Luisa Toledo 2021 shoe trends

Luisa Toledo 2021 shoe trends

Surely you also wanted to end the year 2020. For many of us it has been a terrible year that we were looking forward to leaving behind. Many friends have had to postpone weddings, and many other family events because of this terrible pandemic, even having to say goodbye to loved ones in the worst case.

In this fateful last year we have all suffered, to a greater or lesser extent, more than anyone would have predicted. We sincerely hope that in your case the year we left behind was not particularly bad. For us it has turned out to be a point and apart, since all our collections of bridal shoes, high-heel sandals and the shoes with which to be the perfect guest have been relegated to the background.

This situation has not only influenced us economically, but it has also been a great setback on an emotional level, since Luisa Toledo has always been a brand of women shoes aimed at creating collections of high-heeled shoes and elegant sandals. But we are also very pragmatic (another of our hallmarks) and thanks to our stilettos, with some basic and timeless designs, and we can only thank all of you who have continued to bet on some of our most iconic comfortable stilettos models .

We can also say with great satisfaction that we have been fortunate to be able to accompany some of the brave brides who have trusted us on their steps down the aisle. INFINITE THANKS for believing in a small brand like ours. The truth is that this year has been very difficult for all those couples who have decided not to postpone their wedding, so 2021 will be a year with an extra motivation to celebrate love.

Blue bridal shoes

And this past year has been very difficult for many of us. It has been a year to forget in many aspects and to feel proud to be able to move forward, in our case, in addition, we have had to overcome infinite difficulties due to the closure of workshops and suppliers. Hard blows from which it has been difficult to recover, not only because there are people behind each company, but also because of having to start some projects from scratch.

But it is useless to complain, luckily health has respected us and we can move on. If we have to stay with something positive about 2020, it is to realize that life goes on despite difficulties. It has also taught us that we can do things in a different way and that makes us even stronger.

For Luisa Toledo, the year we left behind has been a turning point to rethink ourselves as a brand, and for this new year 2021 we are very clear about what our goals will be. For now, we will continue to bet firmly on our dress shoe sections, although we will not go back to the strict dictates of creating two temporary collections, one for Spring-Summer and the other for Autumn-Winter.

Footwear trends 2021, our proposals

In no case will we leave aside our designs for shoes and high-heeled sandals that Luisa Toledo has recognized. We will continue to bet firmly on our best sellers such as the Isabela, Clara, Alma stilettos... But we will also create new designs where high-heel shoes and comfortable stilettos will continue to be mandatory pieces. Of course, high-heel sandals will also continue to have a prominent place in the new proposals for spring and summer.

But as we previously mentioned, many things are going to change in the face of this new year that begins. An example is that we have decided to add new lines of footwear for women that are not precisely linked to special situations such as weddings and social events. But at the same time they have that touch of elegance that we like so much about our women's shoes.

One of the first novelties that we will present soon will be some super special models of women espadrilles. A new section where color will be the undisputed protagonist, espadrilles with designs inspired by our Mediterranean style. Our women espadrilles will have a very special design and will come with a surprise that we have not enchanted, we hope you will too;)

We believe that Luisa Toledo espadrilles will undoubtedly be the stars of this coming spring. We will present some women's espadrilles with different wedge heights and a range of colors, textures and materials that we are in love with, and that characterizes us so much, because you already know that WE LOVE COLOR. And up to here we can tell you.

Another of the product lines we are working on are flat sandals. We are clear that high-heel sandals will continue to be our hallmark, but we think that flat sandals for women are an essential basic to fully enjoy the summer, and that we all have our favorite flat sandals in our dressing room.

We are determined to capture our way of seeing women sandals also in flat sandal designs that fuse originality, quality and comfort with a point of elegance. Although the new sandal proposals are still little advanced, I can tell you that noble materials, leather and artisan finishes will be the hallmark of the new sandals.

Comfortable stilettos, our essentials

But before summer arrives and we can enjoy the good weather and put on our sandals, we will continue to release new designs of stilettos, as well as new colors of our famous comfortable stilettos Isabela and Clara. There will also be more colors and new leather finishes in mid-heeled shoes like the super comfortable Alma, one of your favorites.

This past fall, we launched an initiative that you loved, it was about consulting you about the new leopard shoes We want to continue to rely on your opinion to decide on new designs, colors, leathers and materials, so we encourage you to be aware of our social networks if you are passionate about women's shoes and want to be part of the Luisa Toledo universe.

We love hearing your opinions and knowing what women footwear you are missing in our collection of women's stilettos, shoes and sandals. If we have managed to get here it has been thanks to you and that is why your opinion is so important.

One of the models that you have demanded the most from us this past year has been our Noa design, a stiletto-heeled shoes with a low height (5 cm. approx.). It is one of our first designs, and there are many of you who continue to demand it from us. As your wishes are orders, we are developing a new heel and improving the last, so stay tuned because soon we will have the first pairs of the new Noa stilettos and you can choose which will be the next available colors and leathers.

You have also asked us a lot to bring out our Isabela and Alma high heels in more leather colors (instead of suede). We will ask your opinion little by little as we find the most suitable leathers to make these stilettos. You already know that for us the quality of our shoes is very important and before selecting any new material or leather, we have to be very sure of its quality.

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