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Flat and heeled sandals for all

We are in the middle of summer, and our looks become more relaxed, and it is a good time to leave the stilettos in the wardrobe, so for us there is no summer without a pair of high heel sandals. It's no secret that heels and stilettos are a passion for us, and in summer we can't do without our heel sandals either. But we also recognise that we can't go without having a pair of flat sandals in our wardrobe, there are certain looks and moments that require a pair of flat sandals to be completely perfect.

Women's flat sandals made in Spain

Summer is full of sunny days, perfect nights for relaxed looks and sunset strolls, and without a doubt, a pair of flat black sandals for women can be the best complement to show off with many of your best summer looks. Whether to enjoy your well-deserved holidays, or for your day-to-day routine during the summer months.

If you are like us, and you love high heels in your day to day life, but you also feel like going down in summer, you will definitely find in your wardrobe some of the most sought after flat sandal styles. Whether it's white flat sandals for women, crab sandals or perhaps a flat sandal, the possibilities are varied, it's just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your personal style.

flat sandals

There are also many of you who tell us on Instagram that you love our golden heel sandals, models like the Teresa platform sandals for women have you in love, you are many of you who leave us excited with your guest looks. But for everyday wear, you tell us that you're looking for women's flat gold sandals that are just as elegant and super comfortable. We've taken note! and we're already preparing new flat designs, we hope to continue to surprise you ;)

Leather sandals and strappy sandals for women

This season, flat sandals are more fashionable than ever, as are espadrilles, even more so than the classic black stilettos. Summer is synonymous with sandals, espadrilles... And in the case of comfortable and pretty sandals, even more so if that's possible. For those days when we want total comfort, a sandal without any kind of clasp is a great idea, and the flat sandals from our collection will be your best allies.The design of our Julia sandals is ideal if you are looking for a discreet and elegant style that allows you to walk in total comfort and style. In the case of the model of the black flat sandals it is ideal even for looks with a touch of elegance, as the detail of having the sole and the small heel in black gives it an extra touch of elegance.

We all love to look radiant with our summer looks, and flat strappy sandals are a great idea to create comfortable outfits. With a pair of women's crab sandals it's almost impossible to go wrong when it comes to combining them, either with flowing dresses that look so good, or with shorts, skinny jeans... Let your imagination run wild and take risks with combinations. Summer is the best time of the year to take risks with colours and with daring and daring looks. We know that we can never go wrong with certain colours, but it's also a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and go for new styles, for example by wearing a pair of women's crab sandals..... Run away from conventionalism and take risks with new looks, only this way you will be able to stand out!

Women's leather slippers We've got them!

If you have been following us for a long time, you will know that for us quality is a non-negotiable detail: we put all our love into creating the Luisa Toledo collection, and when we are in the process of creating it, we only choose the best quality for the production of all our footwear collections. Whether it is for our iconic comfortable stilettos, our women's wedge espadrilles, or of course for all of our sandal collections.

Because a flat sandal does not have to be of worse quality than a heel sandal, on the contrary, it is very likely that you will wear the women's leather crab sandals for much longer, so the quality has to be up to par. As we say, quality is non-negotiable for us, so we only choose natural leather of the highest quality for the development of our collections, from the most sophisticated and elegant models, to simple flat flip-flops.

flat sandlas

Because we are fully convinced that quality is the best letter of introduction, and once you try a quality shoe your feet will thank you for it, that is why we only choose natural leathers and materials of the highest quality for the handcrafted production of our women's footwear.

Comfortable and beautiful sandals to enjoy the summer

This is a question we get asked a lot, is it possible for women heel sandals to be comfortable? We always say yes, of course. Although it depends on many factors, and above all that the last adapts well to your feet. In addition to the quality, a natural leather shoe will always be more comfortable than a synthetic one. Also the shape of the heels and the design of the straps have a big influence, but as we say, the most important thing is that the sandal feels good and adapts perfectly to our feet.

This applies to both high heels and flats, although as we all know it is much easier to find comfortable flat sandals. In Luisa Toledo we know this, but we want to banish the idea that high heels are not comfortable, that's why we dedicate a lot of time and love when it comes to making all our high heel sandal designs, so that whenever you try on LT shoes, you can say that they are comfortable, whether they are our famous comfortable stilettos, or any of our sandal models. So from now on, no one will be able to say that it is impossible to find comfortable and beautiful sandals. Whether they are flat leather sandals, or sandals with a heel and platform to wear with your best party outfits, because a comfortable dress sandal is always a good choice to enjoy any party to the fullest and not miss a single dance.

High and low heeled sandals You decide!

This is another of the most repeated questions. We have it clear, we bet to death for high heels, although we are also very pragmatic and we know that being on high heels all day is not reasonable, especially in summer, when our feet also ask for a few days off. That's why we always have some low-heel sandals in our collections. Of course, we always make sure they are as comfortable as they are beautiful, because for us, elegance in footwear is another non-negotiable issue, just like quality.

Whether you are looking for elegant, sophisticated but comfortable black heel sandals, or if your search is focused on a specific colour to complete a guest outfit, we recommend that you do not miss our New Women Collection. We are sure you will find a model that will fit you perfectly and will allow you to look radiant at any event you attend.

This season we wanted to go one step further, developing a complete collection of velvet models, a material that exudes glamour both in our platform sandals and in our iconic wedge espadrilles. The latter are being chosen by many brides as a second shoe for the big day, because velvet bridal wedges are a safe bet to be comfortable, look radiant and enjoy the party until the body endures...

Gold sandals with heels, silver sandals and more

Another basic essential when it comes to dress shoes, a golden sandal will be your winning bet if you have several events on your agenda and you are looking for a sandal that you can wear to all events creating different outfits but reusing the same footwear.

Metallic tones in footwear are not only very fashionable, but also represent a wildcard that is easy to combine with various looks with total success. From silver heel sandals to gold sandals or a more special metallic tone, they will be perfect to wear with the whole range of trendy colours.

golden sandals

No matter if the event is day or night, if you have doubts about what shoes to choose, we will be happy to help you get your perfect style. If you need advice when choosing size, colour, model... do not hesitate to contact us, we put at your disposal our team of stylists and design to advise and advise you on everything you need. You can not come to visit us? No problem! We know that sometimes it is difficult to travel, but we have the solution, you can send us photos and we will respond with our proposals.

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