Comfortable stilettos, the shoes that all of us want

Comfortable stilettos, the shoes that all of us want

Stilettos are the weakness of many of us, especially those who love fashion, it is an altitude sickness that we often challenge simply by a crush: but they are SO PRETTY. Spanish women "defy danger" more than the European average. Yes, being honest, we love to show off spectacular climbs on high heels.

Finding the balance between the high heels that we fell in love with at first sight, and a heel shoe comfortable that we can wear for hours and hours is one of the challenges that we have set ourselves in Luisa Toledo. In addition, now that wide heel shoes have positioned themselves as an alternative to stiletto in the fashion sphere, finding fabulous and comfortable shoes at the same time becomes a super simple task.

comfortable stiletto shoes

The first tip to find stiletto shoes is to avoid heels of impossible heights, because the elegance of some shoes is not proportional to the height of the heels. A good example of a comfortable stiletto that you can find in our collection of pumps, is the ISABELA model. It is a stiletto with a 7 cm heel. with which we have managed to combine elegance and comfort in the same design. This means that we are facing one of the most purchased models over and over again, by our clients.

It is common sense that the higher the heel, the more chance that the shoes are not as comfortable as we would like. Simple, the higher the heel, the steeper the angle that our foot draws when resting on the ground and the smaller the support area on which the weight of our body rests. Something that produces an unnatural distortion of the shape of the feet and an extra pressure in the area of the pads.

But do not worry, there is no reason to think that fabulous high heels can not be comfortable at the same time. As we have already said, the first advice to find a stiletto comfortable is to avoid heels of impossible heights and choose a shoe that provides greater support points to our feet, so that it can more comfortably distribute the weight, instead of overloading only the pad area.

How to choose the most comfortable stilettos

Apart from the heel height, the material with which the shoes are made plays an essential role. Here our recommendation is clear, bet on quality leather shoes women. Avoid synthetic materials at all costs, choose footwear that is made entirely of leather, both outside and inside lining. Yes, we know that it is a great temptation to buy cheap heels for the pleasure of wearing them, but remember that the health and comfort of the feet is super important and in the long run stilettos comfortable and quality will be a good investment.

A detail that will facilitate the choice: look where the shoes are made, if you choose footwear made in Spain it will be difficult to make a mistake. The shoes made in Spain are famous worldwide, not only for the quality, also for the comfort that their lasts and finishes provide. At Luisa Toledo, we are very committed to the production processes of our stilettos, which is why we are firmly committed to the Spain brand, because we want our designs to be aesthetic but also comfortable.

One more detail, if you have in mind to buy comfortable stilettos do not try on your shoes in the morning. You may find this discovery astonishing, but it has its foundation: it is better to buy shoes at the end of the day. The reason is that throughout the day the feet are dilated by the circulation, if it fit you well in the late afternoon, you can be sure that they will fit you well at any time.

Zapatos tacon comodos

Gymnastics to wear heels

If the exercise is not designed for you, you can also resort to the celebrity trick: It is a quick, simple trick and you can do at any time. With a sanitary plaster wrap around the third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe), you will notice immediate relief in the foot pads. Magic? No, the explanation is simple. Between those two from the foot there is a nerve that causes pain when it receives a lot of pressure (as when wearing heels), when there are joined with a plaster the tension it receives is less.

In addition to these tips, good sense will also be our great ally. Do not take risks, even if you are addicted to heels, do not release shoes without trying them calmly before, when you have them at home, wear them for 10 minutes, if you feel comfortable with them, gradually increase the time as you feel comfortable. You'll appreciate it when you release them.

zebra print stiletto

And if everything fails... Attitude is everything! We all know that good heels change our body posture when walking, but also heels have an overwhelming psychological component: with comfortable stilettos we feel powerful. Something comparable to another feminine talisman: the lipstick in red.

It is obvious, stilettos are the perfect shoes when it comes to providing style and elegance to the woman who wears them. Although women's footwear has gone through numerous stages and evolutions throughout the last centuries. Today women demand quality and functional footwear, in addition to a beautiful design and in keeping with current trends, and stilettos faithfully meet these needs.

Nude shoes

Stilettos, the shoe that marked a before and after in fashion

Stilettos are the most desired footwear by many women who do not renounce the distinction that this type of footwear brings and take advantage of this fashion icon to elevate the style and height. A good stiletto represents a wardrobe to turn to on any occasion and will never go out of style.

The heel of the stilettos is ultra-feminine and its flattering power is incomparable, it manages to give your outfits the final touch need to stand out. There are also totally timeless, their design allows us to wear them both in spring and summer, as well as in autumn and winter. There are easily combinable with all kinds of garments, whether for sophisticated looks with which to attend parties, ceremonies and celebrations, as formal situations in which the dress code is essential, such as in an interview or work meeting.

And of course the stilettos are a shoe to fall in love with for your street style outfits. Whether with basic looks for day to day, to go out to a makeshift dinner, go to the most stylish office... And it is that comfortable heels are a great ally of any woman, there are the perfect joker when not you want to risk with your look but you want to enhance the style and distinction of your styling.

Your stilettos comfortable Luisa Toledo

The Luisa Toledo stilettos are made entirely in Spain, in an artisan way, with a lot of love and affection so that when you try them, you discover why there are so comfortable. The comfortable Luisa Toledo stilettos have become the most demanded shoes of our brand, but this same love that we put into manufacturing the stilettos, we put with the rest of the shoes, sandals, ankle boots and flat shoes that make up our collections.

Wide heel stiletto

Every season new designs and colors are added to our basic stiletto models. In the official online store of Luisa Toledo footwear, you will find the basic black stiletto, red stilettos, nude pumps, leopard stilettos, and more animal print shoes ...

To find the comfortable and elegant stiletto you like, choose stilettos LUISA TOLEDO

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