Wedding sandals for guests and brides

Wedding sandals for guests and brides

Sandals for wedding guests. Special!

If you want to be the ideal wedding guest but above all, wear comfortable and very special sandals, at Luisa Toledo we have the wedding guest sandals you are looking for.

If this year in your calendar do not stop appearing events and special occasions in which to look incredible, from Luisa Toledo we want to make it easy for you when choosing guest shoes. And one thing is clear, if you have different events: weddings, communions, graduations... You may have to think of different looks, but footwear can be a versatile option, right?

Women's party sandals

That is why at Luisa Toledo we are firm defenders of the comfort, elegance and VERSATILITY of our designs. Thinking of using comfortable heel shoes that allow us many perfect combinations.

Authentic and unique sandals for brides

If you are getting married soon and you are looking for your bridal sandals, be sure to check out the novelties we have created with you in mind: comfortable bridal sandals, elegant and above all, very special for one of your the most important days.

On a day as important as your wedding day, you need footwear that provides you with safety, comfort and that goes 100% with you. For this reason, our best recommendation is that you always choose high-heeled leather shoes, made in Spain and with the best materials. In this way, you will ensure the comfort and health of your feet.

Bridal espadrilles

In the Luisa Toledo shop you can buy with complete peace of mind and security, knowing that what you buy is 100% made in Spain. Yes, yes, you read that right: all Luisa Toledo shoe manufacturing, in addition to the cardboard boxes and dust bags, are made here in Spain.

And of course, if you get married this year or next, you know the importance of timing and national quality when choosing all suppliers. So don't miss the opportunity to buy comfortable bridal shoes made in Spain. Find us at our bridal and guest shoe store in Madrid.

Sandals with low or high heels, thin or wide... We have them all!

If there is something that all women look for for special occasions, it is comfortable wedding sandals for many reasons: we want to dance, jump and enjoy the event like never before. And it is already known that after two years with hardly any meetings and special occasions to celebrate with friends and family, a wedding in 2022 promises a lot.

At Luisa Toledo we are specialized in shoes for wedding guests, and for this reason we offer all the options of high-heeled wedding sandals for you. In the shop you will find silver sandals for weddings, do not forget to see all the elegant and versatile options that we have for you, because a metallic leather sandal is the ideal footwear to add shine to your style.

Platform and heel sandals

Among the most outstanding wedding guest sandals are the high-heeled platform sandals, without a doubt a great success in all its colors, so that you can perfectly combine your wedding look or looks. And of course, you can also find the ideal low heel women's sandals to look radiant and comfortable in equal parts, discover our fine-heeled sandals that if you try them, they won't leave you indifferent.

Black, Golden, Silver, Beige... What color are you looking for?

The heeled beige sandals are an infallible option, do you know why? Being a neutral color, it allows for many combinations, choosing patterns or striking accessories. Without a doubt, if you are looking for elegant shoes that allow you a lot of versatility and play with your wardrobe, always choose nude shoes.

Another of the most sought-after items this season are the golden wedding sandals, without a doubt an option that also allows for great versatility and provides extra glamor due to the metallic leather. In addition to allowing you to combine and string the entire look with the rest of the accessories. You will certainly shine!

golden sandals

Other colors if you are looking for guest sandals are burgundy sandals or sandals blue. Without a doubt, these are special and perfect colors to bring originality to many looks, unique if it is a special wedding and a sandal that has made you fall in love with its design and comfort. In our case, we are talking about our designs of high-heeled platform sandals and fine-heeled sandals. If you try them, you'll love them!

Comfortable shoes for Wedding Guest

If you have several events on your agenda this year, and you are looking for the perfect wedding guest shoes to be able to wear to all the events, we have it clear, our first recommendation is that you choose one of our famous comfortable stilettos. Whether you prefer the classicism of thin-heeled shoes, or if you want to add extra freshness to your looks with thick-heeled shoes, at Luisa Toledo we have the guest wedding shoes perfect for you.

Wedding guest shoes

Undoubtedly the option of choosing one of our sandal designs will also be a success, but remember that it is important to know where the party will take place, because to correctly choose between a sandal or shoes for a wedding guest it is key to know the characteristics of the place. If the party takes place in a wedding estate, some guest shoes with thin heels will not be the best option, on the contrary, it is preferable to opt for a somewhat more casual look, and finish off the style with some women's espadrilles or esparto wedges.

In any case, the important thing is to choose comfortable shoes for the wedding guest, because only in this way can you be sure to fully enjoy the entire event and you will be the perfect guest, giving everything at the dance and making the bride and groom remember that special day.

Sandals with platform and heel New models!

Yes, without a doubt, platform sandals and wide heels are also a great resource to be comfortable in any event and add a few extra centimeters of height that allow us to look spectacular. We have also thought of all the women who are looking for those ideal heeled platform sandals to wear at any time of the year, designing new models in materials and perfect shades to wear both at spring-summer events and at weddings held in fall and winter.

And there are many of you who have sent us your photos with models from the new collection enjoying themselves at various parties you have attended. Weddings of friends and family where you have enjoyed to the fullest. And we are happy to be able to accompany you in those moments, you cannot imagine how happy we are to see your faces radiating happiness.

And if you need help choosing the ideal footwear for your next guest looks, don't worry, we come to the rescue to resolve any stylistic questions, our team is at your disposal whenever you need us. You can contact us whenever you want, we will send a photo of your dress and we will advise you without obligation, together we will find your ideal footwear.

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