Wedding espadrilles, the most trending footwear for events

Wedding espadrilles, the most trending footwear for events

If you want to be comfortable, cool and trendy, you cannot miss our new women's espadrilles. Find your favorites on the web and enjoy the great event of the year... Stay, we'll tell you all about this old fashion but so elegant and versatile!

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Wedge espadrille for weddings, the favorites of influencers

At Luisa Toledo we think of everything, we love to always be up-to-date, stylish and create fashion trends. For this reason, we want you to get to know the comfortable and versatile women's wedge espadrilles in the world. We know that women's heels are a tradition that is never lost, they exude elegance and glamor and make you feel great, but... let's be real, when we go to an event what we want is to dance and enjoy the weddings without fear that our feet may suffer damage or the heels that you wear will be uncomfortable. But as always, friend, we bring you the solution, maximum comfort.

The women's wedge espadrilles are the preferred option of influencers for those events full of glamor as they are elegant, timeless and cause a firm and safe walk, since the wedge will always mean a greater stability than a thin heel. And not because we like to play cool (which is also a bit) but all our LT wedge espadrilles are designed for the greatest elegance and comfort. For this reason, all our designs have a strap system and a buckle system for its grip. You can use both options whenever you want, interchange them as you like, which will mean that, on the one hand, you have a women's straps espadrille, ready to complete the boho outfit, and women's espadrilles with a buckle, for a formal and original outfit.

If you want to feel like a true influencer and feel that your feet can endure another 48 hours of partying without being sore and punished and feel fully comfortable, do not hesitate and dare to walk with wedding espadrilles with wedge women by Luisa Toledo.

Medium wedge espadrilles, without risking, but with elegance

How many times have you heard that about... Whoever doesn't risk doesn't win? We a million and a half times and it is clear that this saying is absolutely right in the world, without risk, because what a bore, but... Can it be applied to everything in life? We think not and here we explain why...

In these times, it is very common to see the comings and goings in fashion. The trends are changing. We live at a very fast pace where we hardly have time to think... And suddenly... Boom... My best friend's wedding! And since COVID I hardly go out to parties, I have my heels stored in the closet and I don't even know if I'll be able to use them again, because now that I remember they were quite uncomfortable... and now that I've learned to live in sneakers...Well, I'll take a chance, put them on and see what happens....

(Spoiler) You end up exhausted, with your feet dusty and thinking about what went through your head to wear those super heels... With how good you would be with the medium wedge women's espadrille...

That thing that to show off you have to suffer is no longer accepted... There are many options so that your feet can tread calmly and one of these options would be the medium wedge espadrille , since You will have the necessary height to stylize your legs, you will feel full comfort and you will feel sexy and empowered but without losing your balance and hurting yourself. We are clear about it. And what do you think about this fashion? Do you think espadrilles are a good option for events?

Madrid bridal shoes, your perfect day with comfort

The women's espadrille, a traditional Spanish shoe, an excellent choice to add a touch of style and comfort to the big event. One of the main advantages of bridal espadrilles would be the comfort they provide. We know that a wedding will be a long and emotional day, and you don't want to spend hours and hours in uncomfortable shoes. The bridal wedge espadrilles are made of soft and flexible materials, such as cotton or linen, which makes them the perfect choice for standing up and dancing the night away without discomfort.

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Although the wedge or flat espadrille had humble origins as country footwear, they have evolved over the years and can now be found in a wide variety of styles and designs. From the classic flat women's espadrilles to spadrilles with a wedge or platform, you will surely find an option that suits your style and preferences, because at Luisa Toledo we have them all.

The bridal espadrilles are extremely versatile and can be combined with different styles of wedding dresses. If the wedding has a rustic or bohemian atmosphere, flat espadrilles in neutral or pastel tones will be ideal. For an elegant and sophisticated look, espadrilles with a wedge or platform can add a touch of height and slim your figure without sacrificing comfort.

Whichever bridal espadrille you choose for that special event, such as a wedding, check that the materials are of the best quality, that they do not cause chafing or discomfort and that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Wedding espadrilles look, be the most chic guest

In addition to being a comfortable and stylish footwear option, espadrilles can also complement other accessories of the wedding guest look. For example, you can choose a headband or headdress with elements similar to those of your espadrilles to achieve visual harmony, in this way, you will create a coherent and well-thought-out image from head to toe. But that's not all, from Luisa Toledo, we have the best ideas of look with espadrilles for events or weddings. Of course, first of all, try different styles and choose the espadrille that best suits your personality and dress, make sure that your wedding guest espadrilles are correctly adjusted to avoid discomfort during the day and above all, Consider the height of the dress to make sure that the wedding espadrilles look right and complement the ensemble.

Summer dress look: Opt for an elegant but light dress, since espadrilles have a casual style. You can choose a midi or maxi dress in a floral print or a vibrant solid color, depending on your preferences and the style of the wedding. Combine it with elegant espadrilles; choose ones that are formal and sophisticated. Look for good quality ones, and a good idea would be to choose a suede espadrille or a velvet espadrille. Wedge espadrilles or platform can also give an elegant touch to the outfit.

