Red sandals to be the #perfectguest

Red sandals to be the #perfectguest

Are you one of those who think that red lips raise morale even in the grayest day...? In that case I'm sure you'll agree with us that red sandals can be the ideal complement to enhance a guest style.

And is that for a long time high heels and in particular stilettos, have a power to grant a special power to women who wear them. This, together with the fact that certain colors clearly show our moods, makes red heel sandals on many occasions, communicate a lot of us. It's like saying "Here I am, I am a woman and I am powerful".

For this reason it seemed very appropriate to dedicate this article to a shoe as special as red sandals, regardless of whether they are sandals with a block heel or a stiletto heel. Choosing one or the other type of heel will depend on the style of the dress, whether it is for a morning event or evening, if the event will be on a farm or open space... But in any case the red heeled sandals will manage to put a sensual and glamorous touch to our styling.

And as an example of style in which the red sandals charge all the limelight, we could not have a better master of ceremonies than our beloved Sandra Majada, she is always the perfect guest. Each one of her looks is a source of inspiration for all of us and we look forward to being dazzled by her new outfit every day from her IG @invitadaperfecta.

Sandalias rojas tacón

On this occasion she has chosen a red sandal from our collection, which is the favorite heeled sandals for many of you, we refer to the ANGELA sandals. This red suede model is characterized by its intense red hue, as well as the characteristic knot in the blade. The two suede strips are crossed and knotted resulting in a shovel that perfectly collects the fingers, letting them see subtly but covering them to a large extent.

For this successful look, Sandra has combined the red sandals Ángela with a spectacular golden dress of paillettes of inspiration 20 years signed by Fatima Angulo that has us in love cause we saw it, not only because of the incredible movement that bring the fringes of the skirt . The back of this dress is a statement of intent, where the small ties that make closure give it the romantic point that we like.

Sandalias rojas de tacón

The matt tone of the dress combines outstandingly with the accessories, as well as with the beauty for which he chose: a simple pigtail with bow and lips in passion red. To accompany our red heeled sandals, Sandra chose a beautiful bag of silk cord with tassel, an icon of Olvido Madrid and Acus complements earrings that have become an object of desire for all of us who are part of Luisa Toledo.

As you can see we are completely in love with this style, Sandra shows us again that her proposals are always a success to be the perfect guest. What do you think? Would you choose any other model from our collection for this dress?

Golden sandals, another great option

We are clear that Sandra's choice is perfect, but since we love trying new options, we believe that another very successful possibility could be with some golden sandals, such as our golden sandals MONICA. And for all those who flee from the most striking colors, it is always a good idea to opt for our iconic black shoes, specifically for this occasion we would choose the CLARA nude stilettos.

But we do not lose sight of our protagonists in this article: red heeled sandals. As we mentioned before, we believe that red sandals can be the center of attention of any style, regardless of whether it is sandals with a stiletto heel, as is the case with our ANGELA sandals showing Sandra in a previous look, or with some red sandals with wide heels.

Red sandals with wide heel

Many of you asked us for red sandals block heel and GLORIA sandals have been the answer. Despite being a pure line design, we wanted the GLORIA heel sandals to have something special, so we decided that the best way to give that unique touch was by combining colors.

In this case we opted for an unusual mixture, we chose the color bougainvillea to put the counterpoint to these red sandals, a combination of colors that a priori was not the most common, but that we think has the personality that we like to contribute to our designs.

To show you the result of how to combine wide-heeled red sandals, nothing better than our creative director and CEO of Luisa Toledo, Rosana chose the GLORIA sandals to attend a wedding of friends that was held on a farm, so we believe that the choice of wide-heeled sandals was a success.

Sandalias rojas tacón ancho

She combined the red sandals and bougainvillea GLORIA with a Bimani 13 dress in lilac color that we think is a great success for a wedding at the morning. And to complete the styling she chose a handbag in blue at night. Undoubtedly a colorful and very comfortable outfit with which she managed to fully enjoy the party being a #perfectguest with her red sandals.

Add more color to the color!

As we said before, we love to try more options and in the case of the look that Rosana chose, we can not stop recreating different looks, just changing the sandals. Another ideal combination is with yellow shoes, like for example, the sandals Marta in yellow suede, to give that luminous and super flattering touch. In addition, the rest of the supplements should not be altered and would remain ideal. For those who prefer a comfortable option, what do you think of the stilettos undercut María in yellow suede? Undoubtedly, a flattering and winning look.

Do you also love the looks of a guest? If you are one of those who have chosen to wear Luisa Toledo shoes on such a special day, we will love that you tag us and share your most special photos.

We look forward to your awesome stylish looks!

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