Wedding winter shoes 2022 - 2023

Wedding winter shoes 2022 - 2023

Yes, on many occasions many desperate guests come to the showroom because they cannot find the perfect guest shoes or the ideal party sandals. We also have countless inquiries on Instagram, especially related to very specific colors or styles.

Tragically, it is very common that we leave for the end, or even forgotten, a key piece to feel comfortable with our guest outfits. We talk about guest shoes. And to be honest, all of us have ever thought that those party shoes that we had in the closet at the event 5 years ago could solve our look. To finally have a rough reality bath, and discover that it was not the color we remembered, they look old-fashioned... Or worst of all: they really are not that comfortable with we had in mind.

Dress shoes Winter 2022 - 2023

But here we are in Luisa Toledo, to put this essential accessory in the place it deserves to achieve the perfect style and fully enjoy the celebration. And is that choosing the wrong dress shoes can bring us so many headaches, that the next time we receive an invitation to a wedding, it is the first thing we think about.

With which... What comes first: the dress sandals or the dress? The writer Andrea Moretti, author of the book 'Start with shoes', already gives us a clue of what she would think about it. For us it is a bit more complex, and when they consult us, we usually ask several questions: where is the wedding celebrated? Is it day or night? Is there a dress-code specified by the couple? The answers to all these questions help a lot before making decisions.

Winter wedding

Wedding sandals for Autumn

It is not the same to go as a guest to a bohemian wedding in Ibiza, or to a wedding estate, that the wedding, baptism, or black tie party is held in a hotel or similar. In the case of a wedding on the beach or in an open-air farm (one of the most sought-after options in these times of pandemic), the most appropriate footwear does not have to be the traditional stilettos. It will be much more appropriate and above all more comfortable, choose wide-heeled sandals, and even espadrilles.

If you have been invited to an event, and you want to dazzle by going with a nice party dress, you should not neglect the choice of party shoes or stilettos for events. At Luisa Toledo we specialize in guest shoes, dress sandals and dress shoes. Do not forget to take a look at many of the proposals that we can offer you this season in regards to dress shoes for guests.

Cheap dress shoes, a good choice?

Let's be honest, on some occasion we have all succumbed to buying cheap guest shoes, but unfortunately most of the times with worse results than desired. They are those occasions in which we have been carried away by a design of rabid actuality... And a ridiculously cheap price.

In Luisa Toledo you will not find cheap dress shoes, but you will find comfortable and quality dress shoes. More and more consumers are looking for shoes made in Spain, which highlight craftsmanship, tradition and the quality of the products they use. At Luisa Toledo we are firm defenders of footwear made in Spain, I who have all the guarantees that are positively valued by our clients.

In Spain we have a tradition of design and manufacture of footwear that has crossed borders. Made in Spain shoes stand out for the quality of their materials, the artisan manufacturing processes and an aesthetic that reflects the design made with care and love for things well done. In addition, we put the comfort of footwear in the foreground, proving that design and comfortable shoes can always go hand in hand.

Black dress shoes

If you are looking for black stilettos for your guest look, you are in the ideal place. At Luisa Toledo you will find the perfect models to choose from: if you are looking for the classic comfortable heel stiletto, our recommendation is that you choose the Isabela stiletto. The versatility and chameleonic capacity of this shoe is the maximum.

More and more women are choosing quality basic stilettos for special occasions and for everyday use. And we are not surprised, since in the details and comfort of the lasts, you will find everything your feet need.

black stilettos

Among all the black dress shoes, you will find versions with different heights and types of heels, such as block-heeled shoes or wide-heel shoes, which always provide that extra stability and comfort.

Red stilettos

But if on the contrary, you like to add contrast to your guest look and go for a color, nothing like adding red stilettos to your guest style. The color red is very powerful, and contrasts like no other with many colors, as well as being perfect to combine with your favorite red lip.

Red high-heel shoes are another of the basic colors that will work and elevate your looks to the maximum. If you have an event in sight, try combining your total look in red with red stilettos, your style will give off power and energy in abundance.

Nude dress shoes

A MUST-HAVE basic. Nude stilettos are the key piece of footwear that you cannot miss in your party shoe closet. It is a color that everyone: blondes, brunettes, redheads... It feels great! The great advantage of nude high-heel pumps shoes is that the color blends with the tone of our skin, thus creating an optical effect that lengthens the figure and makes us look spectacular.

Nude stilettos

In addition, another of the most desired advantages of nude dress shoes is that they are the perfect footwear for your guest look. Choose the color you choose for the rest of your dress and accessories, nude shoes will always bring elegance and give the perfect glam touch. Being a neutral color, it will always allow you to wear them in many ways and in many of your guest looks.

Wedding comfortable dress shoes

From Luisa Toledo we recommend that you always choose nude suede as a bedside shoe for your guest looks, since precisely because of the color contrasts offered by suede leather, it will allow you to look even more elegant.

We know that more and more women prefer nude leather stilettos for fear of maintenance and care of suede leather. Nothing is further from reality! Maintaining both leather finishes is super easy. In the case of suede shoes, you can always let yourself be guided by specialists, such as suede maintenance sprays, in which we always recommend following the manufacturer's instructions for use.

For their maintenance, the care we give them once they are stored is also important: it is important to always keep the paper balls and tensioning sticks so that our shoe does not deform and, use after use, it remains as the first day. Do you want to know even more? Find all the info in this blog post, where we explain everything more extensively.

And if you still have questions, contact us. We will happy to help you :)

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