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Leopard shoes, ideas and looks to wear them

Leopard print is present in all kinds of garments: jackets, scarves, jeans, T-shirts and, of course? In footwear.

If you have already noticed, it is an unstoppable trend. Over the last few years, all brands and designers have included this type of animal print in some of their collections. Both in small details, as in garments on which it stands out, that is why we are sure that you will have noticed that the leopard print is here to stay.

At Luisa Toledo we are firm defenders of this trend. Since our first collection we have always had leopard heel shoes among our most iconic models. A good proof of this statement is our ISABELA stiletto leopard, undoubtedly one of our best sellers and the best-selling high-heeled shoe in our history.

But we not only have this model, there are several styles of leopard shoes that you can find in our online shoe store. We offer you a wide range of models: leopard ankle boots, leopard ballerinas and of course our famous Isabela and Alma leopard stilettos.

Leopard heel shoes and much more...

As we mentioned at the beginning, this pattern can be found in countless garments and fabrics, from leather, suede, chiffon, silk ... But we have chosen (along with your help through our Instagram profile @luisatoledoofficial), one of the most beautiful prints in the world to make our leopard shoes. The final choice is a natural pony hair leather with the best quality leopard-effect print and with shades that reinforce the feeling of nature that this print provides.

Looks leopard print
Looks leopard print
Looks leopard print

When choosing a garment with an animal print pattern, and specifically with leo-effect prints, the ideal is to focus on not overloading our looks, you know: less is more.

The leopard is valid both to wear with sport outfits, as with more arranged looks, the key is to combine it successfully and, although it is ideal to be combined with any garment, it is always a success to create looks with dark tones and the infallible black.

Leopard Looks - The best ideas to wear it

Getting it right when combining an animal print garment is easy, you just have to try to use only a touch of animal print in styling. The leopard is a pattern that can get 'tired' if we abuse it excessively. Continuing with the maxim of less is more, choosing a scarf, a shirt or a dress will be a great success, if the rest of our outfit is coordinated in brown, black or even white tones, so that everything is coherent.

Looks leopard print
Looks leopard print
Looks leopard print

The possibilities to wear an animal print pattern are almost endless, and in the case of leopard shoes, the range of possibilities that does not open is brutal. They can be combined in a thousand different ways, and are a perfect complement to 'add a touch' of leopard to our looks. We can combine it both for a daily outfit and for an evening look. In addition, the leopard print is perfect for both winter, mid-season and even summer outfits.

We have chosen some of the images that most inspire us in this style of animal print, so that you can see the infinite possibilities that leopard print offers us. One of the most recurring garments are the leopard-effect printed skirts.

But also t-shirts, dresses, coats... And of course in accessories, scarves, bags and leopard animal print SHOES. The latter are our weakness and we do not want to stop presenting all our leopard shoe models, we are sure that when you try them they will become your new favorites:

Isabela leopard stilettos, our best seller

Without a doubt our best-selling model, available in an infinite number of colors, leathers, prints and materials. Could not miss the leopard print. His heel of 7 cm. has made it one of the quintessential mid-heeled shoes in our collection of comfortable stilettos.

With a design with very clean lines and the characteristic pointed tip of the stilettos, this shoe has the perfect balance between glamor, style and comfort. There are many clients and friends who have fallen for the Isabela stiletto design, for us it is a great pride to know that there are many of you who collect this design in different colors.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for leopard shoes that you can wear with an infinite number of looks, the Isabela stiletto shoe will be your best choice. They are perfect both to go to the office, and to wear them on an afternoon of shopping with an extra glamor.

And always with the comfort provided by our exclusive leather insole with gel padding. A delight of comfort for all women who are used to high heels.

Leopard stiletto Clara, the high heels!

Dazzle from above with one of our most special stilettos shoes. The Clara stiletto has always been one of our icons, not in vain has it been with us since the origins of the brand.

With a 9 cm heel. Clara leopard shoes are the perfect stiletto to look spectacular on any occasion. Whether to set trends, or to indulge yourself, these are your shoes if you don't want to go unnoticed.

Created with the maximum of all our collections in which more is less, and always thinking about design so that it goes together with comfort in all our shoes, the Clara stiletto will be your best style bet.

Alma leopard shoes, the favorite of many of you

Another of the successful models in our shop, the Alma wide-heel shoes is a faithful heir to the Isabela stiletto style, to which we have applied an extra comfort by designing a wide heel lined in the same leather. They also enjoy even more comfort thanks to the extra flexible rubber sole, haven't you tried them yet? Well, you are taking time to discover why they are the most comfortable high heels in the world.

Alma stiletto shoes have more and more followers, and it is something very easy to understand when you try them. Like the Isabela stiletto, it has our exclusive gel-padded leather insoles, and this, together with the rubber sole, has taken them to a new level when it comes to comfortable high heels.

As for the style provided by this design, it further frames the pattern trend, as the heel is lined in the same pony-effect fur, the result is spectacular. If you are looking for leopard shoes to set trends and enjoy the comfort of comfortable heels, the Alma shoe will be your winning bet.

Leopard ankle boots for the most daring!

We could not stop proposing some women's ankle boots in this pattern, although we know that it is only for the most daring, since the leopard print pony hair stands out strongly in the design of these high-heeled ankle boots.

Leopard ankle boots ROSALIA
Looks leopard print

To 'soften' the design a bit, we have lined the heel in black suede, so that it blends with the characteristic black details of the leopard shoe print. In the design of our Rosalía ankle boots, in addition to focusing on the animal print, we have adopted very special details.

One of those details that make Rosalia high-heeled ankle boots unmistakable is their toe cap. With a rounded finish that highlights the feeling of comfort that this type of footwear provides. The block heel with asymmetric design also reinforces comfort.

Leopard ballet pumps, an extra comfort

Our Emma leopard shoes are the fusion of women's ballerinas, low-heel shoes and Mary Janes. In its design we wanted to mix different styles to achieve a model with its own personality.

Leopard shoes EMMA
Looks leopard print

Details such as the three bracelets on the instep add a very tender touch to this shoe, as well as the successful coordination of this detail and the small heel lined in the same black leather make the Emma design a statement of intent.

Nor did we want to leave comfort aside in this model, so we have chosen the best leathers so that you feel a caress when wearing them. And for extra comfort our famous gel-padded leather insoles.

If you are looking for original shoes with the animal print of the moment, you cannot stop trying the design of the Emma ballerinas, they will surprise you instantly.

Leopard slippers, the simplicity of style

The trend of flat shoes and the design of our Carlota slipper come together with the print that you cannot miss in your dressing room. We present you one of our most comfortable leopard shoes. Their small heel makes them so comfortable that you will think you are not wearing them.

Leopard slippers CARLOTA
Looks leopard print

And for maximum comfort, the interior is made of soft leather that will caress your feet every time you wear them.

If high-heel shoes are not for you, but you don't want to miss out on the trend of fashion prints, choose our Carlota design and you will enjoy wearing them with your most special looks, to which they will add that unmistakable wild touch.

As you can see, we are firmly committed to the trend of animal print shoes, whether in stilettos, dancers and even ankle boots. What is your favorite style?

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