Double monks and oxford shoes for women

Double monks and oxford shoes for women

Women's footwear with the arrival of the Autumn - Winter season can become a difficult task. It is almost impossible to find beautiful and comfortable shoes, but at Luisa Toledo we are determined to put an end to these stylistic problems by not finding the right footwear for any time of the year.

If you follow us for a long time, you will know that quality and comfort are essential for us in our models. And although it may seem vain, we have the most comfortable stilettos in the world. At least that's what our clients tell us, especially when we talk about the Isabela model, one of our most iconic pumps shoes. Not surprisingly, it is the design that we have more variety of colors and materials in our online shoe store.

And although for us comfortable stilettos are an obsession, and we can say that it is undoubtedly the style of women shoe for which our brand is most recognized, we also bet on introducing new lines of footwear, a good example is espadrilles, or flat sandals. Two styles that triumph in summer. If you have not yet tried our women espadrilles, we encourage you not to miss them, they are the perfect footwear to fully enjoy the summer.

Woman flat shoes

Woman flat shoes for winter, new in

Unfortunately, little by little we are leaving the summer behind, and it is time to return to the routine, to return to the office, to release looks in autumn tones... And for many of us to say goodbye to the sandals and the relaxed outfits of summer It's quite a problem, but don't worry! Not everything has to be sad, the end of summer also brings news to our collection.

One of those things that will make you happy in autumn are the new designs of women's flat shoes that we have incorporated into our new collection. This time we have left our comfort zone that are stilettos, dress sandals and high heels to enter a collection of flat models that has been influenced by a very masculine style.

Double monkstrap woman shoes

Yes, pure masculine inspiration! Our double monkstrap women's flat shoes have their roots in classic men's fashion with clear British inspiration. And as has happened with many other pieces of men's wardrobe, they have come to reinterpret in a female version. For us it has not been easy to navigate a style so far removed from our beloved stilettos, but we believe that the result has been fabulous. For us, the double buckle shoe Aida will be the new favorite this season.

As usual we have chosen only the best leathers and materials, they are also entirely made in Spain in artisan workshops. It is the best way to be sure that the result would be up to the task, in addition we have paid great attention to the details, and the lines of the last so that our double monks women's flat shoes keep a perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

Oxford lace-up shoes, classic style

Undoubtedly another perfect example of a piece of masculine style that has successfully become comfortable and perfect women's shoes to wear with office looks or more relaxed outfits to which you want to add a touch of casual elegance.

As in the case of our Aida women's double monkstrap shoe model, Amaia lace-up Oxford shoes have been designed with a super feminine last, but without losing that brithis essence that makes them unique. In the same way, we have taken care of the details and the last so that they can become those comfortable flat shoes that you keep wearing over and over again with countless looks.

How to combine women's flat shoes?

We are very sincere, for us nothing can compete in elegance with stilettos, but we are also very pragmatic, and we know that at certain times heels are not the best alternative when we talk about women's shoes. But if it happens to you like us, that you do not renounce to be perfect with your outfits, you will agree that finding comfortable and elegant women's flat shoes is sometimes complicated.

But calm down, we are here to put comfort on your feet without losing an iota of good taste. Whether you need to create an office look, or a relaxed but stylish outfit, our collection of women's flats will be a winning bet.

To create a successful office look, choose a suit jacket in dark tones, under the blazer a lace top and to finish off the outfit, our Amaia woman black shoes, the result will be extraordinary. If you want a more relaxed look, but with that extra point of style, combine a mom fit pants, with a fine knit sweater and a tweed jacket. To finish off the look, our Aida double monks shoes in brown, of course!

These are just two small examples of how to combine our models of women's flat shoes, but surely you can come up with a thousand more ideas to wear them. Do you need more inspiration? Find us on Instagram @luisatoledoofficial and discover many more ideas to wear all our models.

And don't forget that you can also visit us in our showroom in Madrid. You can try all Luisa Toledo shoes, we will also be happy to advise you and recommend the lasts and models that best suit your foot. Do not hesitate, plan your visit and contact us. And if you cannot visit us physically, we advise you with the best personalized service through WhatsApp, video call or telephone. Do the test! Surely you love this new way of shopping online super close, friendly and from home.

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