Footwear trends for summer 2024

Footwear trends for summer 2024

Summer is just around the corner (WE'RE ALREADY IN SUMMER) and it's time to renew your wardrobe, and what better way to do it than with fashionable sandals that reflect the latest trends in footwear summer 2024?

At Luisa Toledo, we are proud to present our summer 2024 collection of sandals, espadrilles and shoes, designed especially for May you always look fashionable and feel comfortable with every step you take.From elegant sandals to trendy shoes, we have everything you need to shine in the sun.

Black espadrilles Catalina

The Must-Have of summer 2024: Coquette trend

This year, shoes are reinvented with fresh and sophisticated designs that make them the perfect complement for any occasion. From classic Mary Janes to heeled sandals, the options are endless. Summer 2024 sandals with thin straps and minimalist designs are especially popular, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. But don't be carried away only by aesthetics, at Luisa Toledo we are very clear that elegant and sophisticated shoes also have to be comfortable, so that we can enjoy them from morning to night.

With unique details like metallic appliqués, decorative bows and geometric designs, these shoes add a touch of style to any look. In addition to being visually striking, these pointed shoes are designed with comfort and fashion in mind, making them the perfect choice for both your work days and days of exploring the city on your free time.

The coquette trend has revolutionized the market and, therefore, we recommend our nude pointed shoes, perfect for being a coquette.

Shoes nude Lorena

The design of our Lorena slingback shoes brings together all the characteristics to become the complement to your best outfits: the detail of the covered buckle, the fine toe, the wide heel (very, very comfortable) along with the fact that it is a shoe easy-to-wear slingback makes them a winning bet ALWAYS!

Summer sandals 2024: Elegance meets comfort

Fashion sandals are the essential accessory for any fashionista this summer.

What would summer be without wearing sandals? If they are also elegant and trendy, the result can only be an absolute triumph for all your summer looks. To us, wide-heeled sandals seem like the best option to wear from morning to night, the trend of high and wide heels is a success that adds comfort to our outfits.

And to look tanned, there is nothing better than opting for metallic tones. This season, choosing silver sandals or gold sandals is synonymous with triumph, and if you also have a few events on your agenda, gold sandals will be your secret weapon to Elevate ALL your outfits with just one shoe. Yes, because golden sandals combine with practically any color and style of dress, enhancing the glamor and providing a unique touch of sophistication.

Heeled sandals: Your infallible for summer 2024 events

Summer is the time of year when events multiply, you are like us who have a few weddings and family reunions on the agenda. Well we have good news for you, the new collection of party sandals is full of models that will solve all your guest looks. From the essential silver sandals to incredible red high-heeled and platform sandals that will elevate all your outfits.

If you want to be completely right when choosing your dress sandals, don't have any doubts and go for platform sandals. In addition to elevating all your outfits, platforms provide extra security to your steps, ensuring that you enjoy the experience to the fullest. the party, and don't miss a single dance.

This season we have designed a wide variety of styles, and we have gone crazy with colors and materials that you are falling in love with…. And we are super happy <3

Mirian platform sandals

Mary Janes shoes, elevate your style with our exclusive designs

Without a doubt one of the most viral trends of the season, Mary Janes or Mary Janes style shoes in all their versions have become the most seen both on catwalks and in street style, It is a style of footwear that we love. Totally in love with the glamor it carries in its most elegant versions, but also in the flat or low-heeled options.

Mercedes Mary Janes Shoes

We wanted to version this type of shoes in a very special capsule collection for us. Our design of MERCEDES shoes is designed so that you can wear them with countless outfits, and they can accompany you both in your daily life and in more special moments with comfortable and very personal party looks.

Red shoes + slingback stilettos = Absolute triumph

When it comes to trendy 2024 shoes for women, pointe shoes are a classic. And if we also add the trend of slingback shoes, the result of the equation can only be to elevate the style to very high levels.

At Luisa Toledo, we know that each woman is unique, and our collection of fashionable sandals and shoes is designed for any type of occasion. We wanted to innovate on the classic shoe, with exclusive designs that will help you express your personal style with confidence and style.

Rosana red slingback shoes

The color red this season is one of the must-haves, and our Rosana red stilettos are one of those trend-setting shoes. The detail of the straps makes them adapt phenomenally to your feet, providing extra support to your steps, and the curvy heel is a statement of intentions: created to seduce from the first glance, they are the Rosana slingback shoes in red everyone will fall at your feet.

Women's espadrilles, summer essentials

Without a doubt the style that most marks the summer, along with sandals, for us women's espadrilles are synonymous with good weather, sun and summer. It's no secret that we are in love with high wedge espadrilles, but we know that comfortable low wedges are the safe bet when we have one of those days of running to get to all the chores.

In our collection you can find the comfortable espadrilles that best suit your style and your rhythm. The new collection is full of color and natural materials of the best quality, because we know that good espadrilles made in Spain are the best investment to fully enjoy the summer.

Tell us what your favorite color is, or if you prefer low wedges, or if you choose high wedges to show off amazing legs. What you won't have to choose is between wearing ribbon espadrilles or with a bracelet: Almost all of our designs allow you to exchange the buckle bracelets for ribbons, so that the espadrille can adapt to all your outfits.

Fashion shoes 2024: innovation and style in every step

Luisa Toledo's fashionable shoes for this summer are designed based on the latest trends, in addition to offering you maximum comfort and style. From sandals for a special occasion with asymmetrical straps, to wide-heeled sandals, to an essential shoe for the summer, like a good espadrilles.

Silver sandals Belen Golden espadrilles Catalina Golden shoes slingbacks

At Luisa Toledo we are committed to offering you the best summer 2024 footwear that combines style, comfort, elegance and quality. Discover our collection today and get ready to look fashionable this summer.

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