Women's party shoes with which to always hit the mark

Women's party shoes with which to always hit the mark

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are like us who have a lot of commitments, surely your agenda is full of dinners with friends, work colleagues and of course Christmas dinners and lunches with the family . It is time to have all the looks ready to shine this Christmas, we will tell you how we choose our outfits and the party shoes that allow us to be comfortable and look spectacular.

Women dress shoes

At Luisa Toledo we offer you a wide variety of styles for your looks this Christmas, we have from those women's dress shoes with timeless designs such as our famous comfortable stilettos, models that are easy to wear anywhere occasion, even velvet sandals that will be the focus of attention wherever you step.

women red shoes

Navigate through the shop and find the perfect dress shoe for you, we have the style and color you need to shine at any event, and also by choosing one of our designs, you will be the most comfortable guest, because our specialty is comfortable high-heeled shoes for parties.

If you have already tried a cheap party shoe on other occasions. You know the chances of them ruining the party and ending up with your shoes in hand…. We suggest that you invest in quality and choose one of our designs of super comfortable dress shoes, or one of the wide-heeled sandals that you can find in our shop... And if you have a tight budget , 'don't panic' look in our outlet, there are real gems waiting for you ;)

Comfortable party shoes

Those who have already tried any of our designs know this, but if you have not yet had the opportunity to try any of our models, you have to know that comfortable dress heels are our specialty . We love heels, and we feel a special weakness for comfortable stilettos, as well as women party shoes. But we are also very pragmatic, and we like to be comfortable and walk without discomfort in each and every situation that life throws at us, including of course all the parties and gatherings where we celebrate something. And of course, we don't like to miss a single dance for wearing shoes we don't feel comfortable with, never!

Black heel shoes

That is why we are very aware that when creating a new design for comfortable dress shoes nothing can be left to chance, we try each model a thousand times until we find the fit that we like the most. like it, we choose the softest leathers and materials (we want our shoes and sandals to caress your feet) so that the result is up to the standard that we ourselves demand... And believe me, we are very demanding ;)

If for us comfortable heeled shoes for parties are not, it is that something must be improved in the design, and we return to the starting box to touch up as much as necessary to finally achieve that they are those dress shoes that provide the elegance and comfort that we demand. This is how the party shoes that make up the Luisa Toledo footwear collections are created, both the temporary collections and the basic models that are always available in our shop, whether they are our iconic comfortable stilettos or women's party sandals.

golden shoes

Golden shoes, black shoes, red…

The golden shoes and the dress sandals are a very TOP trend, both to wear at events such as weddings, and to wear in your looks for these Christmas parties. We are not going to discover any secret, but it is worth repeating it, gold accessories add extra glamor to any outfit and make even an a priori simple outfit stand out. That's why we think it's a great idea for family meals, when you don't want to create an excessively sophisticated look, but want to add an elegant and special touch.

nude shoes

We golden shoes have IN LOVE, because they are the perfect representation of the golden years of cinema. We believe that it is a hue that you can take advantage of, not only because it combines wonderfully with your most special dresses, but it is also ideal to add an extra touch of glamor to any weekend look, get some silver shoes or golden dress shoes and shine like never before, bringing out all the glamor that you carry inside!

We know that golden shoes for women are not a type of footwear suitable for everyone, nor for any moment. That is why we also think that when it comes to dressing, it is always essential to have a black stiletto in our wardrobe, black shoes with heels and the unmistakable style of stilettos are the ideal footwear for you to wear. look gorgeous but without feeling disguised and without ceasing to be yourself.

red stilettos

In addition, black women's shoes are always, always, always a hit with absolutely any look, it is impossible to go wrong. Whether you opt for party sandal models, a mid-heeled court shoe or even a flat one, the result will always be a hit. The choice between a more discreet style and a more sophisticated one will depend on the result we want to achieve, but if you choose one of our women's black shoe designs, you can be sure that your purchase will be a success.

And if you want to put a note of color on your feet this Christmas, bet on red women's shoes, one of the Christmas traditions, it is said that you have to have good luck in the new year, you have to end the year with some red garment... and what better than footwear, it will be a total success, do not hesitate, bet on red shoes. But it is not only a great idea to use red in footwear for the end of the year, red shoes are a success for the ease of combining them with a multitude of outfits, they are ideal for between-season, autumn and winter looks, as well as for wearing them with spring and summer outfits.

Dress heeled sandals

If you are like us, we believe that dress heeled sandals are the best bet to look spectacular, bet big and choose one of our designs of women party sandals to finish off your looks this Christmas. Both in the most special versions of golden sandals, and in the models of med heel dress sandals, with which you can end the year dancing like one possessed and enjoying the party to the fullest.

velvet sandals

Forget the belief that dress sandals are footwear only for spring and summer guest outfits, they are also the style of footwear most chosen by many for winter parties, wearing palmetto in the red carpet, or simply add extra glamor to meals with the family... Why not? leave the in-laws speechless ;)

Women's dress sandals also for Autumn and Winter

We have it clear, we say a resounding yes to women's party sandals for autumn and winter looks. And we know that we are not the only ones, proof of this is that you have swept our velvet sandal models this season. But not only the velvet models are a success to wear in the winter season, the golden sandals are also a winning bet to wear with many looks at this time of year, they bring light and extra glamor to any outfit.

And if you don't want to sin too much, follow our maxim of less in more when creating your looks for this Christmas, choose clothes and colors with which you feel comfortable, and let the accessories help you. give the Christmas touch to the look. Therefore, if you have party sandals from the last wedding you attended, try wearing them with simple jeans and a cute blouse, you won't need much more to dazzle.

Do you have doubts about how to combine your look with women's dress sandals? Do you need advice to choose the ideal footwear for an event? If you have these doubts or you want us to advise you on what size to choose or what is the best last for you who have delicate feet. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you without obligation, as well as teach you how to get the most out of your LT with your favorite clothes.

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