of 7 cm. keep the perfect proportions to concentrate style and elegance, with the comfort of sensible heels.

Sensible heels to look spectacular

It is a reality that it is not necessary to get on super high heels to enjoy a high-heel shoe with an ultra sophisticated and feminine design. The style and elegance of a shoe is not only determined by the height of the heels, there are many other characteristics that make a shoe elegant. Details such as a fine and stylized toe, a perfectly delineated neckline design...

Finding a stiletto with vertigo heels is relatively simple, which is why many firms resort to raising the height of the heels to stylize the design. Another very different thing is to find some comfortable stilettos. Although for us, women's dress shoes with an elegant and feminine design and sensible heels are essential when we propose to bring out new designs. If we also look for good quality footwear at an affordable price, things get considerably complicated.

For us, creating our collection of comfortable stilettos was an exciting challenge, but we believe we have achieved it, so we invite you to try our designs. If they are your first Luisa Toledo, choose an Isabela stiletto in any of the neutral colors such as nude or beige, you will be right for sure. Because nude shoes are always a complement that you can wear with a multitude of looks, getting a lot out of it.

Wide-heel shoes, an extra comfort

At Luisa Toledo we design all our comfortable women shoe collections, meeting the needs of all our clients and friends. At Luisa Toledo we take very seriously the opinions of those who will wear our designs, we believe that it is essential to listen to the feedback of all the women who try any of our comfortable models, knowing what sensations our footwear give them is a key piece to design each new model .

This has resulted in our famous mid-heel shoes. In addition, we always reserve a space for designs with details to be even more comfortable, such as the platform or flexible soles, low heels or wide-heel shoes. Virtually all the basic designs in our shoe collection are present in different comfortable heel heights, so that we can all find our ideal shoe!

Mid-heeled shoes, source of inspiration

We do not lose sight of women as a source of inspiration, we create comfortable and elegant heels, in addition to paying attention to current trends, but always with an eye toward exuding style, glamor and a fresh touch. Nor do we forget the long hours of women today, so the comfort of our lasts is essential when creating each new model.

That is why wide-heel shoes are always welcome in our collections: because real women need shoes with heels that follow our rhythm of life without having to bother with heels or annoying shoes.

Although a high-heel stiletto is the essence of Luisa Toledo, we are excited to see how high-heel shoes elevate a look from normal to spectacular, but we also know that at times too much "responsibility" falls on them. It is not necessary to climb on stilettos of 12 centimeters or more to look amazing. For this reason, we believe that wide heels are always well received by many women who place all their trust in us when choosing their comfortable high heels.

Mid-heel shoes, comfortable and sensible heels

At Luisa Toledo we are firm advocates of the classic stiletto design with stilettos, it is a classic and iconic design that is very easy to identify due to its characteristic heel and pointed toe.

Although at the same time it is a shoe that can be redesigned with small nuances without losing its essence and elegance. There are many of you who demand models with sensible heels from us, but always with the essence of elegant footwear that all our high heels designs give off. Even with a much more current style, a wide-heeled stiletto is a footwear that is not at all transgressive, which continues to display an indisputable elegance without falling into excesses.

Listening to these demands, we always reserve a space every time we design new models for wide-heel shoes, with equally elegant designs that are perfect for styling our outfits and allowing us to show off legs of scandal.

Wide heeled shoes, we have them!

Our collection of shoes with comfortable wide-heel models is wide in terms of designs, leathers and colors, so you can find the comfortable heel shoe that is most likely to you. Models such as the ALMA design have become essential for many of our clients, to the point of making it their 'bedside' footwear for office looks.

And for all those who prefer extra comfort, there is the EVA model, with the same lines of elegance and versatility as the Alma shoe, and a little less height. This model has become one of our best sellers and every year it is present in more and more colors, leathers and patterns.

Women shoes with the highest quality

One of the hallmarks of all Luisa Toledo stilettos is that they are entirely designed and manufactured in Spain. For us it is a pride that all our models wear the #madeinSpain shoes stamp.

All Luisa Toledo shoes, sandals, espadrilles and ballerinas have been handcrafted in Spain, only using the best quality leather and materials for both the exterior and the interior of the footwear, only then can we be sure of offering the quality that we ourselves we demand. In addition, to provide an extra quality, our models have padded insoles lined with natural leather for greater comfort.

Our fixation for beautiful and well-made things makes us take care of every detail, so that brand new a Luisa Toledo shoe is an experience. With each pair, you will receive a textile bag to store and preserve them, which, like footwear, is made in Spain.

So that you can comfortably enjoy from home or work the experience of seeing, choosing and buying authentic luxury footwear at an affordable price.

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