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The mid heel shoes is our weakness! There is nothing that makes us look more spectacular than a pair of heels...

If you want to wear your new favourite midi heel shoes from day to night, choose a midi heel pumps. You will look amazing!...

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Heeled shoes, discover our passion

Women shoes are one of our weaknesses. And we especially love the heeled shoe and even more so if we talk about a stiletto. Do you also die of love every time you admire some stiletto shoes?

But we are also very pragmatic and we know that looking perfect for a long day on some heels is something that not all of us can or want to do, but as we have already recognized, we lose our head for a beautiful heel shoe.

Getting on heels gives those extra centimeters that makes us look spectacular. We all love how it makes us shine any style with a stiletto with heels of vertigo. Although on too many occasions we succumb to the ballerinas or low shoes, designing our outfit based on the footwear with which we find ourselves more comfortable.

Comfortable and elegant heels

As one of the masters of women's footwear, Christian Louboutin, says: "Heels are a painful pleasure." But the reality is that many of us are not willing to wear a stiletto with a 10 cm heel all day. or more.

If the high heel shoe is not designed for you, bet on one of our comfortable heels. As for example one of our icons, the ISABELA stiletto, undoubtedly the favorite heel shoe of many women who have tried it. His heel of 7.5 cm. It has the perfect proportions to concentrate style and elegance with the comfort of sensible heels.

And it is a reality that it is not necessary to get on some super heels to enjoy a heeled shoe with ultra sophisticated and feminine designs. There are many other features that make a shoe elegant, such as a thin toe, a perfectly delineated neckline design, etc.

Finding a stiletto with vertigo heels is pretty easy. Another very different thing is to locate an elegant and feminine shoe with sensible heels. If you also want good quality shoes at an affordable price, the thing is complicated. For us, creating our comfortable stilettos was an exciting challenge, but we believe we have succeeded, so we invite you to try our designs.

Wide heel shoes, an extra comfort

In Luisa Toledo we design our women shoe collections listening to the needs of all our clients. This has given rise to our famous comfortable heel stiletto shoe, and in each new shoe collection we reserve a space for designs with details to be even more comfortable, such as the platform, the low heels or the wide heel shoes.

Virtually all the basic designs of our footwear collection are present in different heel heights, so that we can all find our ideal shoe!

Looking at women as a source of inspiration, we create comfortable, elegant heeled shoes that pay attention to current trends, but always with an eye on style, glamor and a fresh touch. Nor do we forget the long days of today's women.

That's why wide-heeled shoes are always a good option, because real women need shoes with heels that follow our pace of life without having to bother with heels or uncomfortable shoes.

Although a high heel stiletto is the essence, in many cases, that elevates a look from normal to spectacular, in some moments too much "responsibility" falls on them. It is not necessary to climb stilettos of 12 centimeters or more to be amazing.

In Luisa Toledo we are strong supporters of the classic stiletto design with stilettos. It is a classic design very easy to identify for its characteristic heel and fine tip.

Although at the same time they are a shoe that allows to be redesigned with small nuances without losing its essence and elegance. There are many who demand models with sensible heels, but always with the essence of the elegant footwear that all our high heel designs give off.

Listening to these demands, we always reserve a hole in our collections for wide-heeled shoes, with equally elegant and perfect designs to stylize our outfits and allow us to show off scandal legs.

Even with a much more up-to-date style, a wide-heeled stiletto is a shoe that is not transgressive at all, which continues to show an unquestionable elegance without falling into excess.

Our collection of models with wide heels is wide in terms of designs, leathers and colors, so you can find the most comfortable heel shoe closest to you.

Women shoes with the highest quality

One of the hallmarks of all Luisa Toledo stilettos is to be fully designed and manufactured in Spain, using leathers of the highest quality for both the exterior and the interior of footwear. In addition, they have padded insoles and lined with natural leather for extra comfort.

Our fixation for beautiful and well-made things, makes us take care of every detail, so that premiering a Luisa Toledo shoe is an experience. With each pair, you will receive a small fabric bag to store and keep, which, like the footwear, is made in Spain.

So you can comfortably enjoy from home or work the experience of seeing, choosing and buying authentic luxury shoes at an affordable price.

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