Dress sandals, the perfect shoes to shine

Dress sandals, the perfect shoes to shine

The collection of Luisa Toledo party sandals is specially created so that you shine with your own light whenever the moment requires it. On special occasions you can not fail. With our high-heeled sandals and ceremony you will be the #perfectguest in all your family and friends events, you will be sure and you will offer your most sophisticated version if it fits in your outfits at the parties you attend. What are you waiting for?

Dress sandals to shine

The high-heeled sandals are always present, we all know that hitting the right shoes can enhance and enhance a simple style or bring the master touch to a more sophisticated one. In addition, the party sandals are not only ideal to wear in summer, there is no doubt that many party looks in the fall admit the use of sandals. It is common that the shoulders are discovered in many dresses even in winter, why not to do the same with the feet?

If you like to add a touch of glamor to your guest looks, get on a pair of high-heeled sandals is still a perfect alternative to recreate with your outfits. Dress sandals have become the footwear to wear most demanded by women. If you still do not have party sandals in your wardrobe, check out our online store for women's shoes and choose the sandals that best suit you and the ones that best suit your style and personality.

Dress sandals have become a staple that can not be missing in your wardrobe. For the moments where you have to dazzle with elegance by flag, the heeled sandals never fail. Because sandals provide a sensual and attractive style that we can not do without when we want to enhance a certain style. One of the reasons why party sandals remain at the top season after season is the adaptability they have to accommodate trends and styles that marks fashion. Now they take the models with a minimalist touch, generous heels and fine lines.

The fashions trends come and go but the sandals will always remain, especially the elegant sandals and the high-heeled sandals, the high heels are perfect to gain those extra centimeters that enhance our silhouette.

Choosing your perfect sandals requires, basically, finding options to decide on the best of them all. In Luisa Toledo we put at your disposal a spectacular selection of party sandals and dress sandals in different styles and colors. We all love to stand out with a beautiful dress and high-heeled sandals, so we strive every season to create different models of high-heeled sandals for women in which the details, colors and heels get that every woman can look wonderful when the I carried.

Sandals with heels: the queens of street style

The versatility of heeled sandals is absolute and in Luisa Toledo it is strange not to find one that goes with that wedding look you have in mind. We have a wide range of colors to make the PERFECT combination even easier, to be the #perfectguest you want to be. A tip that you should always know: take them with painted nails to take care of the details and offer an impeccable version of yourself.

Dress sandals street style

If you are unable to think of buy high heels online, in Luisa Toledo we put all the facilities at your fingertips. Why? Because we want our clients to have the best service of all, and above all, to return to our shop and recommend us to all the women of their lives: friends, mothers, neighbors, cousins... That is why we have the possibility to buy one shoe or several that you like in different sizes, and the one you do not want you can return it comfortably with the return label that we provide. And best of all, completely FREE so you do not have to worry about anything, just to get a total radiant look.

If you are looking for a shoe for a special party, it is time to look high heels, medium heels, elegant sandals and choose the best design that complements your outfit day or night to catch all eyes.

Women's sandals

In the day to day footwear is considered a fundamental piece of our clothing, in addition to having an aesthetic function in any female outfit. And we all have felt that unique power that have a good pair of sandals or shoes, and that is totally true, that the quality is also noticeable when we choose sandals. For this reason, when you have an event such as a party, we always look for designs and models that are perfect for looking radiant, and in this case, the quality is noticeable in many details: first, in the materials that make up the design. Recall, that the leather is a natural material, soft and adapts easily. In addition, it is super breathable and that is a factor to consider especially in summer. The design: in Spain we have a great tradition of manufacturing high-heeled shoes for women of the best quality, and of course, with the best design and the most avant-garde. In Luisa Toledo every time we start creating a collection we have a super clear mantra: simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. And we want that on special occasions, we want to make shoes and party sandals with which you see yourself as you do any other day, but prettier, without feeling disguised. Remember that sandals for daily use are not the same as shoes for a party, but we all like to use more special shoes on a daily day, right?

How to choose party sandals for women?

At the time of choosing and buying party sandals for women, you must take into account the type of event or party that you will attend. It is also important to know if there is a specific dress code for the event to which we have been invited, that is, it is not the same to attend a formal wedding at night than to be invited to a morning ceremony.

Characteristics such as the weather, the time of the event and if it is a civil or religious ceremony, are determining factors when choosing the costumes and of course the party shoes that will complete our styling.

With festive sandals, we usually achieve greater sophistication to the look and therefore must be worn with the perfect dress. You can combine your sandals by choosing the same hue of the dress, creating a monochrome style, or even within the same color to add different tones. For example, what do you think of a pastel pink dress combined with fuchsia sandals? An authentic and beautiful madness. Another trend that you will also find in the inspiration of guests is to play with the color of the dress, offering a contrast that draws attention and highlights the whole look equally: from the dress to the accessories.

Golden dress sandals

If you choose party sandals for your guest look, it is important that you take this advice into account: avoid the heel and fingers protruding from the sole, the foot must be held with the shoe design itself, this ensures that we walk in a more elegant and you will be much more comfortable. Try to choose your exact size, never buy shoes or sandals of greater or lesser size (unless explicitly indicated), it is a way to ensure comfort.

Dress sandals at any time of the year

It is becoming more common to see it in the red carpets and in the events that celebrities attend: wearing sandals even in winter party looks is a success. Let's be honest, after all, in an event whether it's a winter wedding or a special dinner, we'll be protected and the passage through the cold of the streets will be minimal and imperceptible. And the best thing about this, is that the same sandal we can use in a winter look, is perfect also to wear it in a awesome look during spring or autumn.

Think of Luisa Toledo's shop when it comes to renovating your shoemaker and check out the sandals we present. The best materials and designs made in Spain are here to find what you were looking for. If you want to get a look that catches your attention when you go out with friends, go for party sandals with a long dress in light colors, such as green or blue, and add a handbag. Or if you prefer, go for wedge sandals lined with short strap dress differentiating you from the rest with a modern and sophisticated look. Do not forget that the latter are the summer must par excellence and will occupy a place of honor in your closet. Conquer your city by the hand of sandals and bring high doses of glam to your outfits every day.

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