Women's espadrilles, 6 looks to wear them

Women's espadrilles, 6 looks to wear them

Women's wedge espadrilles. Everything you need to succeed this season

We couldn't wait to talk to you about one of the most popular footwear that provides greater comfort in the summer: women's espadrilles with wedges or without wedges. A staple of fashion for decades, this women's shoe continues to be an ideal choice for warm weather thanks to its comfort and versatility. We really wanted to tell you that the new Luisa Toledo Espadrilles are here. We are super excited that you know the new models and that you tell us about your experience with them. They provide a lot of comfort and there are a lot of designs and colors for this summer. But if you don't know what and how to combine them with... Here we are to help you, we will tell you everything about them and how you can combine them with your women's outfits so that you are the queen of spring or summer without sacrificing your comfort. Espadrilles with or without wedges, flat espadrilles, white espadrilles, black, sweetheart neckline, round, with straps, with buckles...we have ALL of them and you can't miss them.

velvet espadrilles

Wedge espadrilles, comfortable summer footwear

The espadrille is a type of footwear for women and men that never goes out of style. It provides comfort, is versatile and perfect for summer. In addition, wedge espadrilles are an excellent option for women who are looking for a bit of height and elegance without sacrificing comfort.

The women's espadrille is a popular option for summer, since it can be used at any time of the day and is easy to combine. The wedge espadrilles, ideal for women who want to add a bit of height to their outfits without having to walk in high heels. The esparto wedges, in particular, a popular choice among us due to their natural, cool feel on the feet. Do you want to know how to combine them? Here we tell you all the details.

Espadrilles, the 6 perfect looks to succeed

If there is something that we are passionate about in Luisa Toledo, it is fashion. We love to imagine how our shoes will look with different women's outfits and what would be the best option to combine them. If you want to show off your women's wedge espadrilles with style, here are some ideas of looks that can work well for this summer:

wedge espadrilles

Casual Outfit: For an informal and relaxed look, combine your wedge espadrilles with shorts and a basic white t-shirt. Add a cap and sunglasses to complete the look and now you can go to that meeting with friends or that meal with friends in the countryside that you fancy so much in summer and enjoy that women's wedge that you love so much. has fallen in love.

bridal espadrilles

Bohemian Outfit: If you prefer a more bohemian style, try a printed dress and low-wedge espadrilles with ribbons that are tied around the ankle. Complete the look with long earrings and a beaded bracelet and you will be ready and prepared for a romantic look for women for that special date or event in summer.

elegant espadrilles

Elegant Outfit: For a more formal occasion, choose high-wedge espadrilles with ribbons and wear them with a midi dress and a handbag. Add some statement earrings to give an extra touch of elegance and... Voila! Your elegant women's look ready to be a hit.

light blue espadrilles

Original Outfit: If you want to stand out with a more original look, try mid-height wedges with ribbons that are tied around the leg. Combine them with wide pants and a white blouse. Add a bandana around the neck to complete the look. You'll have a super original style and you'll be the focus of all eyes this summer with these mid-wedge espadrilles.

The original wedge espadrilles are becoming more and more popular, and it is easy to understand why. They are an excellent option for those women who are looking for comfortable and at the same time stylish shoes.

The esparto wedge sandals are also an excellent option for summer. They are light, fresh and very comfortable. Combine them this summer with a long, flowing dress for a summery and relaxed look.

Whether you wear them with a casual, bohemian or elegant look, you will always look stylish and comfortable. So don't hesitate any longer and try this popular and versatile shoe.

Espadrille with or without wedge. Which option is better?

We love both, but it's a very personal choice... It depends a lot on your personal preferences and the type of activity or event you attend this summer. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to take these factors into account before deciding which type of espadrilles will be your favorite this summer, although we can assure you that they will be super comfortable.

The women's flat espadrilles, perfect for a casual and relaxed look, and ideal to wear on a day at the beach in summer or to go out and do as many errands as possible. They're also a great choice if you'll be doing a lot of walking or spending a lot of time on your feet, as they're comfortable and don't put too much pressure on your feet.

