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Stiletto, the most desired shoe

Red stilettos

Stilettos shoes have become an essential type of footwear in the current fashion landscape. A stiletto brings elegance and a feminine touch to any style, and they represent the very essence of the woman shoe par excellence.

We all know that heels help stylize the figure. In addition to lengthening our legs get our looks a unique sensuality. Also the stiletto is a shoe that we can wear practically throughout the year, it is a shoe that is not excessively closed but that covers the foot, so they are so versatile, since choosing the right color we can wear them at any time, with total success.

As you can see we are facing one of the most elegant, exclusive and versatile heel shoes styles. But do you know why the name?

Stiletto, the origin of an icon

Contrary to what is considered normal today, heels have not always been a feminine emblem. Actually heels were designed to be worn by men, but not with the current aesthetic component, but as a functional element. These first heels in men's shoes were the prelude to the current cowboy boots.

Portrait of Louis XIVPortrait of Louis XIV wearing heeled boots

It was during the fifteenth century when the use of heeled shoes became popular among men, as it helped them to better adjust the stirrups of horses, facilitating cavalry activities. Some drawings of Leonardo da Vinci are still preserved where men doing equestrian activities wear shoes with high heels.

With the goes of time this functionality of the heels in the men's footwear, gave way to the search for a more aesthetic sense, since during the 17th century heel shoes were implanted in the men's wardrobe, which became much more colorful and extravagant. Thus heeled shoes would be closely linked to the masculine world, obtaining with them a virile image.

Wedding Catalina de Medici and Enrique IIWedding Catalina de Medici and Enrique II

Although it would not take long for a woman to perceive the power of heels to stylize the figure. It was Catalina de Medici, a woman ahead of her time, who introduced the heels into the women's locker room. In his wedding with Enrique II he already wore a shoe with heels, at which time the high heels became an object of fashion among the nobles of the time.

It was in the year 1760, when the Italian merchant and designer Giacomo Pirandello, baron of Stiletto, invented and produced the first stilettos, with the intention of optimizing the support for the spurs on the riders' mount. Little could imagine the baron who was creating the foundations of a style of heels that would become a success and an authentic icon within the current fashion world around the world.

Stiletto shoes

But we still had to wait until the eighteenth century for heels to become part of women's clothing trends more consistently. Although the designs were still very ornate and rococo for both men and women, with details on the tip such as large bows and rosettes, the foundations of the current style were already laid out. With less colorful models for men but more elegant for women. Until the end of the century, high heels were considered somewhat effeminate and vulgar for men.

The stilettos shoes today

Although in one way or another heel shoes have been present in contemporary women trends, there have been times when it has not enjoyed the same popularity it enjoys today.

red stiletto

It was in the hands of great designers and famous shoemakers of the 50s like Charles Jourdan, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roger Vivier who resurfaced the stiletto as something more than a woman's footwear style, becoming crowned as a fashion icon. And, from its distant origins, stiletto is a shoe that has been predestined to leave its mark on fashion.

Stilettos shoes have made contemporary designers famous as Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin among others. To the latter we owe mythical moments, who does not remember Carrie Bradshaw in the series “Sex and the City.” Wearing Louboutin's stiletto and its iconic red sole.

Nude shoes

And it is that we are facing a classic style of footwear that never fails, reinventing each season with new and suggestive designs. The stiletto is perfect to decorate both the streets and the walkways. Because it is not just a matter of comfort, but of style and beauty and this is known by any woman who has ever felt hopelessly in love with this type of footwear.

Today, stilettos represent an icon, being the most elegant and exclusive women's shoes, created to wear them on any special occasion, but also at any time when we want to add a touch of glamor to our style. And the stiletto is much more than fashion: it is synonymous with strength, power and sensuality.

Red stiletto

By definition, stilettos are those shoes of fine toe with a heel that measures more than 8.5 cm. Tall. While it is true that current women, with a busy pace of life, on rare occasions we can wear this type of footwear every day.

Although there are many who are able to handle them perfectly, managing to do almost anything with them, even dancing or running. The truth is that for many of us, taking them is a real challenge, a challenge that we hardly resist, and we fall under this icon of femininity. Spanish women "defy danger" more than the European average. Yes, being honest, we love to look spectacular with some heels that stylize our figure, both standing and sitting.

Comfortable heels, the stilettos we all want

The stiletto is one of our hallmarks, in all our collections it occupies a leading role. These iconic heeled shoes have become the key piece of our brand, and in our eagerness to listen to all those women who are part of one or another way of this project, we have concluded that we all want comfortable stilettos, that in addition to looking spectacular allow us to enjoy them with total comfort.

In Luisa Toledo we wanted to go a step further, and after many tests and listening to all your opinions and comments we have adjusted and improved the shapes and qualities to get the perfect heels.

Comfortable stilettos shoes

As a result, we have concluded that the ideal heel height is between 7 and 7.5 cm. This measure achieves the perfect balance between style and comfort.

The design that best embodies this balance is our ISABELA model, without a doubt the stiletto most demanded by all and available in a wide range of colors, materials and finishes. More and more you are the ones who fall before one of our most iconic comfortable heels. If you plan to buy stilettos, do not forget to try on this model.

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