Dressing by the feet or how to get an impeccable look - PART 1

Dressing by the feet or how to get an impeccable look - PART 1

It is well known that in fashion, betting on accessories is always a total success. In many cases, it is these "additions" to the outfit such as shoes, bags or scarves, which make our look stand out from the rest. And from Luisa Toledo, in terms of shoes we can give you all the keys.

Shoes to match the outfit

Monochrome can be one of the most difficult looks to achieve because often the different tones within the same outfits, collide with each other, or worse, they are completely identical.

One option to achieve an ideal monochrome look is to choose comfortable heels with a distinctive touch that differentiates them from the rest, such as texture. In our online store you will find from smooth leather, suede, patent leather or coco printed leather. The texture is in this case what makes the difference, contrasting with our garments.

Inspo: mix different shades of gray with textures in this same color. And finally, choose smooth leather or suede for your shoes. And ready! A great look like queen Kate Moss.

Zapatos grises

Nude shoes color works with everything

We never tire of saying it: nude shoes, beige... They are MAGIC! It is the ideal neutral color, which does not compete with any color and which works alongside everything you put on it. It is essential to have a nude lounge shoe for any occasion: important event, a special dinner with friends or for a daily office look.

What is clear is that when you doubt what shoe to wear, always choose one in a neutral tone.

Zapatos nude

Inspo: we have it super clear, as Alexandra Pereira shows us in her full color look, she has added nude sandals, we would opt for block heel sandals, specifically our model Jimena in nude suede. Nude shoes are also one of the favorite options for brides in 2021. A trend that has been around for years and that continues, we are not surprised. They are super stylish.

Sandalias nude

Combine the shoes with ONE of the colors of the look

If one or more garments have many colors or patterns, choose one of those colors and bet on it in your shoes, for example by choosing red stilettos. It may seem like a risky style but if you put it into practice, it is simple and we assure you that it works 100% of the time. Another important detail to take into account: avoid repeating this color in the rest of the accessories: bag, belt, foulard ...

Stilettos rojos

Inspo: We love this stunt! Simple but risky, different and the best... You will cause a sensation because it attracts attention and we promise that your look will want to be copied by all your friends. In this case, we have chosen to mix super powerful prints, but in an unbeatable way. We chose red for the feet and nothing better than our comfortable high heels like our Isabela model to finish off this daring and special option that fascinates us.

White shoe, definitely YES

Especially if you are looking for thick-heeled sandals for your outfit, we assure you that models with thin straps and block heels or with designs that attract attention. They work as if it were a stiletto adding dimension to the look. And especially in the more casual outfits is where they provide that chic touch that we always like to give.

Our recommendation is that the white shoe is a sandal, stiletto or ankle boot, always matching with another of the garments of the look. For example, a white t-shirt or shirt. Add your favorite jeans and... MAGIC!

Inspo: slingback heels or white sandals in summer, be very clear that it is a safe summer 2021 trend. Like others, this trend has been with us for years and is renewed every summer. Ideal to wear with dresses or two-piece sets, when the skin is tan and we looks radiant... It will bring an extra light!

Zapatos blancos

And we are only in the middle, tell us, would you be interested in knowing more options to start your day by dressing by the feet? Next month we will give you the rest of the keys so that you have all the information in your possession and can choose and organize the best daily or event looks. Stay tuned and don't miss PART #2 as starts to put all these tricks into practice. We would love to read your feedback in the comments!

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