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Welcome to Luisa Toledo, your online women's shoes store! But if the online world is not your thing, we have a physical store in Madrid, where we would love to receive your visit. If you are looking for a shoe store in Madrid with shoes for women, elegant and comfortable at the same time, our shoe store in Madrid will be the destination to find comfortable and elegant women's shoes! At Luisa Toledo, we share an innate passion for women's shoes, so you can find everything from stilettos to heel sandals, espadrilles, women's loafers... all of them designed specifically with style and comfort in mind.

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Luisa Toledo is not only about dress shoes, but also about building dreams, be sure to visit us in our shoe store in Madrid. We want our models, whether they are the renowned comfortable stilettos, the daring leopard shoes or our dazzling heel sandals, stilettos, the classic black stilettos or the vibrant red stilettos and the characteristic nude shoes, to make you shine as the confident and determined person you are when wearing Luisa Toledo women's shoes. Our footwear is designed to empower you and enhance your natural beauty.

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At Luisa Toledo, we understand your needs and we want to be your favorite Madrid shoe store for everything related to women's high heels. Whether you are looking for a comfortable women's everyday shoe, women's dress sandals for a special occasion, wedding guest shoes that are both comfortable and elegant or even bridal shoe options, at our Madrid store we have the shoes you need.

Discover why Luisa Toledo is the number one choice when it comes to women's shoes, we would be delighted to welcome you to try on a high heeled shoe, a comfortable wedding guest shoe, bridal sandals or comfortable women's flats, we invite you to discover the elegance and comfort we offer in every pair of shoes!


We are a women's shoe store specialized in quality footwear. From the beginning, it was clear to us that the manufacture of our footwear should be carried out in Spain. We trust in the quality of local workshops and in the craftsmanship experience rooted in our country. Over the last few years, we have focused 100% on designing women's dress shoes and footwear for the day to day super comfortable and elegant and we are proud to have achieved it.


In your online shoe store we offer a wide and diverse collection of the best quality stilettos, made in Spain, at affordable prices for everyone. In Luisa Toledo, we are committed to sustainable fashion, always prioritizing quality over quantity.


In Luisa Toledo, both in the online store and in the Madrid store, you will find a selection of sandals ranging from elegant wedding guest sandals, with both platform and non-platform options, to the spectacular range of bridal sandals, ideal to shine in one of the most important days of our lives.

In addition, in Luisa Toledo, women's footwear store in Madrid we have a varied collection of low-heeled sandals, ideal to face with style the outfits that require an elegant and sophisticated footwear.


The bridal shoes section presents an impressive variety that includes from elegant nude stilettos, stilettos in beige or blue tones for brides, to velvet pink espadrilles and ecru tones. We also offer stilettos in vibrant colors that follow the latest bridal trends for bridal heels.

If you are looking for a shoe store where you can find bridal sandals for your most special day, be sure to visit our online shoe store. You can choose between golden heel sandals, silver leather sandals or even options in soft colors like light blue or nude. Undoubtedly, the bridal shoes you want so much can be found in your online shoe store.


At Luisa Toledo, we have created a magnificent collection of wedding guest shoes that includes wide heels, stilettos, wedge espadrilles and heeled sandals, designed to be the perfect finishing touch to any celebration. Be sure to visit Luisa Toledo's Madrid shoe store and discover the footwear that best suits your look. If at any time you don't find what you are looking for, our team is here to help you discover the ideal comfortable wedding guest shoes for the look.

Join our customers who have chosen Luisa Toledo's comfortable wedding guest sandals and become the wedding guest you've always wanted to be. Your unique style awaits you at your women's shoe store in Madrid.


We understand that everyone has their own preferences, which is why we have developed a diverse collection of women's heels ranging from wide heels to stilettos to a good women's loafers. We've even included women's flats and loafers for those looking for comfort without sacrificing elegance. Whatever your style and preference, both in the online store and in your shoe store in Madrid you will find the ideal shoe.

Explore the collection of comfortable and stylish heels and discover how we can offer you the perfect balance between fashion and comfort with every step you take. At Luisa Toledo, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional footwear experience - give your feet what they deserve!

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At Luisa Toledo, we design, manufacture and market all our footwear collections in Spain. Our ethics are based on sustainable manufacturing, placing people and the planet at the center of our concerns. Our business management is transparent and oriented to allow all women passionate about fashion to realize the dream of wearing luxury footwear at affordable prices.

Visit our store in Madrid, or our online store and don't miss our range of comfortable stilettos, a type of footwear that we are passionate about and reflects the elegance and commitment to sustainability that we stand for at Luisa Toledo. We invite you to experience affordable luxury without sacrificing comfort, let your steps speak of your style and confidence!

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