Confortable dress sandals

Confortable dress sandals

With the arrival of the heat, our feet and our looks ask for a sandal heel comfortable and stylish. At Luisa Toledo we had a super clear premise when creating the collection and that is what we wanted to give our clients the sandal comfortable that they asked for so much, but at the same time remain stylish and ideal for an event. And we know that it is wrong for us to say it, but the result is AWESOME!

Sandals comfortable and elegant

We like versatility in all its forms and we were very clear about the bet we wanted to make for sandals with heel, the characteristics that perfectly meet are: elegant design, confortable wide heel and an ideal style for mothers and daughters.

We are strong advocates of less is more and this philosophy is also reflected in our most special designs such as Alba and Jimena sandals block heel. Both have certain similarities, such as the last and the heel. What does this mean? That if one of the models is comfortable for you, the other will also love you, promised!

Comfortable heel sandals

To create them, we are inspired by everyday women who, like us, love fashion but their lifestyle is unstoppable. And in order to survive that daily rhythm, they need comfort and quality above all else, and of course, Alba and Jimena sandals do it.

Sandals block heeled for every day

Yes, we know that when we talk about sandals block heel, all are advantages and it is that in addition to giving a greater sense of stability, it is also perfect to give a more organized touch to a simple look of white pants and a nice shirt.

And if you like the trend of sandal thin straps, you have to discover our Alba model. Without a doubt it is an ode to elegance and minimalism. The sandal strappy white color Alba in has become the favorite of all and is that white shoes is increasingly gaining prominence in trends. Specifically, white sandals in summer seems to us the perfect option with which to hit yes or yes if you are looking for a comfortable heeled sandal.

Women's white sandals

Also, the advantage is that combining white sandals is super easy: the white color is neutral and works with everything. Surely you have a lot of dresses in your wardrobe to complete your styling with the white Alba model.

More info: the thin straps are made of white patent leather, thus keeping their shape better forever.

Women's sandals silver leather

Continuing with our Alba model, we have two more colors to show you. This is the sandal silver leather with thin straps, which is perfect for a street look and also for a slightly more special one, in which you want to give a bright touch. Silver sandals are perfect for a guest look, since the metallic finish of the leather always brings a fresher and more groomed style to any occasion.

Silver sandals

And as we have said, a silver sandal is perfect for a daily look if you know how to get the most out of it. Choose a flowing and cool dress, if it is a better midi length, add the Alba sandals strappy silver and your favorite accessories, such as a handbag and your day-to-day jewelry. You will have a super balanced style and perfect to go to work and end the day with your friends on a terrace celebrating life.

Another sandal thin straps is the Alba model that combines snake print and black suede, a more daring but ideal option to give a different touch to the classic dress sandals black. As you can see, we also like to reinvent the basics and create different and quality sandals to dress your feet.

Sandals comfortable heel

And the other model that we talk about so much is the Jimena sandal, it combines an asymmetric cut of straps that make wearing a pedicure a real pleasure. As we have already advanced, the Alba and Jimena models share the same last and the same heel, with the difference placed in the design of the "upper". In this case and without any doubt, the Jimena sandal is the perfect and stylish shoe for day-to-day looks. Its design perfectly supports the foot and will make you feel mega-comfortable.

Red sandals comfortable heel

Sandals burgundy suede are your favorite for many occasions, and it does not surprise us. This color is super easy to match and always, always very elegant. Among the heel sandals block heel or wide heel is always a plus, with which we ensure total comfort. In the case of the Jimena sandal, the heel has a height of 6 cm. approximately.

Sandals burgundy with wide heel are the most sought after this season and that is why we decided to create them in Luisa Toledo. We believe that they are perfect for daily looks - they work like a charm with jeans and a white shirt - but they are also a good option if you want to be a guest with shoes burgundy suede and bet on color and comfort above all else.

Sandals comfortable nude color

Yes, another color that can not miss in your wardrobe is nude for your guest looks. Nude shoes have become a true must-have and at Luisa Toledo we know it so well that you can find it in all its forms and versions: from sandals nude, to stilettos nude and shoes block-heeled nude. And of course, also in different finishes such as smooth leather, suede or patent leather and in different shades.

A sandal nude is always a wardrobe staple and will get you out of a million stylistic troubles. The best way to combine it? Choose a colorful and super summery style, for example a dress flower print, and add sandals comfortable heel in nude color. You will look super elegant, and the best, the nude color blends with the tonality of your skin and the "cut" effect is eliminated and manages to lengthen the figure and make you look slim.

Sandals silver heel

The sandal silver leather is also one of the most chosen options among those guest. The reason? There are very helpful, since when it comes to footwear metallic, the combination options multiply, and always, always give a more tidy and glam touch to your look. And yes, it can be considered a neutral shoe option like shoes nude or stilettos black, basic shades that can make a look go from normal to really nice.

Combine silver sandal in a daily look? It is very easy. Choose jeans and a white top or a navy linen dress, add sandals silver leather and the rest of accessories. Et voilà! You have a nice look for an afternoon of met with friends.

Dress black sandals

black sandals comfortable heel

Yes, we love sandals heel, but many times a high heel is not practical, and let's face it, it's not for everyone. For this reason, the Jimena sandal is positioned as the comfortable and stylish dress sandal that you are looking for. Combine the snake print and black suede, a combination that evokes elegance above all else. The snake print, like many other animal prints, can also be found in our stilettos snake print or stilettos leopard, basic season after season in our shop. But going back to the Jimena model, we are facing a best-seller since a comfortable dress sandal will always be necessary in your wardrobe to elevate any summer or guest look a little more.

And after this review of the sandals comfortable Luisa Toledo, we are looking forward to knowing which are your favorites and how you would combine them. Tell us!

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