In Luisa Toledo we know that more and more people demand to know where the products have been manufactured, as well as the origin of what they consume, valuing positively that they are manufactured in Spain.

Acquiring items labeled with the Made in Spain, badge, not only gives us the security of buying a quality product, but also does not ensure that we are contributing to the economy of the country.

All Luisa Toledo products come from Spain: from the design and production of boxes and textile bags, passing, of course, for the manufacture of footwear. That's why all our articles proudly wear the "Made in Spain" badge.

This was one of the first commitments that we set ourselves when founding LUISA TOLEDO, we wanted to prioritize and promote the manufacture of Spanish footwear. That is why all LUISA TOLEDO collections are made entirely in Spain, in workshops and factories that maintain artisan production processes supported by new technologies.

It is a fact that footwear produced in Spain is highly valued anywhere in the world and has more and more demand. But have you ever wondered how and where your shoes were made?

For the production of high-heeled shoes, up to 30 different processes and operations are required, all of them carried out by different people. These procedures can be grouped into three groups:


The first step is to make the sketches and select the colors and materials of the highest quality on which to develop the models that will compose collections consistent with current fashions and trends.

This is the most exciting part of the whole process. The constant investigation of new forms and designs, is combined with experience and creativity.


Once the designs are chosen, we move on to the production phase.

Here, the choice of carefully studied patterns, as well as the expertise, experience and wisdom of dressers and assemblers make the shoes come alive.

This is a key phase in the manufacture of footwear, which will make a difference to get quality shoes.


Finally, they have to go through the finishing section, where the skillful hands of the craftsman finish the process with care and dedication.

The edges are dyed, skins are polished, the seams are reviewed and all the shoes pass an exhaustive quality control and it is when the final result is evaluated.

All this to obtain some exceptional shoes.

Each New Collection in Luisa Toledo is conceived combining design, craftsmanship and quality. Taking into account the most current trends, but without losing sight of the classic canons and attending to the real needs of women, avoiding falling into the tendency by the trend.

We want each pair of LUISA TOLEDO shoes to become unique pieces that accompany for many years women who love fashion and appreciate quality.

Shoes made in Spain - a world reference

It is undeniable the prestige worldwide that has the footwear that looks the label made in Spain. Quality shoes made in Spain are among the best valued and have more and more demand around the world.

This is due to the strength of the footwear manufacturing industry with a long artisan tradition, where it is committed to a production of shoes of QUALITY and DESIGN. Spain is positioned as one of the leading countries in the manufacture of women's shoes. Although the Italian footwear continues to maintain great fame, nothing has to envy the footwear manufactured in Spain. Therefore, more and more companies and renowned brands that choose our geography to manufacture their products.

In LUISA TOLEDO we are convinced that nothing has to depreciate the shoes made in Spain with the famous Italian shoes. In Spain we have a long tradition in the manufacture of shoes. A good example of this is the town of Elda, recognized as the Spanish capital of footwear for women. This city located in the region of Vinalopó, northwest in the province of Alicante (Valencian Community) is the epicenter of the development of luxury footwear for women.

There are many national and international brands that manufacture their collections there. The long history of the workshops and factories located in Elda, together with the proximity of other places of special relevance in the footwear industry such as the neighboring Elche or Villena, make the shoes made in this area have a recognized prestige at the level international.

As it could not be otherwise, we have chosen workshops and factories in Elda and its surroundings to produce LUISA TOLEDO shoes and stilettos. We are convinced that the expert hands of the artisans of this area were the most appropriate to shape each of the models that make up the collections of the firm.