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The mid heel shoes is our weakness! There is nothing that makes us look more spectacular than a pair of heels...

If you want to wear your new favourite midi heel shoes from day to night, choose a midi heel pumps. You will look amazing!... [More]

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The mid heel shoes is one of our weakness. Do you die of love every time you admire beautiful shoes too?

Using on some heels gives those extra centimeters that makes us look splendid, we all love stilettos with vertigo heels. Although in too many occasions we succumb to the flat shoes, designing our outfit based on the footwear with which we find ourselves more comfortable.

As one of the masters of women's shoes, Christian Louboutin says: "Heels are a painful pleasure." But the reality is that many of us are not able to wear all day long heels of 10 cm. or more.

Splendid midi heel pumps

If the high heel stilettos is not designed for you, bet on medium-heeled shoes, or even with low heels. Like the kitten heels, with little more than 3 centimeters are a success if we want to enjoy some comfortable heels without giving up to ultra sophisticated and feminine designs.

Break with the monotony and devotion to extra-high heels. Go to any of your engagements with these formal style shoes. Adding a steamy skirt, crop top and chain bag ... you'll have the win assured!

If the kitten heels are too low for your liking, then go up to the next option; peep toes, stilettos or salon shoes with medium heels are the perfect excuse to grow a few inches in a matter of seconds.

The heel shoes that every girl adore

Buy stilettos with dizzying heels is quite easy nowadays. Another thing quite different is to find elegant and feminine shoes with a sensible heel. If we also look for good quality shoes at an affordable price, the thing is complicated.

In Luisa Toledo we designed our collections listening to the needs of all women. This has given rise to mid heel stilettos in addition to investigating different alternatives to increase your comfort, such as platform, low heel or square heel.

Therefore, all the basic shoes in our collection are present in different heel heights so that every woman can find our ideal shoe!

Comfortable and trends shoes

Many of the most spectacular shoes is very much tall. While real women need high heels that follow our rhythm of life without having to worry about shoes.

Although the heel is the essence in many cases what elevates a normal look to spectacular, in some moments falls on them too much "responsibility". It is not necessary to use stilettos with 12 cm. of heel or more to be incredible.

Looking at women as a source of inspiration, we create comfortable and trendy shoes that deplete elegance, style and a fresh touch, always thinking about the long days of women today.

Our mid-heeled collection is one of the widest in terms of designs, leathers and colors, so you can find the shoes most closely related to you.

Made in Spain shoes

One of the hallmarks of all Luisa Toledo shoes is that it is entirely designed and manufactured in Spain, using the best quality leathers both for the outside and the inside of the shoes. In addition, they have quilted gel inserts lined with natural leather for comfort.

Our fixation for the beautiful and well made things, makes us take care of every detail, so that Luisa Toledo shoes are an experience. With each pair of shoes, you will receive a tissue bag to store and keep them, which like the shoes is made in Spain.

So you can enjoy comfortably from home or work the experience of seeing, choosing and buy shoes authentic luxury at an affordable price. [Less]