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Use a small clutch or a fancy clutch. Opt for colors that complement the dress and the espadrille. You can choose between a bag in a neutral tone, metallic or in a popping color. For a wedding guest in espadrilles look, it's best to keep your jewelry understated and elegant. You can opt for small and delicate earrings, a simple necklace or a fine bracelet. Remember not to overload the outfit, since the espadrille already adds a special touch to the look. If you want to add an extra touch of style, you can opt for hair accessories. A flowery headdress or delicate headband can complete the outfit and give it a festive air.

Low wedge espadrille, the most comfortable option

Low wedge espadrilles are the perfect option if you want to add a bit of height without sacrificing comfort. Our models are designed taking both characteristics into account, giving you a low-wedge espadrille that allows you to look tall without compromising stability or tiring your feet. The cushioned and flexible sole provides adequate support and a feeling of comfort for hours, allowing you to enjoy the evening without discomfort, plus they are beautiful. And yes, we are talking about the new Ana Espadrilles... Have you seen them yet? They are spectacularly beautiful, in nude tones and striking tones, there is no excuse to be able to go comfortably to a special event or wedding. At our LT brand, we always look for your comfort and that is why we design our footwear with the best materials to be your trusted online shoe store.

Whether it's a wedding, a party or a special occasion, our low wedge women's espadrilles adapt to any event or wedding with style and elegance. Our designs range from classic to modern, to satisfy diverse tastes. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, our gold espadrilles such as the Catalina Espadrille and the Rebeca Espadrille; will add a touch of glamor to your outfit. For a casual and bohemian look, we have options in nude tones or in the usual tones, we already know that a good white espadrille or a classic black espadrille always triumphs. By the way, have you seen the new Sheila espadrilles yet? If the answer is no, run to see them, you'll love them! Find the perfect pair that reflects your personality and makes you stand out at any event or wedding!

Women's espadrilles, the most versatile footwear at your feet

One of the advantages of the women's espadrille is its versatility to combine with different outfits. You can wear them with long dresses, skirts or pants, creating elegant or informal looks depending on the occasion. Our espadrilles adapt to any style and allow you to create unique combinations. Whether you want a bohemian look with a flowy dress or a chic outfit with skinny pants, our espadrilles will complement the outfit perfectly.

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Another of the many advantages of having an LT brand espadrille is its durability and quality: When you invest in a pair of espadrilles, you want them to last a long time. Our women's espadrilles are made with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, which guarantees their durability and resistance. You will be able to enjoy their style and comfort at multiple events and they will continue to look impeccable. In addition, our espadrilles are designed with long-term comfort in mind, allowing you to dance and enjoy without worries.

With a wide variety of versatile designs and durable construction, our LT shoe brand guarantees that you will feel confident and elegant at every occasion. Do not hesitate to choose us to elevate your look and enjoy comfort at a wedding or special event. Get ready to stand out and enjoy every moment in style!

Buy LT brand espadrilles

In today's world, more and more people are choosing to shop online because of its convenience and variety of options. If you are looking for quality and style women's espadrilles, our online shoe store of the LT brand shoes is the place to be to find the perfect pair. From the comfort of home to the exceptional quality and design of our women's espadrilles, you will discover why we are the best option for high-quality women's footwear.

Our LT shoe brand was created to satisfy the tastes and preferences of each client. From classic and elegant designs to modern and avant-garde options, we have something for everyone, so yes or yes, you will find the perfect pair that fits your personal style and enhances the outfit.

We have already told you on many occasions that Luisa Toledo is synonymous with quality and durability. In our online shoe store, we make sure to offer you high quality women's espadrilles. Each pair is made from carefully selected materials and subjected to rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure you get a long-lasting, reliable product. You can trust that our espadrilles will accompany you for a long time, providing comfort and style with every step. In addition, our footwear is known for its comfort, and our espadrilles are no exception. Our models are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, with padded insoles that provide exceptional support for your feet. Whether you're walking around town or dancing at a wedding or event, our espadrilles will give you a feeling of comfort all day long.

Artisan espadrilles in Madrid, we have them

Shopping at our online shoe store offers you a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience. You can browse our wide selection of espadrilles, filter by styles, sizes, and colors, and shop from the comfort of home. In addition, we ship throughout the peninsula and offer fast and safe shipping options, so you can receive your espadrilles directly at your door.

If you are looking for quality espadrilles, exceptional style and comfort, Luisa Toledo is your best option. With a wide variety of styles, guaranteed quality, exceptional comfort, and online shopping convenience, we make sure you'll find the perfect pair that meets your expectations. Don't wait and discover the unique experience of shopping online!

But if you are still not convinced by the idea of buying online, we will be delighted if you come and pay us a visit to our showroom. Come with whoever you want, if you want you can even come with the dress that you are going to wear at the event. We will take care of finding the perfect pair of shoes for you. That they fit your personality, that they are elegant and that make you feel comfortable and empowered. We want to help you. Are you coming?

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