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Women's wedge espadrilles - The star footwear for summer

If you are like us who love summer, you will be looking forward to the good weather to wear more relaxed looks and wear your favorite women espadrilles. In Luisa Toledo we are in love with women espadrilles, not only because they are so comfortable, but also because they are a style of footwear that brings an elegant and super natural look to any outfit.

Comfy Espadrilles

Women's espadrilles with esparto wedges

The truth is that it is easy to think that all esparto wedge slippers are the same. There are many people who think that it is a humble and cheap shoe, but we are convinced that espardeñas woman can be a luxury shoe, with a quality and style at the height of any type of shoe or dress sandals.

Proof of this statement is that there are many brides who choose some type of women esparto shoes to guide their steps to the altar on their most special day. Women's espadrilles can also be an elegant and ideal footwear not only as bridal shoes (as with white esparto wedges), but also to wear with guest looks, especially in events that are held outdoors and in environments where sandals or dress sandals or stilettos are not the best choice, such as weddings that are held in wedding farms.

Weeding espadrilles

In Luisa Toledo we are convinced to put women's esparto wedges in the place they deserve, that's why we have created our collection of women's wedge espadrilles with the intention of exalting this type of footwear. We have put all our love and affection, together with all our creativity to elaborate some very special esparto wedge sandals, not only because of the classic and timeless design of all our esparto wedge sandals, but also because we wanted the whole collection of Luisa Toledo women's espadrilles to give off that air of style, femininity and elegance that we like to transmit to all the shoes we create.

Espadrilles for women Very original!

Yes, those who discover our woman espadrilles for the first time, the first thing they tell us is that they are super original, and almost all models have the wedge dyed to the tone, which makes them have a touch of elegance that we are in love with and all our customers find a very special detail.

Espadrilles with tinted wedge

But what really makes all our women's esparto shoes unique is the possibility of wearing them with ribbons or with a buckle bracelet. Yes, our wedge espadrilles are sent with both possibilities, so you can wear them as espadrilles with ribbons or as esparto wedges with buckles, you choose! With a simple gesture you can interchange ribbons or buckles and you will have two models in one, this is how the original wedge espadrilles Luisa Toledo.

If you still do not know any of the models of wedge espadrilles in our collection, we present a selection of the most popular designs, but hurry because as soon as the good weather arrives the sizes are sold out quickly and in summer we find it very difficult to replenish some colors.

Esparto sandals with wedge

Most of the designs in our collection of women's esparto espadrilles are models with closed toe. Frida, Catalina, Gaia, Rebeca are the names they receive, and among them you can find different heights of esparto wedges, whether you are a faithful supporter of the high wedges esparto, as if you prefer a medium wedge espadrilles, in our designs you will find the model that best suits you.


We also did not forget to design some espadrille sandals with open toe. It has cost us a lot to reach the final design, because we wanted to keep the essence of our back with ribbons and interchangeable bracelet, and at the same time the design was just as elegant as the rest of our women's wedge espadrilles. But finally the Penelope model has arrived to become one of your favorites, good proof of this is that you are sweeping with the sizes... If you don't want to run out of yours, run and get them!

Espadrilles Esparto Women Black, White and more colors!

In our collection of women's espadrilles you will find above all color, lots of color. All our friends know that we are obsessed with color, we love that shoes bring color to the styles, and in the case of women's esparto shoes it is super easy to achieve it. But we not only have colorful, if you are looking for wedge espadrilles in classic colors like white or black, you can also find them in our collection of women's esparto espadrilles.

But you know that for us the practicality of our shoes is essential, and in the case of espadrilles woman could not be less. And that's why we give priority to timeless colors, and what to say about our beloved nude shoes: nude in all shades for us is a real fetish. If you are like us, and you choose neutral tones, you can not miss our Rebeca high wedge espadrilles in nude suede, they are one of the most chosen models by many women as their espadrille of choice in summer, with them you can create countless looks in summer.

Esparto sandals with wedges

Whether you are looking for a comfortable espadrilles woman for your day to day, as a wedge sandals esparto to create looks perfect wedding guest in our collection you can find the model that best suits your style. If you are looking for a fully summery model with open toes, we recommend the Penelope sandal model, and if you are looking for a more classic style with closed toe, any of the espadrille models will be your best choice. Whether you prefer high esparto wedges or low wedge espadrilles.

High Wedge Espadrilles

Looking for a special color? We have more than 20 colors of wedge espadrilles, and every summer we add new shades and finishes to our women's espadrilles shoes. In addition to the classic colors, such as nude, white or black, we pay a lot of attention to trends in colors and materials, so you can find your favorite esparto wedges.

Espadrilles medium wedge or high wedge. Which do you prefer?

We have it clear! We are in love with the high esparto wedges, and the Rebeca and Gaia models are our favorites, but we know that it is much easier to wear a medium wedge espadrilles, that's what you all tell us. And for us your wishes are our orders, that's why we create many more models and colors in the medium wedge versions, we also like to offer the same model in different heights.

Thus we have the Gaia model for the wedge height of 8.5 cm. and the Frida model (the little sister) with a wedge of 7 cm. high. Both designs share the same type of classic round neckline of a traditional espadrille. And in the case of the Rebeca model (high wedge of 8.5 cm.) shares the heart neckline design with the Catalina model, but the latter with a super comfortable wedge of 7 cm. high. As you can see, you just have to choose the wedge that best suits you and you will find the perfect espadrilles for you in our collection.

Women's esparto slippers - Low wedge espadrilles

There are also many of you who are asking us that, low wedges of no more than 5 cm. And we are happy to be able to offer you everything you ask for, we are already working on the design of a new model of low wedge espadrilles...

Luisa Toledo espadrilles

Do you want to contribute ideas for the new design? For us it is always a pleasure to receive all your contributions, be sure to visit our official profile on Instagram @luisatoledoofficial and tell us everything you want, you can also keep abreast of all the news we bring out.

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