The 5 best espadrilles for brides by Luisa Toledo

The 5 best espadrilles for brides by Luisa Toledo

At Luisa Toledo, we know that your wedding day is unique and special. Choosing the perfect shoes is as important as the dress. We know that choosing the right sandals or shoes is the first step to enjoying the party until the end.

More and more weddings are celebrated outdoors, on farms, or with a very specific theme. And sometimes high heels or wedding sandals are not the most appropriate footwear. For this reason, we present to you our exclusive bridal espadrilles, designed with the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Espadrilles instead of shoes for your wedding. Why choose them?

On your wedding day, every detail counts, and footwear is no exception. Choosing a style of footwear that is in line with the theme of the party not only gives you confidence on your most special day, it will also allow you to enjoy that big day more. Opting for a wedding espadrille instead of traditional shoes can completely transform your wedding experience.

If you want to know more about this new trendy alternative, you can consult our blog dedicated to Bridal wedges, don't miss it!

Bridal wedges offer a unique combination of comfort and style, allowing you to enjoy every moment without sacrificing elegance, if you have no doubts that an espadrille can be elegant, and if you have doubts, just you have to see our velvet designs. They are especially ideal for outdoor celebrations, where the softness of their sole adapts perfectly to uneven surfaces.

In addition, a bridal espadrille can be customized to reflect your personal style, from minimalist and classic options to designs with lace, ribbons or shiny details. Many of our espadrilles offer you the possibility of exchanging the straps and buckle bracelets, so that you can wear them at any time as you like. For example, you can wear them with ribbons for the moment of marriage, and once the dance starts, change the ribbons for buckle bracelets to have extra support and not miss a single dance. Choosing wedding espadrilles not only ensures comfort throughout the event, but also adds an authentic and chic touch to your bridal look.

We have chosen some of the most representative models of our bridal espadrille designs. Discoverour 5 star models of bridal wedgesthat guarantee to make your big day an unforgettable moment.

Classic bridal espadrilles: white purity in every step

Our white bridal wedges in are the epitome of timeless elegance. Handcrafted in Spain, these wedding espadrilles combine tradition and fashion to offer sophisticated and comfortable footwear.

Their minimalist design makes them the perfect complement to any wedding dress, making your steps to the altar as memorable as your smile.

Plus, these white bridal wedges perfectly represent the spirit of a conventional wedding, if that's what you're looking for.

Bridal espadrilles with ribbons

Our wedding espadrilles with ribbons offer a bohemian and elegant touch. The ribbons can be tied in different ways around the ankle, offering both support and a unique focal point in your bridal look.

These espadrilles are ideal for brides who want to personalize their footwear on their wedding day, and who want to stand out in an elegant way.

Velvet wedding espadrilles, unmatched elegance!

Discover the touch of sophistication that Luisa Toledo's velvet bridal espadrilles can add to any outfit. Designed for the modern woman who doesn't want to give up style or comfort, these espadrilles come in a variety of rich, deep tones that reflect elegance and luxury.

Ideal for special events like your wedding or to elevate your daily outfit, each pair is a work of art with meticulous finishes and a comfort that only velvet can offer. Find your perfect pair and walk with the confidence of someone who knows that every detail counts.

Low bridal wedges for the final dance

After a long ceremony, many brides choose to change into more comfortable shoes. Our low bridal espadrilles are perfect to continue enjoying the party with style and comfort. Its simple but elegant design allows you to move freely, from the dance floor to your honeymoon.

However, there are many more alternatives to look different on your wedding day. Increasingly, wedding sandals are becoming fashionable, an option that provides freedom and elegance to equal pairs.

At Luisa Toledo, we understand that each bride is unique and that is why we offer a variety of espadrilles to satisfy all tastes and needs. From classic wedding espadrilles to bridal wedges with exquisite details, our footwear is designed to ensure your day is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Visit our online store to explore these options, discover our wide variety of colors and all models. With our Luisa Toledo bridal espadrilles, we will be with you every step you take towards the altar

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