Stilettos for all events

Stilettos for all events

The events marked on the calendar are one of the things that give us most headaches stylistically speaking. And if it is not just an event, if there are several, it is even more complicated because we always want to be right, be elegant and above all, feel comfortable and ourselves.

At Luisa Toledo we believe that every woman has to bet on elegance, but without giving up being herself. When you wear our shoes we want you to feel beautiful, but above all comfortable. That you take them daily and also in the most special moments for you. That is why in our shop you will find a line of basic shoes that you will love.

Wedding stilettos, which one to choose?

Parties, weddings, celebrations... In these cases, many women choose to wear high-heeled shoes, still risking on many occasions to finish them off by hand. Our purpose in Luisa Toledo? Let it not be your case. We want to teach you how to choose a good heel shoe and give you the basic tips that you should keep in mind whenever you want to buy heel shoes women.

The cheapest and basic tip: Be realistic and look at yourself. Do you wear heels daily? Do you feel comfortable wearing high-heeled shoes? Are you used to wearing stilettos? All these questions are key for you to answer yourself when making a decision. Because we want that when you buy stilettos Luisa Toledo is consciously and knowing that you buy a good shoe, and in many cases, a real wardrobe.

blue stilettos

And speaking of wardrobe, do you already know what our basic, very basic is? It is called Isabela and it is the most famous heel shoe in our online store. Because it is very simple: it has an elegant aesthetic, it has a super sensible and comfortable thin heel and a well-studied last that adapts to your foot like a glove. This is why the stiletto colors are available in more than 20 different shades.

When choosing a shoe color that matches the style of the guest, we want to give you infinite options, so you can choose between putting a touch of color with the shoes, for example with stilettos red or choosing a pumps shoe nude, which it always combines with everything and allows the rest of the look to shine more strongly.

Stilettos slingbacks, the most elegants

So-called slingback shoes or stilettos slingback are undeniably stylish. With a certain Parisian style and very chic, they are perfect to continue wearing stilettos more in line with the Spring / Summer season, without giving up the comfort of the sensible heel and the elegance that high-heeled shoes always bring.

There were many clients who asked us for the Isabela stilettos in slingback and, undoubtedly, they are here to stay. We welcome slingback stilettos Goya. Whether you're a bride, a guest or just a woman who loves to wear stilettos also in summer: stilettos Goya are for you. To show off when the skin is already tanned and we begin to take the vaporous dresses from the wardrobe and the accessories that remind us of the good weather... You will have a great look!

slingback stiletto light blue

With a minimalist design of toe, open heel and buckle closure, it is the perfect shoe also for summer office days. Celebrities and fashion prescribers bet on midi heeled stilettos every day, since they know that they have a high probability of becoming queens of street style, and there is nothing like a safe bet on sensible heels. If you already know our famous stilettos Isabela, the Goya model will not disappoint you. Combine them in your daily life with more delicate and feminine garments creating contrast and adding style.

Wide heel and slingback shoes

And if we gave you the good news that, in addition to the slingback with a thin heel, is it also available with a wide heel? YES! Like the other best-seller, the Alma heeled shoe, we couldn't stop offering it in a youthful and perfect slingback design

red slingback shoes

Find shoes open heel in our shop in 4 different colors: red suede, navy blue suede, white leather and nude leather. Without a doubt, basic and infallible options for your wardrobe.

The semi-open shoe trend is making its way in the street style of events and celebrations. And it does not surprise us, since it is a super versatile and timeless option for any time of the year, in addition to being super suitable since, for all those who do not like to wear stockings, it is THE IDEAL SHOE to do so.

Colored stilettos

If you want to be able to choose from a wide range of colors, we invite you to discover our stilettos confortable heel Isabela. They are available in more than 20 colors and it is the most famous model and the one that most customers buy in our online store. The secret? An elegant design, a comfortable last and a PER-FECT heel for all those women who are not used to wearing a heel.

Variety is the taste, and since we know that our Isabela stiletto is a true basic heel shoe for many women, we wanted to offer a wide variety of colors from the beginning. It is such a safe bet, that many women get it as their dress shoes to wear it in their most special events, but also to add a touch of color and elegance in the day to day. And is that in many cases, shoes make a look look completely different. Find your red stilettos, black stiletto or blue, fuchsia women's dress shoes ... All the colors you can imagine, we have them!

More stilettos and more heel

There are two types of women, those who are not used to wearing heels day to day and find it difficult to walk with them, and those who wear stilettos for each day and for special occasions, choose high-heel stilettos.

nude stiletto high heel

For all of them, we have created slingback stiletto and elastic Carla, a model available in stiletto pink nude and heel shoe black. A basic for many occasions. And for all those looking for a basic stiletto, the Clara nude stiletto is the most requested by our clients. The best? It is available in three different finishes: nude patent leather stiletto, leather nude stiletto or stiletto nude suede. Which one would you choose?

Shoes wide-heel

From low heeled shoes, midi heeled pumps and block heeled stilettos, we have them all. And it is that heels comfortable exist, whenever you choose to wear wide heels you will feel infinitely more comfortable in them. The wide heel provides a greater sense of stability, security, and walking with them is a real pleasure.

Low-heel shoes Eva are ideal for women who are not used to wearing high heels and want to give a chic and feminine touch to their outfits. For all of you, we highly recommend them. They are very, very comfortable shoes and that despite the few centimeters of heel they provide a lot of style.

nude shoes

The midi heel is always a success for two reasons: it is very versatile and it is also very comfortable. The versatility is due to the fact that it serves to elevate an informal look, but also to give that arranged touch to a guest look. Yes, we are talking about the pump shoe Alma, a design that has been with us from the beginning and that we have improved and adjusted over the seasons to achieve the most comfortable shoe in the world.

wide heel shoes

The stilettos with wide heels are the most stylish and make us look super slim, but sometimes it is better to be guided by good sense and bet on safety. Especially when we talk about our comfort. The stiletto Cayetana is a true best-seller for its block heel and for its very comfortable manufacturing. The secret? The rubber sole provides an extra-comfortable plus that is noticeable with each step. Promised!

nude stiletto Cayetana

And after reviewing all the dress shoes in our shop, have you already decided which ones to wear? Tell us in comments which are your favorites and why. And of course, if you have doubts about which model to choose, what color would stand out the most in combination with your dress... Contact us, we will be happy to chat with you and find your ideal shoe.

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