Women's flat shoes stylish for this Autumn

Women's flat shoes stylish for this Autumn

Those of you who have been following us for a long time already know that we love heels and stilettos. But we are also very pragmatic, and we seek above all comfort in footwear, which is why we have created our famous comfortable stilettos. Looking for that comfort, but without giving up a very personal style, we created our collections of women's flat shoes, with timeless designs so characteristic of the house ;)

For us, footwear is a fundamental piece when it comes to creating outfits, whether in the case of dress sandals, wedge espadrilles, and of course also when it comes to flat dress shoes, we put a lot of dedication into choosing the right shoe for every moment and look. Following this way of thinking we elaborate the Luisa Toledo collections with all our love, so that every time you think of wearing some of our designs, whatever the footwear you choose, it will transmit the love with which it has been created.

Women's flat shoes perfect for winter

If you are looking for comfortable women's flat shoes, which allow you to walk with ease on those autumn and winter days, when high boots are a bit overwhelming, but a loafer or stilettos are not the best choice because it is raining and the ground is wet, then maybe the best bet is a pair of women's lace-up shoes, or a pair of moccasins or ankle boots can also be a good choice.

women doble monks

We are particularly fond of women's oxford shoes, both in the lace-up versions and in the oxfords, and specifically the double buckle models, also known as double monks. The masculine style they give off is super elegant, and we love how they look with office looks, but also with simple jeans and a blazer. Also, as they are a style of footwear with a certain dress style, they can be a great option as women's flat dress shoes, to wear at social events.Women's flat dress shoes.

Although we always go for heels for our party looks, we know that there are many women who prioritise maximum comfort and opt for women's flat shoes. Whether they choose the super classic ballerinas and ballet flats in one of their thousands of versions, the timeless moccasins or women's flat shoes with laces. We couldn't agree more with them, because we know that by choosing correctly, it is possible to get it right even with flat women's party shoes. It's all a question of making the right choice.

If you are not sure and you don't want to make a mistake, we are here to come to the rescue. Did you know that we have an image consultancy service? You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, email or through direct message via Instagram @luisatoledoofficial. Send us a photo of your style, or tell us your doubts about a certain colour, style, garment... and we will respond quickly with our proposals.

Women's oxford shoes Elegance and comfort!

Within the universe of women's footwear, the options available are almost infinite, even in the case of women's winter flat shoes. If we simply want to focus on covering all the styles of flat shoes, we would need an encyclopaedia to record all the existing options, and if we also include boots and ankle boots, it seems to us an unmanageable task.

women brown oxford shoes

This time we are going to focus on a very specific style, women's oxford shoes, which for us represent a particularly appealing style, and we are fully convinced that they are an essential style for women's footwear. We are also fully convinced that they are an essential style of women's footwear, the oxford shoe is a basic style that never goes out of fashion and can always be used. Do you want proof? Just look at men's fashion, where the oxford shoe style is always present.

Whether you're thinking of a women's black flat shoe or a brown one, it's clear to us: having a pair of women's winter oxford flats is a super-wise investment. You can wear them year after year, with the certainty that you will always achieve winning looks.

Women's lace-up shoes

For many of our friends, women's lace-up shoes have been a great discovery, especially those who live in areas with long seasons and can make the most of them, or those who live in warm climates and do not usually resort to high boots or ankle boots in winter, but need a warmer shoe than a pair of stilettos for the winter months. For all of them, women's lace-up shoes are a great choice for the autumn and winter months, as well as for wardrobe changes.

Black doble monks

We think that having a black lace-up women's shoe is always a must and a good idea, because just as it happens in summer with black sandals or black espadrilles, having a black shoe in your wardrobe is essential for many autumn and winter outfits. Choosing the model depends on your style, but whether they are black stilettos or black oxford shoes for women, you will always be sure to get it right.

Comfortable women's shoes

Because for us comfort is something non-negotiable, as well as quality, we think that in addition to beautiful footwear, it has to be comfortable and easy to wear, it is no use if a shoe or sandal is super spectacular, with a dream design, if it is uncomfortable and walking with it is a torture. Following this way of thinking is how we create each of our designs, and we believe that we have achieved our goal by listening to the comments you make about our iconic Isabela comfortable stilettos, undoubtedly the most outstanding model of all our collections.

This obsession with comfortable heels and comfortable stilettos, we also transfer it to the rest of our flat, wedge or heel designs, whether they are wedge espadrilles or party sandals. And of course also when we create our women's flat shoes. Although in this case it has been much easier, since the styles of flat models are usually comfortable by themselves, although of course the quality of the materials used in their manufacture, such as the study and adjustment of the lasts is a fundamental task to achieve comfortable women's flat shoes.

Wide range of comfortable shoes for women

While it is true that our collections are focused on high heel shoes, in our shop you can also find various styles of flat shoes. From our interpretation of women's ballerinas, to flat sandals and of course women's winter flats that are comfortable and easy to wear at this time of year. If you are passionate about the world of elegant and beautiful shoes, we are sure that among our designs you will find the shoe of your dreams.

Whether you are looking for a flat shoe, a pair of comfortable stilettos or a pair of dress sandals to go to any event as the perfect guest, you can find them here. No matter if they are for day or evening wear, if you have doubts about which shoes to choose, we are here to help you create your perfect style. If you need advice when choosing size, colour, model..., do not hesitate to contact us, we put at your disposal our team of stylists and design to advise you on everything you need. Can't you come to visit us? No problem! We know that sometimes it is difficult to travel, but we have the solution, you can send us photos and we will respond with our proposals.

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