Heels shoes to fall in love with

Heels shoes to fall in love with

More and more women are choosing comfortable stilettos for special occasions or for everyday wear. Because there is nothing like feeling special, divine and powerful EVERY DAY!!! After this long COVID season, together with the impossibility of celebrating events, meetings and special dinners, we all want to look very, VERY MUCH to look special and wear high heels.

Dress sandals, comfortable stilettos... WE HAVE IT ALL!

With the arrival of good weather and events just around the corner, we're all looking forward to discovering what's new for Spring/Summer 2022 in terms of guest shoes and party sandals, right?

At Luisa Toledo we will soon be able to tell you about all these new stuff and more. But first, we want to tell you about the high heels, stilettos and espadrilles that most women have fallen in love with in our online shoes shop.

Comfortable stilettos to fall in love

If you are looking to buy comfortable stilettos, in Luisa Toledo we strongly recommend you to try some of the best seller models. We present them to you:

ISABELA comfortable stiletto. The best-selling shoe in the history of the brand. It stands as an iconic, versatile and very elegant shoe, available in more than 20 colours and undoubtedly the ideal shoe for any woman from 25 to 70 years old, LOVE IT!

It is a fine heel shoe with a height of approximately 7 cm, which makes it an extremely comfortable dress shoe, both in terms of the last and the quality. So much so, that many customers even choose them as their comfortable shoes to go to the office. And there's more: this Spring / Summer 2022 season, new colours will be added to the extensive collection of comfortable heels.

comfortable stilettos

Wide heel shoe ALMA. For us, the most comfortable heel shoe in the world. And the secret of its comfort lies in several manufacturing details: the rubber sole gives it extra comfort and the qualities and finishes make it a luxury shoe within everyone's reach. Of course, the interior is lined with leather and the insole is made of gel-padded leather. Without a doubt, you MUST TRY THEM!

In this case it's also an ideal wedding shoe, as the 7 cm. wide heel makes it more than comfortable, it's EXTRA-COMFORTABLE. And yes, we consider it a perfect option for wedding guest shoes that you can continue to enjoy and wear with everyday looks of jeans and a cute shirt. We love its versatility!

black shoes comfortable heel

Comfortable dress shoes

If it's a wedding or an event in sight, at Luisa Toledo we are very clear that if you are a guest it is essential to choose comfortable dress shoes. Why, you may ask, because all guests have one mission: to last to the end in high heels. And the best secret to make it happen is to choose comfortable and quality wedding sandals or high heels that give your feet the quality and comfort they need.

Without a doubt, the perfect wedding guest shoe for us is the CAYETANA stiletto. The CAYETANA wide heel stiletto has a height of 9 cm. which is perfect to look spectacular, but without losing an ounce of elegance.

comfortable wedding shoes

All the customers who have chosen it as the nude stiletto of reference are delighted and it is their go-to shoe to complete their guest looks with nude shoes. We have put all the love and attention into making this comfortable stiletto, paying special attention to the finishing touches: leather lining, leather insole with gel padding on the inside. And the most important thing: a rubber sole that multiplies comfort x100.

Wedding sandals: how to choose them

It may seem early to talk about party sandals, but the truth is that when it comes to weddings and gala events, anticipating and acquiring the accessories that you like is the best thing to do. And guest sandals have become the footwear of choice for many women.

Without a doubt, heel sandals often have that sophisticated, versatile and elegant design that is perfect to complete a party outfit. We see it every day on Instagram: celebrities choose their long party dresses and combine them with metallic leather heel sandals... And the result is? AWESOME. So much so, that we see it "replicated" in the rest of events and special occasions. Undoubtedly, party sandals are a timeless footwear to wear all year round, always choosing the ideal occasions.

Golden sandals

In Luisa Toledo we know that the year is full of weddings and events, because we want nothing more, post-pandemic COVID, than to celebrate with our loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest. In this same line, we have created the New Collection of guest wedding sandals that will arrive very soon to the shop and with which we are sure that we will surprise you.

Women espadrilles, are they suitable for weddings?

Of course! Espadrilles have become a shoe that all women love, whatever their style. And in many cases, wedge espadrilles have become the second wedding shoe for many brides and we are convinced that they are the second choice.

And the conclusion is very simple, the Luisa Toledo espadrilles are super comfortable shoes. The esparto wedge is super light and the best of all is that they manage to provide or maintain the height so that you don't lose a bit of elegance. And the best of all? Women's wedge espadrilles have become the perfect footwear for spring and summer. Their comfort, lightness and the breathability offered by natural materials is what our feet need most when it comes to summer sandals.

Woman espadrilles

Do not hesitate, in Luisa Toledo we have a great experience in the sector of comfortable high heels and women stilettos. If you have not yet tried one of our models, you are missing the opportunity to enjoy the most comfortable high heels in the world, what are you waiting for?

Do you have any questions? We can help and advise you without obligation, just contact us via WhatsApp or call, we'd love to chat with you, get to know you and find together the perfect LT shoe for you!

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