Weddings on the beach, hit with your outfit

Weddings on the beach, hit with your outfit

In a country like Spain, which is almost completely surrounded by coastline, with almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 3000 beaches, the idea of celebrate a wedding on the beach is very tempting for many couples who are considering organizing their wedding.

A wedding on the beach is romantic, fresh and undoubtedly awakens memories of a youthful party. Beach weddings are usually celebrations without big protocols, without labels or closing hours, something natural and simple, like in the movies! These are the images that every couple usually has in mind when they think about organizing a wedding on the beach.

Bridal at beach

Now, the reality is that a beach wedding is infinitely more complex to organize than a priori we can imagine. Organizing a wedding on the beach is anything but simple, so a beach wedding, which a priori may seem somewhat idyllic and idyllic, is really a very exclusive wedding. If you had thought to celebrate your wedding on a public beach, something that is possible, requires a review of something as uninspiring as the Law of Coasts. The most advisable option is to be advised by a professional or wedding planner. Going to resorts such as "beach clubs, hotels with access to the sea or private villas" can be a wonderful alternative that are already designed for this type of wedding. Putting ourselves in the hands of a professional, we will avoid taking a disappointment, besides having to deal with the multitude of entities in charge of processing permits and applying the regulations of the coastal authority.

Bridal at the beach

Having said all this, and if you already have everything organized, it is time to think about the details that all the brides we are most excited about: the dress and all its accessories. Among the most important accessories, of course, are the bridal shoes. They are one of the most significant and that condition important details such as the length of the dress. In the case of a wedding on the beach, the option of getting married barefoot, of course is one of the alternatives that most convince us, but we must take into account other details. Like, for example, if we will arrive by car to the beach, if after the link the party will also be on the beach or somewhere nearby ... In short, although getting married on the sand of the beach is very tempting , we will have to have foreseen sandals that adapt to the style of our wedding dress.

Instead of starting with our favorites, let's start with the options that seem not so good. In the case of a beach wedding, high-heeled shoes should be avoided at all times, so stilettos are discarded. There is nothing more unpleasant than walking with a pair of heels in an area of sand or grass. On the other hand choosing sandals or flat shoes can be a good idea, whether we have to walk on the sand, or to take them before or after the link. Although the idea of wearing heels is not very suggestive to many, we all know that high-heeled shoes make any outfit feel much better, and what better occasion to be resplendent than at our own wedding!

For all those brides who have decided to get married on the beach, and who do not want to wear flat sandals or be barefoot on the sand, undoubtedly wedge sandals or espadrilles are the best option they can choose. In addition, the wedges are perfect both to be comfortable in the link and to fully enjoy the subsequent party and not miss a single dance. In Luisa Toledo, we have designed sandals for all the beach or country brides who do not want to give up wearing shoes with something of height that special day and want comfortable and elegant sandals. Our wedge sandals unite the charm of bridal shoes with comfort, and our passion for details makes us put all our love into them.

Bridal on the beach

We propose two models of unique bridal wedges that will be the perfect footwear for that special one. If you have chosen the traditional white for your dress, the white sandals LAURA will be the perfect choice. Or if you prefer to put a romantic touch to your style, choose the wedge sandals LIDIA in nude suede. Without a doubt they are ideal sandals and super flattering. Both designs can be worn perfectly at any other time by all those practical brides who want sandals to wear after the wedding.

Perfect outfit for a wedding at the beach

So far we have talked exclusively about beach weddings from the point of view of brides. But, what if we find ourselves in the circumstances of having been invited to a wedding to be held on the beach? Of course it is an event that we all love to attend, but like brides, we have to take into account some details when preparing our styling if we want to be a #perfectguest.

Although at beach weddings a more relaxed style of ceremony is usually sought and our styling will not necessarily be as elaborate as in other types of weddings, keeping in mind certain details will help us enjoy the party and triumph with our choice of dress. girlfriend.

First of all, we should choose a dress that is not too fitted, so that we can move along the beach without difficulties. The length of the dress is also a detail to keep in mind, here the best choice seems a long midi: it will be comfortable and elegant at the same time. Another complement that can play tricks on a beach wedding will be the pamelas or very voluminous headdresses, although it may seem that they will help us to protect ourselves from the sun (at weddings tomorrow) any wind streak can become a problem, and the Wind on the beach is usually very common.

Bridal beach

And as we mentioned before, shoes will also be a very important complement if we have been invited to a wedding on the beach, like brides, we can lean to be barefoot on the sand, but we have to consider how we will get to the beach, if the party after the link is on the beach itself or somewhere near where you have to go walking. In any case it will be important to have a footwear according to our style: some low shoes or sandals are a good option, but if you prefer to wear high heels, although during the time of walking on the beach you have to carry them in your hand , we recommend you to choose comfortable high-heeled shoes or wide-heeled sandals. Story to part will be the style or color of the same.

If you already have everything ready for that day so specially indicated in your agenda, now it is only to enjoy to the fullest and collect all those magical moments that only a wedding on the beach can give.

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