Espadrilles Luisa Toledo. Mediterranean spirit

Espadrilles Luisa Toledo. Mediterranean spirit

This year esparto wedges will be the most sought after footwear for several reasons: it is a super comfortable type of footwear, perfect to wear on busy and hot summer days, but also for nights. They provide a very chic and elegant touch and are an iconic type of footwear in our country. For this reason, this summer they have become our great bet to dress the feet of our loyal customers.

As you know, Luisa Toledo we are a brand specialized in timeless and elegant shoes and comfortable stilettos, mainly dress shoes. But during 2020 with the COVID-19 crisis in all senses and post-post events... We realized that at Luisa Toledo we wanted to be able to offer you something special, and it was the perfect time to consider new horizons: new materials, fabrications and lasts to create the most comfortable wedge espadrilles in the world.

Espadrilles, the ideal summer footwear

At present, women espadrilles have become a footwear associated with summer and with an aesthetic that survives the most aggressive trends. The experts place the first espadrilles made in Spain in the north of the peninsula and the south-east of France. And the truth is that today they can be found practically anywhere in the world.

And it is not surprising that esparto espadrilles are such a necessary footwear, since it is perfect to wear on many occasions. Without going any further, there has been an increase in women who choose bridal espadrilles for one of the most special days of their lives. There are countless designs and ideal materials to create this comfortable footwear.

But of course, where this comfortable footwear for women triumphs is on a day-to-day basis, providing freshness and that ideal chic touch. In addition, it is a perfect footwear at the manufacturing level for summer since it allows the correct perspiration of the foot. Materials such as leather, cotton canvas, esparto, jute ... They are natural materials that are used in the manufacture of esparto espadrilles.

Esparto, the main material that makes up the soles and wedges of espadrilles, is a compound of totally natural and biodegradable vegetable origin, to which are added unique properties such as insulation and low thermal conductivity, which make it a perfect material for the manufacture of the beloved espadrilles.

Esparto sandals: very comfortable and natural footwear

Esparto, or hemp rope, is obtained from the woody fibers of the hemp trunk. Once dried, these fibers are spun and braided into the shape of a rope with which esparto wedges and soles are made.

The design of the esparto espadrille sole can be made in different ways: flat, heel, wedge... Before finishing, the esparto sole is vulcanized with rubber heated to 400ºC, where the rubber and esparto melt and they reinforce a definitive union. How do you imagine when reading these lines, you do not need any type of glue, thus achieving a manufacture that is as natural as possible.

The last process of joining the upper part of the espadrille with the sole is done by hand: sewing the soles and the upper part. This final process requires a lot of experience, tradition and wisdom, something that makes each pair of espadrilles unique.

Wedge espadrilles summer 2021

Like every season in the Luisa Toledo women's shoe store you will find the novelties you were looking for. This season, espadrilles are our great bet: comfortable footwear, made in Spain and that transmits that Mediterranean air that we love.

The main peculiarity of our REBECA, GAIA and FRIDA wedges is that they are two espadrilles in one. We have designed the back in such a way that with a simple gesture you can exchange the closure and wear them with a buckle bracelet or as wedge espadrilles with ribbons, to give a more bohemian air to your look.

Wedge espadrilles for women: different heights, same comfort

Of course, our commitment to esparto espadrilles could not be in vain: we wanted to be able to offer the greatest number of possibilities taking into account the height of the esparto wedges and a great variety of colors. That you could buy black espadrilles, red espadrilles or yellow espadrilles. And here they are, promised!

The FRIDA espadrille is available in more than 10 different colors. It is the most versatile model and with the widest color range, hence its name could not be other than FRIDA wedges. If you choose black espadrilles, they will be a perfect basic for every summer day with your vaporous dresses, but white wedges are also ideal for bohemian wedges brides or the most Ibiza looks.

Espadrilles ribbons

We are convinced that they are the most comfortable esparto sandals in the world, do you know why? Various details make it perfect for all occasions you can imagine: the height of the wedge is 7 cm. and the front platform of 2 cm. approximately, so yes, we confirm that we want them for everything.

Espadrilles bracelet

And for the most daring and looking for esparto sandals with a wedge, the REBECA and GAIA wedges are the chosen ones. Specifically, GAIA wedges are distinguished by their cotton canvas manufacturing and a round neckline, ideal and super comfortable. The height of the wedge is 9 cm. and 2 cm. platform approximately. Likewise, you can wear it as espadrilles with laces tied at the ankle or as the ideal women's high wedges with a buckle closure that are so comfortable. In the box you will receive the two closure modalities, ideal, don't you think?

Woman espadrilles

And on the other hand, we have made REBECA espadrilles in super soft suede leather with a sweetheart neckline. A delight that adapts super well to all feet, PROMISED! And in this case, we are inspired by soft tones that are ideal for day to day but also for special occasions. Because we are sure that espadrilles are a perfect footwear for any event, such as baptisms or communions. And of course, for country weddings or those held on the beach, to add a touch to your look with casual style wedges.

Woman espadrilles

Like GAIA wedges, the wedge is 9 cm high. and the 2 cm platform. Ideal for the most daring! Of course, they are super light wedges and we are sure that they will fascinate you.

Now tell us, what esparto wedges and color do you choose? Do you like to wear them more as wedges with ribbons or as wedges with a buckle?

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