Esparto wedges are synonymous with sun and summer looks. At Luisa Toledo we propose the best designs in women wedge espadrilles, with models of wedge espadrilles with ribbons or with buckle.

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Sandals wedge esparto, your favorites shoes this summer

We know, comfortable wedges are the weakness of many of us who love heels and love to wear spectacular highs to our favorite stilettos. But although at Luisa Toledo we are determined to make comfortable stilettos, we know that summer is to be enjoyed with comfortable sandals or wedge espadrilles that provide that extra color and freshness that our looks demand.

For some summers we have been designing different styles of white wedding wedges with a very personal style, good proof of this are our models Lidia and Laura, two leather wedge sandals with a unique and very personal style. Heeled sandals are also a regular part of our women's footwear designs for summer. But this year we wanted to return to our roots, redesigning the traditional spanish espadrilles, an iconic and world-renowned style of footwear.

Women's espadrilles, our comfortable wedges

For many women, esparto wedge sandals, and especially wedge espadrilles, are the favorite footwear to enjoy the summer, and at Luisa Toledo we have not wanted to miss the opportunity to elaborate our own interpretation of the traditional esparto wedges.

We were clear that when creating our espadrilles they would have to be comfortable wedges, so we tested different wedge and platform heights until we found the perfect models. The design of our esparto platform sandals has been carefully planned and matured until we achieve our goal: to create the most comfortable woman espadrilles in the world.

We were also clear about the result we wanted to achieve when creating the Luisa Toledo women espadrilles, esparto wedges that were elegant and very easy to wear at all times. And of course with the timeless style that characterizes all Luisa Toledo shoes, and which is one of the fundamental hallmarks of our brand so far.

Platform espadrilles and something else...

Another question that arose when sketching the first designs was to choose between creating esparto sandals with a buckle bracelet or opting for a more traditional design such as wedge strap espadrilles.

Choosing between one and the other seemed like a difficult choice, it was difficult for us to give up either of the two options. The practicality of the wedge sandals with the buckle closure convinced us especially because of how comfortable they were to wear. But the classic style of a ribbon espadrille made us fall in love, especially because of the bohemian air they give off.

Finally, we chose not to give up anything, that is why we created the Luisa Toledo espadrilles with a detail that makes them unique, we have designed them so that you can wear them with a buckle closure, but you can also use them as wedge espadrilles with ribbons. With a simple gesture you can change from buckle to ribbons, it will be as if every day you will release new esparto wedges.

Esparto wedges, what is your ideal height?

For us the ideal height is between 7 cm. and the 9 cm. it all depends on the style we want to add to our look. As we were not willing to give up this detail when creating our esparto wedges, we decided to make our models in two heights. The result is FRIDA espadrilles with a 7 cm wedge. and the GAIA model with an 8.5 cm wedge.

We also wanted to create a more elegant model that would be perfect for daily wear and would also represent an alternative for brides looking for wedge bridal shoes, and even for guests who prefer wedge sandals for weddings with which to feel super comfortable. And our interpretation of espadrille for these moments has been the REBECA model with an 8.5 cm wedge. Tall. In all cases, they are platform espadrilles models, so that the design stylizes our looks and provides extra comfort.

Wedge sandals for weddings, your most Mediterranean look

Of course, an espadrille seems to us an ideal option to wear comfortable wedges in a wedding style for many reasons: they are comfortable and elegant. They also manage to bring a bohemian and very personal air to a multitude of outfits.

There are many brides who choose this type of footwear for their most special day. It is increasingly common for brides to change their dresses to fully enjoy the end of the party, and an espadrille seems to us THE IDEAL WEDDING FOOTWEAR. We know that more and more brides are choosing a second shoe option, to wear after bridal shoes when they want to give it their all at the party and on the dance floor... so that the night never ends! So if you are looking to add a touch of color, give it a try! The result will surely fascinate you.

In the case of the guests, the esparto wedge sandals can also be the ideal footwear to complete countless outfits, or as a second wedding guest wedge sandal shoe with which to dance until dawn...

Esparto espadrilles, Luisa Toledo quality

For us, the quality of the materials with which each and every one of our shoes and sandals are made is a very important issue. And of course, in the case of our women espadrilles designs it couldn't be otherwise.

We have selected each and every one of the details that make up our esparto woman sandals in a very meticulous way, to achieve esparto wedges of the highest quality. We are excited to have achieved the perfect fusion of natural materials, such as esparto fibers and the highest quality soft natural leather, resulting in very special wedge espadrilles.

Spanish espadrilles, confort on your feet

At Luisa Toledo we are firmly committed to the transparency of our way of working, in addition to giving the value required by footwear made in Spain. That is why we were clear that our esparto wedges would wear the 'Made in Spain' stamp.

Each and every one of the Luisa Toledo esparto wedges sandals have been manufactured one by one manually by expert artisans in factories located in the Spanish Levante, under safe working conditions and respecting the dignity of the workers.

If you are looking for elegant wedge sandals with a unique Mediterranean style, be sure to try any of our designs, by wearing them you will feel all the love with which they have been made.

Esparto espadrilles, how to combine them?

Combining a women espadrille is super easy. For summer, esparto wedges are a perfect shoe style, you can practically wear them in any situation and with an infinite number of looks and styles. We give you some tips so that you get the most out of your new Luisa Toledo wedges.

If your choice is dark colors such as black wedges, choose flowing dresses, linen garments and flare-cut pants that reveal the ankle and lengthen the figure. The result, we assure you, will be fascinating.

If you prefer one of our esparto sandals in lighter colors such as nude, pink and tan, try combining them with your favorite dresses and also with the classic combo jeans, white t-shirt, raffia bag and your inseparable sunglasses. Esparto wedges in these shades will add a chic touch to your look, guaranteed!

And if you want to look tanned, you cannot miss the white wedges, wear them with Ibizan style dresses and you will highlight the tan of your skin. Of course, they will also be the perfect white bridal wedges for all those women who choose pure white to go to the altar.