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Dress shoes for women - Trends!

Pump shoes have become the accessory that increasingly takes more prominence and importance in the guest outfits. And no wonder, since it is not enough to buy comfortable high heels, but it is also essential that they are beautiful and versatile dress shoes for women. Since all of us in our search for guest shoes, we know that the season of events this spring is loaded, no, so much loaded with special occasions.

Shoes for weddings, graduation, communion or events

The arrival of spring reminds us that it's time to bloom again and go for bright and vibrant colors in all looks and especially in special occasion outfits. After a couple of years in which we only saw tracksuits and leggings, now it's time for dresses and party sandals to make an impact. If you have a wedding, baptism or communion in sight, take note!

From Luisa Toledo we are clear that wedding shoes for events held in the months of April or May, it is always better to opt for comfortable stilettos and high heels. For a very simple reason, and is that in these spring months, temperatures and weather, can play a trick on us.

Look perfect guest

That's why comfortable stilettos for wedding guest become the perfect option to look super elegant and according to the situation. Luckily, at Luisa Toledo you will find stilettos available in every color imaginable and more: from red stilettos, orange heels and of course, the unmissable nude shoes, which combine with everything and are perfect for all parties.

How match wedding shoes and handbag. We have the solution!

The most repeated question both in the usual channels of contact and in the visits of customers to the showroom, how to combine shoe and bag for wedding? And our usual answer is NO PANIC! There are different options to take into account, but the main thing: it is no longer fashionable for shoes and handbag to be the same color. Let's say that the rigidity of yesteryear has become more lax and the truth is that there are real jewels and works of art as far as bags are concerned, that well combined with shoes and other accessories, such as pamela, headdress or jewelry, make a brutal match.

In our shoe store Madrid - showroom Luisa Toledo you will find a wide variety of wedding shoes in different heel heights, as well as dress sandals and colorful espadrilles, for when you need comfort to get to the end of the party. For our experience in the field of comfortable shoes for wedding guest, to which joins our continuous training and information on trends, we defend that: we are 100% in favor of choosing bags or clutch in silver or gold metallic tones, and is that the guest bags in metallic tones allow many combinations and are extremely versatile.

Bags Olvido Madrid

Some of our favorite brands of handbags for guests is Olvido Madrid, a brand with which we share values that define us the most, such as artisan and national manufacturing, the versatility of both designs, personalized attention ... And of course, how charming Bea. We recommend 100% visit your showroom in Madrid or take a look at their website, YOU WILL LOVE IT!

And if what you want is to know how to combine shoes and handbag for a wedding, the answer is very simple: do not obsess about the colors being completely identical. Think that on that day you will look spectacular and you will shine, and being two accessories between which there is visual distance, which in turn is "mixed" with the color of the dress, the difference in color will not be noticed at all, WE GUARANTEE IT! And if you don't believe it, TRY IT. You will see that the result is completely sublime.

Women dress shoes Be the ideal guest!

The dress sandals medium heel will have a special role in the Luisa Toledo shop, and we have listened to your needs and we love to be able to say that your comments are an essential part of our work and how we bring forward all the new footwear in Luisa Toledo. It helps us especially to listen to the needs of our customers and friends, to hear what is missing in your closet and to be able to provide it to you in the form of comfortable Luisa Toledo stilettos, for us it is a dream come true.

And speaking of comfortable footwear and guests, we know that golden dress sandals have become the most sought after and desired footwear by many. For all of you, our MÓNICA golden dress sandals are the perfect choice: with wide heel and thin straps, provide the elegance and sophistication that any ideal guest needs.

Among the novelties of this spring you will find sandals with wide heels and platform, because above all we want that besides feeling amazing, you are the ideal guest and with the dress sandals woman who call the attention of all your friends.

Wedding and comfortable dress shoes It's possible!

Sensible heels have been placed at the forefront in terms of styling and guest looks. And it is undeniable that a thin heel, even if it is low, is still ideal and fulfills 100% the premise of dressing us and make us look like the ideal guest that we all want to be. In Luisa Toledo we are specialists in high heel shoes for all your events, and yes, we are talking about the NADIA shoe.

The comfortable heels NADIA is our version of the classic kitten heel whose use was popularized by some of the great style icons such as: Diana of Wales or Audrey Hepburn. In our case, we wanted to keep the simplicity and elegance of the low heel kitten heels, but giving them a modern and current touch, with the heel painted in the same color.

And next to the elegant low-heeled shoes we also find the slingback stilettos GOYA, where we bring together the versatility and comfort of the comfortable stilettos ISABELA but in a heeled version, which always brings a more spring-like touch.

colored stilettos

Women dress sandals. Shine like never before!

The golden dress sandals will shine this year more than ever, and it is that these are the dress stilettos for guest par excellence. And we are not surprised at all, because the virtues and versatility of women's dress sandals in metallic leathers is more than contrasted. The sandals with shiny-shiny touch, always bring an extra glamor and festivity to any style. Besides, let's be honest, after so much time without celebrating, in this year's weddings we all want to look radiant, spectacular and be seen.

And we are not only talking about golden party sandals, but there will also be novelties in metallic tones: like fuchsia sandals, lilac sandals... Stay tuned to everything new! And of course, among the novelties there will be nude sandals for you to look svelte and super elegant. Or the beloved burgundy closed heel sandals, without a doubt, basic colors that a wedding guest can not lose sight of.

Do you have doubts about which shoes to choose for your guest look? We remind you that in Luisa Toledo we can help you find your comfortable stilettos or dress sandals, in addition to advising you in a completely personalized way and without obligation. Contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone call, we are waiting for you!

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