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Choosing comfortable and elegant heels is the first step in creating a perfect look. For us, comfortable stilettos have no secret, we are the firm of comfortable heels that we have the most satisfied clients, discover why whoever tries our designs repeats.

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Comfortable stilettos and much more

At Luisa Toledo we are specialists in creating elegant and comfortable heels. For us, both the quality and the comfort of our designs are very important. Every time a new model of women's shoe is sketched, we put all our love in every detail, choosing only the highest quality leathers and materials to achieve a shoe that is up to the most demanding woman.

One of our most iconic models is the Isabela stilettos, a comfortable high-heel shoe that is conquering more and more women. If you love the unique style of stilettos and want a really comfortable women stiletto shoe, you can not stop trying our best seller par excellence.

Heel shoes, elevate your look

For all lovers of high heels, we also bet on offering an extra comfort, carefully calculating the fit of the lasts of our designs. It is indifferent if you prefer the thin heel of the classic stiletto, such as the comfort of wide-heel shoes.

We all know that high heels and, above all, stilettos are the perfect complement to elevate your looks. If you don't want to fail the next time you think about buy high heel shoes, bet on our Clara stilettos, our most timeless stiletto shoe design that is always a hit.

Comfortable and elegant heel shoes

Because it is useless to have a collection of footwear in our dressing room, if they are not comfortable and we avoid using them. For us it is essential that when you put on high-heel shoes, they adapt perfectly to your feet. That is why we take great care of the quality of our collections of women shoes, heel sandals, espadrilles...

In addition to taking great care of the most obvious details, we also take the same care in certain details that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of all the collections. And of course, applying all our experience to discard designs that do not provide the comfort and elegance that we ourselves demand.

Women leather shoes

We know that today buy women shoes online is something super common, although it is not always as easy to find quality footwear made in Spain by artisan shoemakers. For us this is a non-negotiable detail, something that we carry indelibly engraved in the DNA of the brand, and without a doubt one of our hallmarks.

And one of the unquestionable premises to be able to affirm that the footwear is of quality, are the materials that have been used for its elaboration. At Luisa Toledo we only select the best natural leathers, both for the exterior and for the shoe linings, because only good women leather shoes can be called quality.

Heel pumps, the footwear that completes any look

When we get on heels we not only raise our height a few centimeters, in the same proportion we make our figure look much more stylized. Something that all women who love heels have very clear. If you feel identified with this statement, surely you also feel that you are missing something without a good pair of heels.

For us who adore footwear and have a weakness for fashion, we cannot stop fantasizing about buying stilettos in every color and of all imaginable materials... Although this is a dream available to very few, we can all indulge ourselves from time to time. And the most sensible thing is to bet on timeless pieces: a black stiletto, nude shoes, or a blue pumps shoes are the best investment in footwear you can make for your wardrobe.

Stilettos shoes, an essential footwear!

For us it is an essential type of women shoe, we believe that stilettos are essential in any dressing room. Regardless of what type of heels you prefer: with heels, sensible heels, and even with low heels. Stilettos will always be a great choice that will solve any style with which you do not know what footwear to wear.

If you have stilettos in basic colors in your dressing room, it is time to opt for more intrepid shades and designs. For example, dare to combine a classic suit jacket in gray or navy blue with magenta or mustard yellow stilettos, the result will surprise you!

Combine stilettos in your looks

The possibilities are almost endless, as it is a women shoe that picks up the foot, but without being excessively closed, it allows us to use it throughout the year, whether in day or night events, the stilettos are perfect to wear in infinity of occasions.

From any formal event, also to go stylish to the office, or to add an extra glamor to that dress that fits you perfectly. Try wearing them with cocktail dresses, mini skirts, jacket suits, with tube skirts, palazzo pants, long dresses to the feet… They will always be a sure hit!

Low shoes, the footwear we all want

Not all women prefer to see life on high heels. Carrying them with ease has an implicit connotation of 'sacrifice'... A woman can handle that and more. Who said impossible?

Of course we can with heels and everything that makes us feel good, but it is true that sometimes we choose other options, such as wide heels, or a low or even flat shoe. At Luisa Toledo we have options for you to choose your women's shoe for every occasion, from stilettos with vertigo heels, to comfortable woman flat pumps that accompany you on any of the marathon days that any woman has.