Shoes for brides. 5 Tips to choose shoes for your wedding

Shoes for brides. 5 Tips to choose shoes for your wedding

At Luisa Toledo we always have some reason to celebrate, but if it's a wedding... Those are big words!

Who doesn't love weddings? No matter how they are... wedding on a farm, boho wedding, rural wedding, etiquette wedding... We like all weddings without distinction of style. For this reason, at Luisa Toledo, we have created different types of sandals and bridal shoes, to be able to adapt to all your styles and requests and we are sure that they will not disappoint you.

There are many of you who have already passed through our showroom telling us about your great news and in search of the perfect bridal shoes for weddings. You have even called us by phone or consulted by WhatsApp and we have sent you the sandals or bridal shoes that you were looking for. The perfect and ideal ones for you. We are very excited that you trust us for moments as important as your own wedding, we love that you ask us for an opinion and help you with everything we can and above all, we love that our sandals or bridal shoes > accompany you on your most special day. Shall we help you?

Shoes, sandals, wedges or espadrilles. What to choose?

Choosing bridal shoes or sandals is not an easy task, it is an accessory that will accompany you to the wedding, one of the most important days of your life and that also plays many factors at the same time.

Nerves, the most important. A wonderful day, yes, but what do I do with my nerves if I can't control them? What if when I get there I stumble or if I'm wearing a high heel and my ankle sprains? What if I wear sandals and it rains? There are many questions that cross our minds before the wedding. Our advice; that you relax and enjoy, it is a wonderful day surrounded by love and happiness and it goes by very quickly. And by the way, another piece of advice... If you're not used to wearing heels... Why don't you try some sandals with bridal wedges? Or low-heeled wedding shoes?

bridal shoes

We all know that stilettos with an ideal super dress look wonderful... They are comfortable, they look great and allow you to look perfect and determined to say yes to that wonderful moment... But did you know that they are also Are bridal sandals very fashionable for the hottest weddings? The wide or narrow heel bridal sandals allow you to enjoy the company and dances with your friends and family until the end of the party and give a more daring vibe to the bridal look.

Espadrilles for brides. A good option?

We say YES to bridal espadrilles, we think they are super comfortable and super chic shoes that will give a romantic and bohemian style to your bridal look. If the wedding is going to take place outdoors, surrounded by countryside and nature or on the beach, or on a flower-covered farm, the esparteras brides are our first option. We believe that it is the most comfortable, elegant and romantic shoe to say yes I do.

But.... bridal espadrilles don't have to be white, eh friends... At Luisa Toledo we went ahead and brought bridal wedge espadrilles with different colors ready to give the maximum touch of romanticism to your big day. We also have espadrilles in the form of sandals for the hottest brides.

bridal espadrilles

In general, the wedding dress for the wedding is usually white, although it is increasingly normal to find the bride getting married in another color, which we find super daring and wonderful!

If the dress is white, you can choose a brighter color for the shoe, a pastel color or even white with a different shade than the white of the dress. Any espadrille you choose will be providing a perfect roll for your bridal outfit. From Luisa Toledo, we recommend our Catalina Espadrilles that you can find in velvet, suede or fabric, with a wide variety of bright colours, white and nude.

Our espadrilles, sandals and bridal wedges will make you feel not only beautiful and perfect, but also comfortable, since they hold your ankle well, either with the straps or with the buckles and their wide bridal heels will keep you from losing your balance.

Stilettos for the bride, the great classic

As you know, at Luisa Toledo we are delighted that you ask us questions. It is something that fascinates us. Many of you ask us about original bridal shoes and we, after your requests and suggestions, have been designing and making models that will make your bridal shoes not go unnoticed.

If what you are very clear about is that you want good bridal heels with a good platform and a good heel, we recommend the Stiletto Cayetana , it has beautiful colors and you can find in velvet Apart from getting a total bridal look, you will be wonderful and devastating for the most special day. These stilettos give the look a lot of character and create a strong and empowered bride that will make any look impossible to resist.

bridal stilettos

If what you are looking for are bridal shoes, something more classic, we recommend our best sellers, the Goya Stilettos and the Isabela Stilettos, comfortable and elegant bridal shoes and... Why hide it? Both are available on the web in a beautiful sky blue AND in suede!! You'll feel like a true princess walking down the aisle in these comfortable and elegant wedding shoes. What are you waiting for to go shopping from home? Enter the online store and discover many more models that you will love.

Bridal sandals, the perfect accessory for your wedding

Have you tried several bridal shoes and sandals but they don't quite match your style? Are the espadrilles not quite matching because you want a look more in line with your gala wedding? We have the perfect bridal shoe for you. When you see yourself in your dress and with your wedding sandals , you will see that it is the perfect complement for the big day.

There are more and more people who decide to wear bridal sandals for their big day and they are not an absurd approach... They are comfortable, open so that your feet can breathe and they are some bridal shoes that will not go unnoticed if you know how to combine them well with your style.

woman dress shoes

At Luisa Toledo we always offer you the best qualities so that you can be comfortable on this special day, we have many novelties that you will love. Very attentive to our new model Sabrina Sandals that will come stomping, beautiful colors and high heels and that provides good foot support thanks to her bracelet with her buckle. But we did not want to leave behind our model of sandals preferred by you for your big day, the Teresa model will provide a strong and daring look, you can find it in our online store in velvet or leather. You have them in a lot of colors... Do you have a bouquet of red roses? Go ahead with red on the bridal shoes.

Buy quality bridal shoes online. Is it possible?

We live in the digital age, shopping mall Saturdays and strolling through the local shops is sadly something we are leaving behind. Times change and the world is updated, therefore, so do we.

We know that your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life and that is why we want to make the process easier for you. It is true that preparing a wedding entails a lot of work with it a lot of stress. Restaurant tests, hairstyle tests, make-up, dress tests... What if you could save yourself the long walks to find the shoes or wedding sandals? Do you want to try on your wedding shoes at home? We make it easy.

At Luisa Toledo we provide the greatest comforts so that you can choose the perfect footwear that fits you well and that you love. You can come and try your wedding shoes in our showroom or place an order on the web and have them arrive at your home in no time. In addition, the first size change is free to make things even easier for you. Dare and take the step towards the altar with Luisa Toledo shoes . We are waiting for you.

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