Women's wedge espadrilles New Collection

On the other hand, women's wedge espadrilles can be a good option when it comes to adding a bit of height without having to wear high heels, since they are much more comfortable. An ideal option for more formal events or for those days when you want a more sophisticated look. In addition, women's wedge espadrilles can help improve posture and reduce stress on the feet and back.

We know that the choice is not easy since we are in love with all the designs, colors and styles of espadrilles, so we cannot be very objective and even more so if they are all so comfortable... Of course, if you are looking for a look casual, women's flat espadrilles can be a good option for this summer, while if you want to add a bit of height and sophistication to your look, women's wedge espadrilles can be a good choice. In any case, at Luisa Toledo we offer a wide variety of comfortable women's wedge and flat espadrilles so you can find the perfect pair for you.

wedge esparto sandals

Women's summer espadrilles. Goodbye sandals?

Women's espadrilles, a type of footwear traditionally used in hot climates due to its breathable and lightweight design. Therefore, a good option to use in spring and summer, when temperatures are warm. Comfortable and light, which makes them perfect for summer.

In particular, women's espadrilles, ideal for use in Mediterranean and tropical climates, as well as in coastal areas where the sea breeze helps keep feet cool. In addition, versatile, comfortable and can be combined with different styles of clothing, from casual to elegant, depending on the design and material of the espadrilles. But that does not mean that they are not your best complement for women to go to the flea market in Madrid on a summer Sunday or to have a drink with your friends.

Both women's sandals and espadrilles are comfortable and breathable options for the hot spring and summer weather. The choice between wearing sandals or espadrilles will depend a lot on the occasion and what you are used to.

Esparto wedge sandals

Women's sandals are usually open and allow the feet to breathe even more than espadrilles. Sandals can also be versatile in terms of design and style, making them suitable for a variety of situations, from walks on the beach to formal events.

The women's espadrilles, on the other hand, have a closed-front construction and, therefore, in summer, provide more protection and support to the feet than sandals. They are also more traditional and are better suited to more informal and relaxed situations, such as walks in the countryside or dinner with friends.

Both comfortable and cool options for hot weather, and can be combined with a wide variety of clothing styles. But... Did you know that there are women's esparto wedge sandals? This mix between an espadrille and a sandal may be your perfect option if you have not yet decided on either of the two this summer. At Luisa Toledo we have the perfect footwear for any time of the year. If this summer you want to succeed and be comfortable, don't hesitate any longer and... run and stalk!

wedge espadrilles orange canvas

Buy women's espadrilles online

We know how complicated it is to decide to buy comfortable women's shoes online. We always have doubts about whether it will fit me well, if it is not exactly as it says in the photo and we ask ourselves a million questions that make us rule out the quick and easy option of having the best quality comfortable shoes.

At Luisa Toledo, we offer a wide variety of original wedge espadrilles, from the most classic to the most modern and daring for this summer. Our esparto wedge sandals are comfortable footwear perfect for a more sophisticated look, while our medium wedge espadrilles with straps are ideal to wear with basics such as shorts, midi skirts or other elements that make you go with a relaxed and comfortable look.

Luisa Toledo espadrilles, guaranteed success

If you are looking for an elegant look, our high wedge espadrilles with ribbons for women are an excellent option. This elevated style is perfect for a more sophisticated outfit, and our high wedge espadrilles for women are an ideal option for any woman who wants to succeed at that dinner or that elegant summer event.

But if you prefer a more casual look, our flat espadrilles are a popular option. You can combine them with skinny jeans and a t-shirt for a relaxed and comfortable look. While our low wedge espadrilles with straps are an excellent option for those days when you want a little more style in footwear and super comfortable.

In summary, the espadrille is a safe investment for any summer wardrobe. Whether you choose esparto women's wedges , medium wedge espadrilles with ribbons for women or any other style from our collection, women's espadrilles are a excellent choice of comfortable footwear for any woman on any occasion. As always, we have the best qualities on the market since we put a lot of care and love into it so that your favorite shoes are super comfortable for you. Visit us at Luisa Toledo and choose your favorite espadrilles today! Don't run out of them!

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