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We all have a tremendous desire for summer, why are we going to fool ourselves, of course, our greatest achievement is to be comfortable and cool but fashionable and flat women's sandals are undoubtedly our best allies to achieve this. Choose one of our proposals from the collection of women's flat sandals, you'll be right for sure!

We all have a tremendous desire for summer, why are we going to fool ourselves, of course, our greatest achievement is to be comfortable and cool but fashionable and flat women's sandals are undoubtedly our best allies to achieve this. Choose one of our proposals from the collection of women's flat sandals, you'll be right for sure!

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Flat sandal for women 2023

As soon as the good weather and heat arrive, we are all thinking about the outfits that we will wear on our vacation days, surely you also have a few days reserved to rest from the daily routine. Long, bright and perfect days in which to disconnect wearing comfortable and relaxed looks, without a doubt our collection of comfortable women's flat sandals will be a great idea to wear with your summer outfits.

The new collection of flat sandals for women's dress that we put at your disposal in Luisa Toledo are the most comfortable and special option for day to day, with them you can be comfortable and look perfect without having to resorting to heels, they are also super soft, made with love in Spain, and only using the best natural leathers, so that they are super comfortable and very easy to wear. Try one of the models of flat platform sandals or comfortable flat sandals and discover that you can also achieve very stylish outfits in summer with the models without heels.

Flat black sandal for women. Yes or No?

We all know that black stilettos manage to bring elegance to any look, even with simple jeans and a white t-shirt we can be perfect if we choose the right accessories. In the case of a black dress sandal, they also elevate glamor and sophistication, making the style stand out from the rest. But there is a diversity of opinions regarding the models of black flat sandals for women , there are those who think that the flat designs in a dark tone do not look as much as flat white sandals or flat golden sandals.

However, we think that a flat black sandal is just as ideal as any other colour. A good example can be our Minerva and Julia flat sandal models, two designs inspired by the aesthetics of classic Greece, which can be a good example of crab sandals for women to wear, try wearing them with a long dress in a neutral color such as gray or beige, and finish off the look with an accessory also in black such as a scarf, a bag or a belt, the result is simple and super elegant. And it is that the black color in a sandal, well combined, perfectly synthesizes the style, elegance and simplicity that we look for in all Luisa Toledo footwear models.

Comfortable women's flat sandals

This summer we wanted to return to our origins, looking for inspiration in nature, with warm colors and natural leathers that imbue the collection of comfortable women's sandals with the spirit of mother earth. p>

As in our collection of women's wedge espadrilles, we wanted to let ourselves be carried away by neutral colors that evoke the serenity of the countryside, and are also always a good style resource as a wardrobe staple, because flat brown sandals , or black espadrilles or strappy flat sandals, are always a winning bet when we want to invest in footwear that we can wear season after season. Those who know us know that at Luisa Toledo we are very pragmatic and we prioritize timeless designs in our women's footwear collections, and even more so in the case of our summer collection.

If you are one of those who avoids heels for your daily looks, surely your first choice when creating outfits in summer will be comfortable options like one of our espadrilles. Esparto grass wedges or flat women's sandals will be your first choices when looking for summer footwear. If so, we are sure that you will love the proposals of the New Collection of flat leather sandals.

Flat leather sandal for women, the best choice

Yeah! The sandal this season is the style of footwear that takes on special relevance in our proposals for the New Summer Collection, even above our iconic stilettos. This season we wanted to prioritize relaxed footwear styles such as espadrilles, esparto wedges and the new designs of comfortable women's flat sandals, a simple and relaxed style perfect for enjoying summer and good weather.

Because summer is synonymous with comfort for our feet, and the models of flat women's sandals are undoubtedly the most sought after by all those women who love to give our feet a break when the sun and the heat flood the streets. Who among us does not have several models and styles of flat sandals in the dressing room...? Identified, right?

But, there are almost as many styles and designs of flat sandals, as there are ways to wear them. As soon as the heat arrives, we all love to look radiant with our favorite looks, and a women's flat sandal is a perfect ally to create comfortable outfits.

Without losing the classic touch, we have to tell you, that some flat white sandals for women, some flat black sandals or some flat brown sandals > they will be your best companions for those summer afternoons where you want to be dressed up and fashionable, but totally comfortable and without the need to wear heels. They are a safe bet. Discover them.

Comfortable women's sandals. We have them!

Among the star models of our collection there is one that has become your favorite just by seeing the light, we are referring to the Julia shovel sandal. A perfect design to wear in your most comfy looks, both to be at home, to sit on a terrace at sunset or go down to the pool.

We propose two shades with which it is almost impossible to go wrong when combining them: total black, perfect for the most sophisticated looks; and the color leather, a tone that brings naturalness to any outfit.

Wear them with those flowing dresses that suit you so well, such as shorts or baggy pants... Let your imagination run wild, we are sure that they will be footwear that you will not take off all summer.

In our flat sandal collection, we offer you different styles, and one of the ones that have surprised many of our friends are the shovel sandals, with a simple and very original design, they are an option perfect to be comfortable in summer with a lot of style. There are many of you who even tell us that you use them to be at home!

Flat leather sandals for women

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish footwear to enjoy the summer, and you are thinking of buying a quality women's flat sandal, you are in the best place. For us, choosing the best quality is the first step in creating our footwear collections. And of course also in the case of the flat sandals, all of them have been made with natural leather of the best quality, so we can be sure that we offer you the comfort and convenience that we ourselves demand. Why choosing quality is the best guarantee for comfortable sandals.

There are more and more women who appreciate and recognize quality in footwear. At Luisa Toledo we are firmly committed to the quality of all our products. That is why we bet on noble raw materials such as natural leathers and cotton fabrics for our espadrilles.

In addition, we not only like to focus attention on the quality of the raw materials, we also bet on the elaboration of our collections in artisan workshops located in Spain.

Buying footwear with the distinctive Made in Spain, is not only synonymous with quality, it also provides the peace of mind of having all the guarantees of being manufactured by expert craftsmen who meet all the requirements set by the European Union.

Summer 2023 sandals, your feet need flat shoes

More and more people decide to go comfortable and comfortable, sacrificing elegance and fashion. Anything by choice seems great to us, but... What if there was a way to combine comfort and elegance at the same time?

In Luisa Toledo we have them, we have the perfect combination of both adjectives. The new comfortable women's flat sandals will leave you enchanted. You will see how easy it is to combine them with all your most elegant and groundbreaking outfits and take advantage of those dresses or these summer suits that you did not wear because your flat sandals were too casual.

Our main objective is that your feet are comfortable and that they suffer as little as possible, but also that you love and fall in love with the new models as it happens to us. Each model of LT sandals or shoes is designed with the greatest care so that you have the most satisfactory result possible. Find your favorite footwear and enjoy walking with comfort and elegance.