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LUISA TOLEDO was born in 2017 in tribute to the dreams and desires of all women who feel love and passion for the world of fashion. Also to the relations of friendship and complicity that arise between them, united by a passion: THE SHOES.

For all of us, regardless of whether we follow the trends or not, we believe that every garment or accessory we use identifies us a lot. So much so, that in Luisa Toledo we believe that our way of dressing and what we wear, represents and speaks about us, that's why there is nothing more important than making our a garment or footwear, so that we become unique and unmistakable


The brand emerges with me as a third generation of the family business linked to the world of footwear. In my desire to maintain the tradition and with a firm objective: that the brand pays homage to my grandmother Luisa.


Rosana Barroso, 1992

I have always been eager to devour books and fashion magazines, indeed, during my training I even approached from different perspectives the relationship and evolution between fashion, culture and identity. That is why, once I finished my studies in Social Anthropology, it was when I finished designing Luisa Toledo's project. I recognize it. My passion for fashion has a very clear sign of the principles that would identify the designs: what we wear says a lot about us, and fashion is an art and a form of expression. So each Luisa Toledo has to add to the personality of the women who wear them.

The experience received thanks to the contact with the shoes during the stage I was working in the sector is indisputable. This, together with my own interest in fashion and its evolution, as well as my own personal quest to feel myself in a vortex in which creativity, color and passion meet, result in all the collections Luisa Toledo.

And what made all this arise? Of course, the love of shoes. I am of the opinion that some shoes can change everything, and we are not just talking about styling, they can also change your attitude. Good heels that, besides being comfortable, make women like you and me who wear them feel more powerful. Because some high-heeled shoes that allow us to endure all day, whether at work, or enjoying any event, become our best allies.

That's why I decided that Luisa Toledo's designs should focus on creating feminine and timeless lines. Winking at current trends, but without falling into eccentricities and getting the perfect balance so that Luisa Toledo shoes are the most necessary basic of our collections. But there is one more important detail, even if it fits, and that is that a good design is useless without taking into account the QUALITY and comfort.


I love some shoes but once I try them on and try to walk with them, it's super uncomfortable. Has it happened to you? To me yes, and that is why in Luisa Toledo we have given great importance to the fit of the lasts. Choosing them very carefully, together with the materials that are always selected with my team, looking for the shoes to be comfortable at the feet of all of us. All this together with the firm commitment that exists with the handmade processes Made in Spain, makes LUISA TOLEDO shoes an exceptional footwear.

But all this would be useless without taking into account the main protagonists of this story: you, WOMEN. If you try to contact us through the different Customer Service channels, you will discover the special care and attention that we provide in the personalized attention to each of our clients. It is because one of our maxims is based on answering each and every one of your needs.



All the human team that we are Luisa Toledo we are fully committed to the long shoemaker tradition, so much so that we are a real family. It was in the early 80's when the grandparents of the family founded the company that currently designs, produces and distributes each and every one of the shoes of the brand, and today we continue with the firm belief that it is a value differentiator in the collections of LUISA TOLEDO.


We firmly believe that quality shoes have to be a luxury available to any woman, because thanks to the elimination of intermediaries and the distribution experience, we make each Luisa Toledo a piece of luxury at an affordable price.


The team behind each shoe Luisa Toledo, is a large family formed by a group of people who have joined the passion for shoes: from the fitter responsible for the lasts fit like a glove, through pattern makers, apparel, assemblers... And a long etc., since in the manufacture of some shoes up to 30 processes are required, all of them carried out by different people.


But in this section we want you to meet our Customer Service team.



If you come to visit us or you get in touch with us, I'm sure you'll talk to me Rosana. I am very demanding with the Customer Service and it is a topic in which I insist a lot to my team (I know, I have been very strict).


If you contact Luisa Toledo, you may talk to Rosi our "girl for everything", the same will solve a question on the phone, as it is responsible for solving any problem in the office; his weakness is his cats, he adores them.


Also in the office, you can find Beatriz, a lover of books and a good fresh coffee every morning. She and the entire team that works on this project will help you choose the shoe that best suits your needs and will make sure that your choice is a total success.


It is also possible that you know Oscar, who is responsible for computers not revolting against us and a passion for the mountain and paragliding.


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