Bridal sandals: What options are trending in 2024?

Bridal sandals: What options are trending in 2024?

When it comes to choosing the perfect footwear for the big day, brides are looking for that ideal combination of beauty, style and comfort. In 2024, trends in bridal sandals are leaning towards designs that not only complement the dream dress, but also reflect the personality and unique style of each bride.

From ultra-modern options to reinvented classic touches, at Luisa Toledo we explore the hottest trends in wedding sandals, putting a clear priority on comfort to make your day unique. Enjoying has never been so easy!

Wedding sandals with a lot of minimalist elegance

The minimalist trend is still strong, with bridal sandals that stand out for their simplicity and elegance. Clean lines, simple designs and subtle details offer a touch of sophistication without being overpowering.

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These bridal sandals are perfect if you are looking for a timeless look that speaks for itself. The simplicity of the silhouette becomes the perfect complement that can make your bridal look acquire a totally different identity, showing elevated elegance and sophistication at the height of the most important event of your life.

Shows of color in your unique wedding sandals

While white remains the traditional color for bridal sandals, 2024 sees increasing popularity in wedding footwear with pops of color. From soft pastels to vibrant colors, these sandals offer a great way to incorporate the wedding color scheme or simply add a surprise and personal element to your look.

In addition, color will not only be decisive in your look, but it can be the visual axis of your wedding, thus creating a unique and memorable event that no one will forget. However, you may know the color you want to wear, but not what type of shoe will be ideal for that day, so we recommend reading the 5 tips for choosing the shoes for brides more suitable...We have the solution!

Comfortable but chic bridal sandals, is it possible?

Comfort does not have to be at odds with style, and this year's wedding sandals prove it. Designs with comfortable lasts, padded insoles and wide heels allow brides to enjoy their day to the fullest without sacrificing elegance.

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The options are multiple, from sandals with thinner heels to those with wider heels, with different heights and styles. You decide which one best suits your needs and tastes!

Where to find the best bridal sandals in 2024

With a wide selection of styles, from the most classic to the latest trends, Luisa Toledo is your destination to find the sandals that will guide your steps to the altar. Our passion for fashion and commitment to quality make us the perfect choice for the brides of 2024.

However, there is another shoe that has also had increasing popularity in recent years, due to its comfort and style, and these are the wedding espadrilles, which you can also find on our website. If you want more information, we recommend reading our article in which we tell you why this footwear is a trend in bridal fashion.

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Wedding sandals 100% made in Spain

Consciousness and sustainability are also present in bridal footwear trends, with a growing demand for bridal sandals manufactured with ethical processes. These options are not only good for the planet, but they also offer beautiful and conscious designs, adding your grain of sand to a highly important social cause. At Luisa Toledo we are very clear that all our products are always made in Spain, in small workshops where artisans make our designs with processes that respect the environment and people.

In conclusion, the trends in bridal sandals in 2024 offer something for every style and personality, in the end the important thing is that you feel comfortable and special on that unrepeatable day. At Luisa Toledo we will help you find your ideal model and we will advise you so that you can choose just what you need. There are already many brides who have trusted us for their most special day and we couldn't be more grateful for it.

We are waiting for you in Luisa Toledo.

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