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Leopard stilettosGuest shoes

At Luisa Toledo we are passionate about women's shoes, and we want to transfer this passion to all of you. We not only create women's footwear, we build dreams and we want our models, whether they be our famous comfortable stilettos or the most daring models such as leopard shoes or one of our high-heeled sandals, to make the woman who wears Luisa Toledo shine, giving her all the strength and determination that the silhouette of stilettos gives off.

During the last years we have focused 100% on creating the design of comfortable and perfect stilettos. For this, we produce all our models in small workshops in Spain, with the highest quality materials, taking care of every detail of each stiletto or sandal. In this way, we offer you high-quality shoes made in Spain, at a price accessible to most people, because at Luisa Toledo we believe in and develop sustainable fashion, always opting for quality over quantity.

Our wish is that all women enjoy ideal high-heeled shoes, with designs based on current trends, but that transcend passing fads, so that your new Luisa Toledo shoes become that elegant and comfortable shoe that you will enjoy for years...

Comfortable high-heeled shoes. A dream come true

Why do we love stilettos? Because it is a type of footwear that exudes glamor and elegance at every step, as well as being timeless and with the ability to transform any style into something special. And we know that this makes us feel unique and special with a plus of empowerment that never hurts.

Luisa Toledo designs, manufactures and markets all her footwear collections in Spain. We base our ethics on sustainable manufacturing, putting people and the planet at the center, with transparent business management, so that every woman passionate about fashion can realize the dream of being able to wear luxury shoes at affordable prices.

Stilettos with high, low, thin, wide heels...

Every season, in this case in the Spring Summer 2022 season, we expand our collections, including new low-heeled and high-heeled shoes, with thin and wide heels, also including a wonderful collection of comfortable sandals and espadrilles, as well as guest shoes. or bride for those special events. Among the New Collection shoes you will find the inspiration you need to recreate those looks that you like so much.

In the 2022 Collection of shoes and sandals you will find stilettos and wide-heeled shoes that you will fall in love with, but you will also find a varied collection of flat and heeled sandals and esparto sandals or wedge espadrilles so you can get the footwear you need.

Flat shoes for women, moccasins and blucher

Not everything is heels at Luisa Toledo, we are aware that sometimes we also want to enjoy the extreme comfort of a flat shoe, and for this reason we create models of flat shoes for women that ooze style.

High-heeled and flat sandals Very elegant!

And what can we say about our wonderful selection of high-heeled sandals for events or our range of women's flat sandals, low-heeled sandals, ideal for day to day. Every season we listen to your requests and try to make all your ideas and needs come true. Without going any further, we have just included an elegant and sophisticated platform sandal that you have requested a lot from us and whose result we love.

Wedding shoes: Guests and Brides Find your perfect model!

We want to surprise you and inspire you when choosing the footwear that will finish off your wedding guest outfits. To do this, we have created a collection of wide-heeled shoes, stilettos, wedge espadrilles and high-heeled sandals that will put the icing on your look to succeed. If you have doubts about how to dress for a wedding or event, be sure to take a walk through our categories of guest shoes or bridal shoes, you will surely find the inspiration you are looking for. And if not, you can always contact us and we will help you find the perfect high-heeled shoe for your look.

Join all those women who have chosen Luisa Toledo shoes and be the wedding guest or the bride you most want to be.

Looking for comfortable stilettos? Choose our ISABELA heeled shoe, a no-nonsense heeled stiletto that will become your all-time favorite wardrobe staple.