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Shoes for Weddings and Events. Bridal and Guest Shoes!

To make it even simpler and super easy for you, tell us, are you looking for bridal shoes or guest stilettos?

Comfortable bridal shoes for all styles!

If you're looking for your wedding shoes for the big day, surely there's one feature that doesn't go out of your head when you think of them: that they be comfortable and pretty women's shoes, right? ? At Luisa Toledo we are specialists, and among our comfortable stilettos, you will find a wide range of colors that many women have chosen to wear on their big day.

Among the most chosen colors for comfortable bridal shoes, there is the range of pastel colors, like the ones you will find in our ISABELA stiletto. From light blue shoes to mint green stilettos, without forgetting pink shoes for the most romantic.

blue bridal shoes

And of course, another color that is also very prominent is the nude suede stilettos, an essential color that you will find in different versions in our shop.

Wedding espadrilles and sandals for brides. Very original!

The bridal espadrilles have become one of the most demanded bridal shoes and we are not surprised at absolute. Since, at present, weddings in open-air farms and with a casual style, have gained a lot of ground. Not to mention, weddings on the beach, a very romantic option that only lovers of the sea will be able to appreciate.

Of course, we are aware that more and more women are looking for bridal wedge espadrilles, either as a second footwear option or as their bridal shoes to enjoy during one of the most exciting days of their lives. For this reason, at Luisa Toledo we pay special attention when creating party and guest wedding shoe collections.

We are obsessed with comfort and choosing the best materials, which is why we pay special attention to bridal espadrilles, choosing simple, elegant designs that, above all, adapt to the needs of brides.

wedding espadrilles

An essential detail if you are looking for espadrilles for brides, is that you look for espadrilles that are closed at the heel. And it is a very simple detail, but very significant, and it is that the closed heel will allow you not to step on the dress when walking or that by mistake the bottom of the dress "slips" between the undercut of the shoe and your heel. A feature to keep in mind, right?

Wedding shoes Bride 2022!

In our bridal sandals designs you will always find two fundamental characteristics: comfortable and very versatile designs. We are passionate about versatility because we believe that the strength of a special shoe is the ability to elevate and improve any look on any occasion. Let them be sandals for the bride, that you can also wear at your next event as a guest, enjoy and also remember a great day.

To achieve this versatility, in addition to the best materials, we choose the colors that are on trend, but that also allow this versatility. For this reason, in our online store you will find golden bridal sandals, blue bridal sandals or nude bridal sandals.

golden sandals

In addition, among the latest additions to bridal sandals, you will find platform sandals. A style of the most demanded by many brides who thus find the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Dress Shoes Wedding, Bride, Guests, Graduations...!

Confirmed: the events return. And with them, the task against the clock to create a special look, comfortable and with which you feel 100% you, right? At Luisa Toledo we can help and advise you so that you can shine, but without dressing up and always taking into account your tastes and preferences.

If you're looking for party shoes for that special occasion on your agenda, you've come to the perfect place. And it is that, at Luisa Toledo we are specialists in comfortable women's shoes: our stilettos are the favorites of more and more clients who choose comfort and quality #madeinSpain.

different bridal shoes

If you are looking for Madrid shoe stores where you can buy your bridal shoes or comfortable women's stilettos, don't hesitate to visit us in our showroom where you can try all the available lasts, choose between the most vibrant colors or find that style of heels that you were looking for. Very important! If you want to visit us, we recommend making an appointment. This way we will have your shoes reserved and prepared, to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Original bridal shoes. Made in Spain!

If you already know Luisa Toledo shoes, you will know how passionate we are about our work and how much and how hard we have worked to create comfortable stilettos and party sandals for everyone. There are many of you who arrive at our online shoe store or our showroom in Madrid with a clear and simple idea: "I want stilettos in X color, and it has taken me a long time to find them" or "Luckily I found you. I was desperate!" and the truth is, it couldn't make us happier, that so many of you come to us in such an unexpected and casual way, and that once you choose us you make them so happy .

If we talk about choosing bridal shoes, there are many options: from bridal velvet sandals – a perfect option for autumn/winter weddings –, or bridal espadrilles, without a doubt a very comfortable summer women's shoe. In our collection of Luisa Toledo espadrilles you will find a wide variety of colors, materials and wedge heights, we are sure to have some summer wedges for you!

And of course, there are always the brides who choose the undaunted stiletto or comfortable high-heeled shoe. In our case, it can range from wide-heeled shoes, such as the ALMA or CAYETANA shoe, to fine-heeled stilettos, the ISABELA comfortable-heeled shoe, or for those who are experts in wearing high-heeled shoes, the CLARA stiletto, pure elegance!

Do you have doubts about the ideal footwear for a certain style? Don't worry, we come to the rescue to answer any questions, our team is at your disposal whenever you need us. You can contact us whenever you want, we will send a photo of your dress and we will advise you without obligation, together we will find your ideal footwear.

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