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Luisa Toledo emerges from the hand of Rosana Barroso, Licensed by the UCM and third generation of a business family linked to the world of fashion and footwear. In his desire and concern to maintain the family tradition and the link with fashion and the "Made in Spain" artisans processes so valuable, she creates as homage to his grandmother Luisa, a new brand whose main distinction is the quality of materials and the design, in addition to the personalized attention and care to all its clients.

From the first moment I knew that the name of the brand had to be a tribute to women, because for me it is nonsense that the world of women's footwear, is overwhelmed by brands with male names

Rosana Barroso, CEO Luisa Toledo

Following the steps of her grandmother and founder of the company, Luisa Toledo supports her foundations in personalized attention. For us, Luisa Toledo is a tribute to all the women, to the relations of friendship and sincere complicity that is created between women, and above all what we learn and share together.


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The inheritance received in form of experience, make of Luisa Toledo a brand committed to the crafts processes "Made in Spain". Each New Collection is developed with a meticulous selection of materials, looking for the best quality and offering designs that follow the patterns of the current fashion, but without losing sight of the classic and timeless standards. This experience and the elimination of intermediaries make each Luisa Toledo a piece of luxury at an affordable price.