Dressing shoes to get an impeccable look. PART 2

Dressing shoes to get an impeccable look. PART 2

We are happy? A lot, and more if we can help and advise you and all our ideas inspire you. Here we go with the second installment:

Black high heel shoe

Fashion insiders know it: both the white shoe and the black stiletto are the true staples that always work well in a monochrome look. And that is its main advantage: without having to risk with different shades or superimpose garments, we avoid at all costs that the colors "collide" with each other. If you want to wear a total black look that is to its last consequences: sunglasses, bag and high heels included.

We know that comfortable high heels work SO WELL with everything that it is even ideal to combine it with other accessories in the same color. Although at this point wearing all the accessories may be demodé, in this case what we want is that it is one of the garments that makes it pop over the rest.

Inspo: they are basic and promised that you will get a lot out of them with your entire wardrobe. Just let yourself be carried away by the two looks that we show you and choose your favorite black stiletto.

Black stilettos

Colored stilettos shoes

If I say colorblocking, you tell me...? One hint: it will enrich and refresh your outfits. This is a trend that is based on using plain garments or accessories in bright or "lit" colors that contrast between them. Thus visually generating that it looks like a set of blocks of different colors. The most important thing when putting it into practice is to remember that harmony and composition are a very important element in personal style, and in this trend it is important not to wear more than three colors. And of course, in this colorblocking look option, heels are the perfect accessory to add bright color to the look.

We show you two options, a look with closed-heel sandals where the burgundy color of the feet contrasts perfectly with the rest of warm colors such as mustard yellow and orange. And in contrast, a golden sandals look where we combine mauve and orange. We love it!

Golden sandals

Inspo: we are fascinated by this way of creating an outfit. Super fun and top trend, apart from reminding us a lot of Agata Ruiz de la Prada, do you? Try, she plays with colors and don't be afraid. Without a doubt, it is used to create great looks in spring and summer.

Mix patterns with the outfit

It seems impossible, right? But we have tried it and mixing different patterns when dressing can be a success, especially if we choose to combine muted colors with bright colors. A perfect way to recreate it is to choose a striped T-shirt along with a floral print skirt and add neutral comfortable heel shoes, such as black or nude. The result is brutal, and the best thing is that it allows you to get more out of garments that we sometimes always wear in the same way. Renewed or die!

Red sandals

Inspo: We find this vintage look from Alexandra Pereira super flattering for summer and very easy to copy. Our recommendation is that you add black stilettos or block heel sandals to your feet, the result will be neat but at the same time fresh and perfect for a casual summer night.

Black sandals

Heel shoes with all the prominence

Comfortable high heel shoes that get all the attention for being beautiful, for trend or for the amazing color that is impossible to ignore. Our recommendation? Remove intensity from the rest of the garments and give all the prominence to our feet. Without a doubt, this is one of the "dressing by the feet" options that we like to put into practice the most.

Inspo: Mixing clothes and opposite colors is a success. Especially if it is done as well as Olivia Palermo. She inspires us a lot as she has risked and won SO MUCH creating her look. Dare you too!

Stilettos magenta

And here come our different options to dress you by the feet. What do you think? We hope that it has served you and that it inspires you a lot to get even more out of the shoes in your closet, and of course, if you want to invest in a new high-heeled shoe, we have given you keys to elevate your look even more and you are convinced of your new purchase. We read you!

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