Sandals are the ideal shoes not only for summer, the dress sandals are a good example of it.

"I like to undress her feet, a woman is more beautiful barefoot, from my point of view ...", Giuseppe Zanotti (Fashion Designer)... [More]

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There is no doubt that the trend of bare ankles or framed when we wear ankle-cut trousers or midi skirts, make us look one of the many beautiful parts of the female anatomy. But walking barefoot is not glamorous ... Unless it's at home. Therefore, sandals are the perfect solution. Whether it's a platform sandal, or the comfort of flat sandals, sandals can be the ideal complement to round out a look when we talk about women's shoes.

The first footwear that has been recorded in the history of mankind were braided sandals with plant materials, nothing to do with the spectacular heeled sandals that we can currently see on the catwalks and that allow us to look splendid.

Throughout history sandals have evolved through many changes, not only in the design, but also in the connotations that they transmitted, passing alternatively from being seen as a symbol of prestige or poverty, chastity or coquetry ... They had to arrive the crazy 20s of the last century so that designers like Salvatore Ferragamo or André Perugia restored the glamour to the female feet with sandals that marked the trends of women's footwear to this day.

Sandals [The glamor of footwear for women]

From the 1920s, sandals were once again on the altars of fashion, adding heels and designs that made them regain the charm that women's shoes should have. Dress sandals and nails painted bright red gave free rein to an entire generation. Shortly after Ferragamo's hand came the wedges, predecessors of the platform sandals.

Currently the variety of style, colors and models of sandals that we can find is overwhelming: wedge sandals or platform sandals, silver sandals to shine on party nights, or flat sandals to enjoy the comfort and look with our summer dress favourite. Whatever the women's sandals may be, they are an essential complement to any feminine dressing room.

Women's sandals Made in Spain

Like all Luisa Toledo shoes, the sandals have gel padded insoles lined with natural leather, to achieve even greater comfort. And it is that some pretty sandals, if they are also comfortable, easily become your favorite sandals.

We love taking care of the details and we want that new brand Luisa Toledo sandals become an experience, so with each pair of sandals you will receive a cotton bag to keep them in perfect condition, which like the shoes is made in Spain.

We want you to be able to comfortably enjoy from anywhere in the experience of seeing, choosing and buying quality sandals at an affordable price.

Sandals are an essential element in the dressing of every woman, in addition, since the trends add up and what prevails above all is the originality, you can allow yourself certain whims. How to wear them also in winter with special motif socks. If you are daring do not hesitate to try this trend and you will wear it on more than one occasion. If on the other hand, you want to combine them in a more classic way, simply make a nice pedicure and wear ankles, feet and new nail color. [Less]