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Wide heel shoesWide heel sandals

At Luisa Toledo we are passionate about women's shoes, and we want to convey this passion to all women. We not only create footwear, we build dreams, and we want our models, be it our famous stilettos or one of our sandals, to make the woman wearing Luisa Toledo shine, giving her all the strength and determination that stilettos give off.

We have turned to the design of comfortable stilettos. For this we produce all our models in small workshops in Spain, with the highest quality materials. Because we believe that you can change the way you consume fashion, buying few things, but of great quality and at prices accessible to most people.

We want to allow all women to acquire their perfect women's shoe, with designs based on current trends, but that transcend passing fashions, elegant and comfortable shoes that every woman feels proud of being able to wear.

Why do we love stilettos? Because it is a type of footwear that exudes glamor and elegance at every step, transforming any style into something special.

Comfortable stilettos, a dream come true

Luisa Toledo designs, manufactures and markets all her footwear collections. We base our ethics on sustainable manufacturing, putting people and the planet at the center, with transparent business management, so that every woman with a passion for fashion can make the dream of being able to wear luxury shoes at affordable prices come true.

We all know the importance of accessories to get the perfect outfit. Wearing comfortable heels represents the first step to success, at Luisa Toledo we know it, that's why we bet on quality, offering you our accredited comfortable stilettos that will become the perfect wardrobe to wear on countless occasions.